Billy McFarland is making dreams come true

Billy McFarland is a leading and very successful tech entrepreneur who grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey, was born in New York City and continues to be ambitious in all aspects of his life. McFarland founded and became the CEO of Magnises in 2014 and it has become the fastest growing company globally. Through Magnises, Billy is currently serving members in the New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC areas.

His Accelerate Foundation is helping professional athletes in every sport to get into the workforce by pairing them up with seasoned mentors. With the help of this foundation, they are able to become successful off of the field, gain financial security, and to get connected to jobs.

Magnises is a reflection of McFarland’s passion and perseverance. The company started with only 200 people and a sheet of metal, but with his careful guidance has grown to include over thirty thousand members and continues to reach the tech, fashion, entertainment, and fitness industries.

Billy is known as a “tech wiz” by Business Insider, a “mastermind” by Bloomberg, and a “natural entrepreneur” by CNBC.

His passion and talent for bringing people and communities together through the use of technology began when he was just twelve years old. He used to hide computers in order to teach himself coding and at the age of fourteen he had founded his first company. Before graduating high school he founded and acquired several companies as well.

Billy McFarland studied engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and in his freshman year he founded the ad-tech company, Spling, which is a site that helps its users to improve the appearance of URLs by converting text links into organized graphic, mosiac images on bulliten boards in the virtual world. His customers include but are not limited to Hearst, Universal, and Discovery.

He launched Magnesis in 2013 with a motivation to connect people and ideas. Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation, or LEAP, is helping inquisitive middle and high school students to pursue their careers in technology and business. Through McFarland’s LEAP program young minds learn the fundamentals of business, leadership, teamwork, coding, and entrepreneurship. McFarland wants to nurture the same passion he has in young students so they can earn the same success he has had without having to hide their keyboards or learn a lot of their lessons the hard way.

McFarland has put his creative mind to work and has built an empire of knowledge and skills that allow future entrepreneurs to tap into in order to create something amazing as well.

From Scholar, to Athlete, to Pilot, to Philanthropist

The indications are that Jon Urbana is a true Renaissance man. Interestingly enough, Jon Urbana has led a very successful life. The Denver native is a very successful entrepreneur and a former lacrosse player. This successful entrepreneur has taken the talents and skills displayed on the lacrosse field to the corporate boardroom too. What are those skills? Well, they consist of drive, determination, ambition, confidence, honesty, a very strong work ethic to solve problems. His drive and work ethic lead him to head Ellipse Technologies. Let’s take a look at Jon Urbana’s accomplishments in various fields.

Jon Urbana Photography
Jon Urbana has always held a strong interest in imagery and photography. The entrepreneur has taken his love for imagery to the Internet. He displays his talent through brilliant visual imagery on his blog and other places throughout the Internet. His photography skills are brilliantly featured on Instagram with links to other examples of his talented photography work on Pinterest and Flickr, as well as his most shared piece on Imgur, Earth Temple.

Aviation Skills
Surprisingly, few are aware that Jon Urbana is a licensed pilot. Acquiring a pilot’s license is very difficult. The FAA recently established new guidelines for the license. The guidelines were to make the skyies safer for the passengers. The guidelines included increased pilot airtime training along with increased specialized training. Jon Urbana has met and exceeded those standards in his positive quest to accomplish many goals in his journey through life.
Jon Urbana is a very skilled musician too, and can be followed on Twitter at @jonurbana1. The entrepreneur was actually a late music bloomer. The former lacrosse player has exceptional talent and a great love for electronic music. You might find him in his own studio mixing music tapes and sampling music until very late in the night. The skilled musician has added many of his original mixes to Soundcloud. His ultimate vision is to share his musical talent with the world.The fact is that Jon Urbana’s presentations are the perfect example of a true Renaissance man. He can do it all. He is a great athlete, photographer, pilot, and music genius. Jon Urbana is definitely a man that is on the way up the ladder to success.

A candid interview with Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin regarding his company, markets, and politics

Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel, was recently interviewed by the wall street journal. The article noted that Griffin is back near the top of the Hedge Fund world. To mark Citadel’s 25th anniversary this year, Griffin talked to wall street journal’s Rob Copeland. He talked about the markets, his investing style, and politics.

One of the things that people might surprised to know about Griffin is that even though he is a billionaire hedge fund manager, he still takes people to McDonald’s quite often. People have an expectation about how a successful businessman is supposed to act, but this habit shows Griffin’s simplicity and belies conventional thinking.

Regarding politics, Griffin was asked a question about giving money to Republican Bruce Rauner, who is running for the Governer of Illinois, as well as supporting Democrat Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of Chicago. Griffin answered by saying that he does not describe himself as a staunch Republican or a loyal Democrat.He said he supported Emanuel because of the candidate’s financial knowledge.

The next question was about his views on the 2016 presidential race. Griffin replied that he loved Scott Walker taking on entrenched interests in Wisconsin and wanted to see how he does on the national stage. He also liked Marc Rubio for his compelling message and his background gives him a good insight into the issues that middle-class Americans face. He was not behind either Jeb Bush, though he has a good track record, or Hillary Clinton because he was against dynasties in politics.

The next question was regarding how Citadel was dealing with the recent market volatility in China. Griffin responded that he was optimistic about China and having a meaning business for the next ten years. He opined that the Chinese government responded vigorously to the problems that arose. He was bullish on China in the long run.

