The Many Sides of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an employee of Deutsche Bank. She is an executive recruiter from New York, and a passion of hers is running. She also enjoys discovering new technology, photography, and art galleries. Julie does not stick to one exercise routine. She enjoys the challenge of new activities and techniques. Julie supplies information in online posts regarding exercise such as interval training, and offers weight loss tips. She likes to share what she has learned, and she enjoys helping others pursue their goals and make their dreams a reality. She is an avid cook, and she creates new recipes that she finds online as well as by using innovative techniques in the kitchen. Another passion is Julie’s volunteer work for economic empowerment and animal welfare. She was educated at City University of New York-Brooklyn College.

Julie Zuckerberg began her career in finance in 2002. With a true vision for success, her work at every company she has been at has risen her to the top, making her truly in demand in her field. She took positive strides at Deutsche Bank and at Hudson. In her current position as an executive recruitment leader of Deutsche Bank, she has placed candidates in positions within the financial sector. Her most current promotion is to Vice President of the bank. In 2015, due to her extreme efforts, the company added additional responsibilities to Julie’s position. She now collaborates with other Finance Professionals. During her career, Julie has worked at different firms, such as Hudson, where she recruited case managers, paralegals and attorneys. Julie has a strict “work comes above all else” attitude, and her dedication does not go unnoticed. She has helped both clients and employees win promotions and strive for the positions that they both desire and deserve to work in. During her tenure at Hudson, Julie was a bridge between employers and employees during the hiring process and also while solving any issues that arose. She also oversaw the filing of legal and tax requirements.

As of 2008, Julie Zuckerberg sought a new position at Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions in New York City, again in the position of Executive Recruiter. She recruited several director roles for this company, and also led negotiations of job offers.

With a strong social media presence, Julie is active on Facebook and Twitter. Her profiles outline both her business experiences as well as her personal endeavors.


History Will Mark Helane Morrison As a Pioneer

Helane Morrison has accomplished some law enforcement in an arena that seems to have too many crooks, too often getting away with unethical business practices: white collar investment scams.
She was instrumental in the investigation and prosecution of Bernie Madoff and other thieving investors on Wall Street in 2007. They were the unscrupulous operators that brought the whole nation’s economy down in that year.

At the time, Morrison was an agent of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), working out of her San Francisco office. She was responsible for SEC enforcement investigations in Northern California and some Northwestern states Region. She has long been an active promoter of firm ethics in the conduct of business. Some have pointed out that few women have accomplished as much as Morrison has in gaining equality for women in both the business world and in the area of government enforcement. She has genuinely shattered the so-called “glass ceiling.”

Helane Morrison left the SEC in 2007, after she realized how much more effective she could be in the private sector. She is the Chief Compliance Officer and also Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners (HCP). She has also become the company’s General Counsel. HCP is an all-woman managed business, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Morrison spent eight years at the SEC. She was appointed to represent the SEC during their investigations of Wall Street. She answered questions from the press at briefings. She understands the journalists role, as her first career was in journalism. Then the Federal US government recruited her into the SEC. HelaneĀ is well known as a strong stand against any kind of thief.

Many businesses have benefited from Morrison’s counsel and work in cases of litigation for their companies. She worked hard at the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin to perfect her science and craft. She had also clerked for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posen. You can read more about her in this XRepublic article.