Brilliant leadership of Sahm Adrangi

Management of capital is one of the major investments that are doing well in the market right now. However, this field cannot be mentioned without some important names popping up due to the success they have endured in this field. Sahm Adrangi is one of such names, he has been a major success in this field and his story continues to be a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs. He is responsible for founding of Kerrisdale Capital Management where he is also currently the Chief Investment officer of the organization. Since the enterprise was formed he has been responsible for its running since the year 2009. The firm also has a good reputation on selling publications containing research on the current economic conditions especially in the stock market.

Sahm Adrangi has a good reputation of exposing fraudulent firms and this earned him a good name especially in the year 2010 as well as 2011. The firms that Sahm Adrangi exposed were punished by the securities commission; this earned a reputation of a brilliant analyst in the stock. He has used his innovativeness to boost the diversity of his businesses. His company has currently expanded its operation to other industries, something that has made his companies unique and successful. Moreover, Sahm Adrangi has also published numerous publications in the telecommunication sector; this has boosted the performance of the firm in this industry. Apart from being a brilliant analyst in the stock market, Sahm Adrangi is also an activist when it comes to helping firms undergoing challenges in their stock. He provided advisory role to Lindsay Corporation management when it was undergoing fall in prices of stock and it really helped the firm grow and more

Kerrisdale Capital Management has been a major success in the recent years and it has been able to expand its capital to around $100 million. The investment stock Kerrisdale Capital Management is the unique one among the ones available in the market. It wants to short stock as it comes nearer and nearer to unveil itself as one of the public companies in the country.