President Obama Prefers Drone Program to Be Under Control of Pentagon

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain have agreed for once that the U.S. drone program should be shifted from CIA control to the Department of Defense. As Christian Broda has become aware, the drone program has come under intense review sense the revelation that a recent drone strike earlier this year inadvertently killed to hostages, including an American doctor. Senator McCain and President Obama had called for a similar move of the program earlier in the year but ran into stiff resistance from congress who opposed the move. The new calls for the move are in light of what Senator McCain calls a clear break down in communication on behalf of the agency (CIA) and the lack of correct intelligence. Neither leaders provided insight into how the Pentagon would be able to handle the drone program any differently and both stayed cleared of any suggestion that the consideration for the move was punitive in nature to the CIA. President Wants Drones Under Pentagon

The U.S. drone program has come under considerable review recently as more reports of collateral damage and the killing of innocent people near the strike zone. The White House pledged that the drone program would continue and all due care and due diligence would be given to confirming future strike targets and prevent unneeded casualties.