Answering a question about how Citadel is doing things differently from five or ten years ago, Griffin talked about the hiring of a person with machine learning background from Amazon and how that expertise can be applied to financial markets. Answering a question about some firms not calling themselves hedge funds, Griffin said that the term has a historical anchoring for him.

He was then asked a question about what motivates him since he is a billionaire already. Griffin answered by saying that he comes to work to grow as a person and not just to make money. Another question he was asked was regarding how does he know when his work at Citadel was done. Griffin replied that one of his friends suggested that he will know whether he is successful or not only after five years after he left the company. Griffin said that he won’t know when his work at the company is done, but that he loves coming to work after a few days on vacation.

The original article based on which this article was written was published in the wall street journal. Here is the link for the original article:

Child Rearing: How Far Will The Government Go?

If we stepped back to the 1960s or 1970s, the term latch-key child was quite common. Parents had to work just to feed their family, and often children from 9 on up were responsible enough that they could come home and manage until one of their parents arrived home. In many cases, the child wasn’t allowed to go in the home, but had to play outside for the 1-2 hours it may take the parent.

No one was ever arrested. This was common in that age.

Just recently, parents in Florida have been charged with child neglect. They were not at home and their 11 year old son came home to a locked door. Instead of whining, the boy did what he had been taught…he shot some hoops with his basketball, but a neighbor decided to call the authorities.

The child was honest and explained that he did not know where his parents were. When they came home after the child was out for 90 minutes, they were charged with neglect claiming the boy had no access to running water, food or a restroom. The parents pointed out that the shed had 2 sinks with running water, and the child had eaten his snack earlier. Also, the child told the parents that the officer left him in the car while he went and relieved himself in the backyard. It seems that restroom was good for the officer laughed Zeca Oliveira of

How far will the government go?

Effort to Incorporate Olympic Valley Not Worth It

Ben van der Meer of the Sacramento Business Journal recently reported on the ongoing effort to incorporate the Olympic Valley area of Lake Tahoe into a city and came to the conclusion that the effort would be unsustainable and be bad for the residents of the Olympic Valley as well as the Lake Tahoe Community as a whole. 

The first issue is the size of the Olympic Valley. Many of the people that live in the Valley are not full time residents since many own vacation homes in the area. This means that the tax base to sustain the entire valley would be roughly 1,000 residents and that is not nearly enough tax revenue to fund the sort of projects that the campaign to incorporate Olympic Valley is looking for.

Moving forward with the city hood would essentially create a giant debt for the residents of the area at the latest by 2018. Once that happens the budget will essentially be running in the negative due to massive shortfalls in tax revenue. This deficit spending is predicted to start around 1 million dollars per year and grow to as high as 1.8 million within a ten year period. 

A prominent land use development firm determined that it is not a good fiscal plan to move forward with the new developments. RSG or Resources System Group found that the proposed new hotels and vacation properties alongside retail properties could not be sustained without significant revenue shortfalls. The massive increase in commercial property will be a very high cost on the city and all of it’s residents while not necessarily providing adequate revenue outside of the tourist season.

For anyone not directly benefiting from the new land use plans it makes absolutely no sense to turn Olympic Valley as a single city. They should remain under the arrangement that they have now in order to save money for now and the future. The population of the valley simply cannot sustain forced growth and the entire area will become economically depressed as taxes increase and jobs and productivity decrease due to residents leaving.

IRS Believes Hack of Their Taxpayer Transcript Service was the Work of Russian-Based Hackers

On Wednesday, the IRS announced that it believes the security breach, which allowed hackers to both purloin the tax return transcripts of 100,000 people, was the work of an elaborate cyber-crime syndicate based in Russia. Admittedly, the IRS has not confirmed the origin of the hackers with 100% certainty, but neither are they making public what evidence they have gathered thus far. Still, it appears quite likely that Russia once again succeeded at breaching another major US agency or service. Cyber thieves have recently penetrated servers at both the White House and the State Department.

The entire incident is currently under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) of the IRS and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (IGTA). Needless to say, Congress is also weighing in on the matter. Utah Senator Orin Hatch expressed his desire to summon IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to testify to the Senate Health Committee as to what the breach entailed and to name the guilty parties. Hatch believes the IRS has received more than enough time to address their security issues. Now, it will be Congress’ job to impose a solution upon them. Thus far, the IRS’ computer security problems have been ongoing since the start of Bill Clinton’s second presidential term. Alexei Beltyukov ( knows that this most recent hack is believed to have netted the cyber criminals as much as $50 million.

Cochran Proves Rumors Had Truth and Gets Married

For the past several years there was always speculation that Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi had been romantically involved with a member of his staff. But was never confirmed and was usually kept quiet by the Mississippi Republican Party. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that,  even as there was a blogger trying to break the story during the last election the Cochran camp remained adamant there was no truth to the rumors and that Cochran had remained faithfully devoted to his wife who had spent the last 13 years of her life in a nursing home suffering from dementia. Well when Rose passed away last December most were under the impression the scandal died with her.

This is because Thad Cochran married his longtime assistant Kay Webber in a private ceremony held in Gulfport, Mississippi this past Saturday. Never mind the ethical complications of their boss / employee relationship that apparently has been taking place for quite some time. At least that is what people believe why else would they be married only a few short months after his wife’s death. But the fact that he used this story to falsely implicate his last opponent in the actions of the blogger and acted so appalled by the accusations against him speak to just who he is a person and the representative of Mississippi.