Cochran Proves Rumors Had Truth and Gets Married

For the past several years there was always speculation that Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi had been romantically involved with a member of his staff. But was never confirmed and was usually kept quiet by the Mississippi Republican Party. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that,  even as there was a blogger trying to break the story during the last election the Cochran camp remained adamant there was no truth to the rumors and that Cochran had remained faithfully devoted to his wife who had spent the last 13 years of her life in a nursing home suffering from dementia. Well when Rose passed away last December most were under the impression the scandal died with her.

This is because Thad Cochran married his longtime assistant Kay Webber in a private ceremony held in Gulfport, Mississippi this past Saturday. Never mind the ethical complications of their boss / employee relationship that apparently has been taking place for quite some time. At least that is what people believe why else would they be married only a few short months after his wife’s death. But the fact that he used this story to falsely implicate his last opponent in the actions of the blogger and acted so appalled by the accusations against him speak to just who he is a person and the representative of Mississippi.