Duda Melzer is the Enterprising Leader of the Progressive Multi-Media Organization: Known as Grupo RBS

A leadership role was in the cards for Duda Melzer. Duda Melzer is the engaging leader of the Brazilian multi-media company referred to as Grupo RBS. Duda Melzer is the name most commonly given to Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. Eduardo prefers his “nickname” Duda Melzer. However, some vendors are familiar with Duda Melzer by his formal name of Eduardo. Regardless, Duda Melzer has enjoyed a progressive and outstanding pattern of growth and responsibility, as it pertains to his career. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is currently the CEO and President of Grupo RBS.

The company is a media conglomerate in Brazil. It was founded on the date of August 31, 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. It is considred one of the country’s foremost communication groups. It is affiliated with that of Rede Globo. The group is comprised of radio and television stations. It also provides its audience with news publications; and news portals—located online. It delivers much in the way of entertainment news; and journalistic content. The company employs well over six-thousand employees. The company, Grupo RBS, is the second largest employer, in the country, as it pertains to the number of journalistic staff members.

Neddless to say: Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is leader of a well-regarded multi-media group. The Grupo RBS’ news platforms consist of the following forms of media:

  • Eighteen TV statons affiliated with RBS-TV;
  • Two Broadcasting Stations, (TVCOM, Florianopolis; OCTO OC Porto Alegre);
  • Twentyfour Radio Stations, and
  • Eight Newspapers.

Additionally, the progressive organization operates e.Bricks Digital. The company is comprised of technological enterprises.

Grupo RBS has other media branches, too, inclusive of subjects relative to:

  • Executive Education;
  • Digital Product Development;
  • Book Publishing,
  • A Record Company,
  • A Logistics Operation, and
  • A Social Trust Unit.

Definably, Duda Melzer oversees a great deal. He provides leadership to an organization comprised of, much, in the way of multi-media. All of these expressive areas of communication are welcome, within the market, he so dedicatedly serves.

Mr. Melzer has a good understanding of business. He was trained at Harvard. He served in varying leadership roles; within the United States and inside of Brazil.

He “brings to the table:” talent, determination and foresight. He is a welcome President and CEO, at the organization, he provides leadership. He provides the company with the favorable and fundamental characteristic of: integrity–an essential characteristic that is always well-received.