Bernie Wants Debates

Political debates between candidates are by far one of the most important tools used during presidential races. It gives candidates a large platform to base and debate their views on policy and reform. It also gives citizens a very wide view of their potential futures. Senator Bernie Sanders has officially entered the 2016 presidential race. The Independent serving to the great state of Vermont has expressed to his opponents that more political debates should be scheduled sooner rather than later. The debates are usually held during the fall, which is considered official debate season. However, Bernie has noted that with so many candidates on the ballot, the only way to ensure that their platform is well communicated is to have the appropriate number of debates. Fox News is currently scheduled to host the very first debate for this presidential season. It will air 6 months from now and focus on debates among the Republican candidates. As of lately, there are 16 Republican candidates. The news company has stated that only 10 candidates will be allowed to date. They will leave it up to the American people to vote on their 10 most applicable candidates. Bernie has used this notion to justify why there should be more debates on the campaign roster.