Des Perez leading Tidal surge

Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service is knocking balls out of the park recently by ironing out gigantic album exclusives from its flagship operation co-owner talent, T.I, Beyonce, Rihanna and Kanye West. Due music exclusives, Tidal has been to raise to its highest point ever in on the iTunes store after West’s TLOP album dropped leading to a reported million new trial Tidal members as of February 22nd.

The Tidal high fidelity music streaming application promises users over 25 million music tracks and 85, 000 music videos. Jay-Z acquired Tidal in early 2015 from Swedish public film Aspiro and the service promises artists and songwriters the highest percentage of royalties of any music streaming service on the market at HITS Daily Double. However, Tidal’s recent renaissance may be due to the input of trusted Jay-Z associate, Desiree Perez.

After a string of defections from a series of executives, Perez began providing input into Tidal’s operations in early 2016. She is also a key player in the management of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports as well. Perez is reported to be a powerful negotiator who has a strong mind for finances and crushing numbers. Several sources advise Perez was a key negotiator for the Beyonce Formation tour while also providing a hand in Rihanna’s recent Samsung deal.

While the current music streaming marketplace is strongly competitive, Tidal continues to make gains with young music consumers while holding back challenges from rival services like Spotify. So, Perez’s input continues to be vital to the company’s continued success.

Tidal’s website and app reflect a seamless transition from offering just a robust music catalogue to a refined musical experience where users are provided with music that is exciting, fresh and new. This focus on new artists, albums and acts are reflected in Tidal Discovery were emerging artists shine to exclusive live performances under Tidal X.

Perez is part of a circle of influence that includes Juan Perez, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith and Jana Fleischman who are all key players in the operation of RocNation, but are also the forces at the helm of Tidal itself. Jay-Z has always shown he’s a clever and shrewd businessman with great musical taste with strong artistic connections and with the addition of Dez Perez in a leadership role at Tidal, he’s shown he’ll long continue to be. 


Personification is one the most difficult industries to thrive in.It is an industry that requires one to work hard and work long hours and be brilliant. It is an industry that has many competitors and fans seeking only the best. It is an unforgiving industry where you must ship up or ship out.
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Sergio Cortes was born in Barcelona Spain. The Spanish Heartthrob was brought up in the city of Madrid in a large and loving family. It was this environment that bore him a great love for Michael Jackson. One cold winter morning, as the Jackson 5 were winding their tour of Europe, his brother brought him a copy of Jacksons tape. It was a eureka moment and Michael had him from that day.
At the age of 16, a journalist by chance discovered him on the streets of Madrid. Sergio had by then grown out his hair and started dressing like Michael. It was a job to act has a double to fool the press during Michael’s tour of Europe. It was a ruse that worked out so well that he was immediately a celebrity himself. The king himself was impressed and rewarded him with a meeting. As they say, the rest was history.
Sergio Cortes currently lives in Brazil. He is a well-known local celebrity in the capital and has achieved a reputation for his reclusive nature. He is a known dog lover and owns a Yorkshire named Zappy.

You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.