Securus Technologies Keeping Officers and Inmates Safe

Over the last decade, the incidents of crime in my prison have been steadily on the rise. Inmates have been forced to stay in smaller quarters due to overcrowded conditions, and tensions have been running high so they are beginning to take out their frustrations on anyone who works in the prison. My superiors would not stand for this abuse any longer, so they decided to help us to maintain order by increasing the amount of tools that were at our disposal to combat things like violence.


One of the success stories we have had here in our facility involves Securus Technologies. This company has been specializing in helping keep order in jails with their call monitoring system. Instead of corrections officers having to sit in a small call center and listen to what the inmates are saying, this modern version of the call monitoring system uses software to scan calls and to identify when certain words are used that should be brought to the attention of officers. This way, we can be out on the ground taking care of pressing issues and then jump to action if the monitoring system detects anything that should give us concern.


It is one thing to talk about how instrumental Securus Technologies has been at helping even the most violent prisons to get back control, it is another to give you examples of the system working flawlessly. There was one inmate begging his grandmother to bring her prescription medication to the jail on visiting day. We eliminated the chance of him getting those pills by confiscating them the day she arrived. One inmate was talking to gang members about a hit, we removed the two parties from the yard that week to avoid the confrontation. If trouble is now brewing, we are able to take action before hand.


Securus Video Visitation — The Right Choice

Imagine you have a loved one in prison. Better yet, imagine that your significant other is currently in prison. How many times would you want to visit them?


Most inmates are sent to prison far away from home. You would likely have to drive hours in each direction to make a visit. That means you have to sacrifice an entire day for a physical visitation. You would have to budget for the gas that it takes to get there, the food that you would have to buy on the road, and you would have to pay for parking.


Once you got there, you would have to subject yourself to an intense security screening. They would pat you down and go through your bags. After the screening, you would sit around with other visitors in a waiting room until your name is called. And when you finally physically visit with your significant other, they would be on the other side of a cold, hard table or behind glass. You would not be allowed to touch them.


I’ll ask you again — how many times would you want to visit them?


This is the conundrum that faces many families across the country. They must decide to scrap an entire day, pay for the visit, and go through the physical hardship of visitation. It is quite a price to pay. But that’s where video visitation and Securus Technologies steps in.


This technology would allow you to video chat with your significant other. You can video chat for a couple of bucks per visit. You could request almost any time for a video visitation. And it is all done online, instantly and efficiently.


More and more families are turning to video visitation by Securus Technologies. The company provided over two million video connections last year and the number continues to grow.


Securus Technologies responds

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a service provider for 1.2 million people serving time in North America. It gives a communication avenue for detainees, government data, and parole officers. It is certified by the Better Business Bureau.

It extends over 2600 prisons in 45 states, Mexico, Canada and the District of Columbia. Securus has its main office and four regional offices in Dallas, Texas. Another branch is in Georgia. The technical services provided include:

  • Emergency response
  • Inmate self-service
  • Incident management
  • Biometric analysis
  • Communication
  • Investigation
  • Information management
  • Monitoring services
  • Public information


On June 7th, 2016, Global Tel Links (GTL) released information which has since been corrected by Securus.

  1. The first claim stated that GTL is allowed to pursue sanctions and compensation from Securus in pending lawsuits in the Federal Court of Texas, concerning the 816 patent being “PTAB-validated”.Securus seeks to rehear the allegations that have been long overdue, making the compensation claimed is invalid.
  2. Securus also corrected information that it infringes GTL’s video visitation monitoring tools. It also added that GTL doesn’t own the security feature.

iii. Unlike the claims by GTL that PTAB had found the innovations to be cleared, allowing them to reinstate their case in court, Securus denied the patentability of the devices by


  1. GTL informed the public that the case was four months from rehearing, in a bid to prove their claims as true. Securus is confident that the jury will be just in the session, which they presume will happen after 2016.
  2. Securus further confirmed that GTL’s surveillance devices are not in use by them. Hence there would be no injunction.
  3. Securus denied the allegations by GTL of trying to gain by settling issues independently. It reported that the former settlements were a result of quick and amicable negotiations between the companies involved. It also revisited the patent and patent metrics they hold, stating them to be more than those of GTL.

The chief executive officer of Securus perceives GTL to be making a flawed judgment in their litigation methodology against them, citing the massive financial loss that GTL will incur.