Richard Mishaan Design’s Approach to Upscale Luxury

Richard Mishaan Design has skyrocketed up the charts of the interior design community since the company opened its doors in 1978. Richard Mishaan, the charismatic and candid founder, leads the way with charm and grace as he employs a unique take on luxury designing. Born in Cartagena, Colombia Mishaan would be raised as a global resident. He would spend time in Italy and all over South America as a child, taking in the culture, colors, and designs while he was still young. Now, Mishaan utilizes that upbringing with a mix of his own take on modernism in order to wow luxury clients in the Big Apple.

Richard Mishaan Design stands for luxury without limits, essentially. Still, that doesn’t mean that Mishaan doesn’t have his own preferences. Richard Mishaan Design is focused on giving each individual room that they work on the personality of the person who hired them. Mishaan creates uniquely tailored products for the upscale community but he never betrays his actual core tenants of fashion and design. Mishaan is a minimalist and a modernist who is completely comfortable mixing and matching textures, melding eras, and dolloping on colors when the mood takes him. You can see some of the best work that the Richard Mishaan Design team has done in the latest ‘Artfully Modern‘ tableside book.

In each Richard Mishaan Design room that you walk into you will notice a few key traits, if nothing else. Mishaan likes to put a statement piece in the center of a room in order to grab attention and garner some discussion for the people inside of the room. Whether this is a beautiful piece of artwork, like a painting or sculpture, or a souvenir from worldly travels it is all the same in effect. Richard Mishaan Design continues to excel with their upscale approach.