Do Not Underestimate Sanders

Bernie Sanders has warned that his candidacy should not be underestimated. This is great advice. His methods may be quite unorthodox and he may lack charisma or support from big money donors but there have been others like him who have made a lot of impact on the political field.

Some of these people include Jerry brown, who did not let his reputation or his lack of funding stop him from being the only serious contender to oppose Bill Clinton. Others who did not seem like much at the time but who surprised many are Pat Buchanan, Howard Dean and Ron Paul.

What all the people mentioned above share, is that they were on the forefront as far as presenting the grievances of those times was concerned.  In a time when Americans were losing out on jobs as a result of trade deals brought on by globalization, Buchanan promised to look out for his fellow countrymen.

This has become quite a hot topic in the political sphere and has found its way on the lips of Ted Cruz an even Hillary Clinton. The team at Anastasia Date noted that Sanders has positioned himself as the champion for equal rights and he might gunner wide support because of this.