The Newark CEDC and the Experience Behind it All

When you look at all of the entertainment opportunities as well as the culture institutions and different things to do within the city of Newark, it is easy to see why the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is so dedicated to the success of the city. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation works closely with the city of Newark as well as their housing and economic development organization to help bring businesses and jobs to the community.

Entertainment Options in the City

There are many great things to experience in Newark including the Prudential Center, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Museum, the Newark Symphony Hall, the city without walls, Linkin Park, Military Park, the New Jersey Historical Society & Branch Brook Park. While this may seem like a long list, this barely touches the many different entertainment highlights within the city. The Newark CDEC offers a few different loan options for individuals looking to start or build upon an already existing business in the city. Two of those loan options are the Newark CEDC standard loan program and the microloan program. They also offer many different resources for entrepreneurs including a recommendation to contact the Intersect fund to help improve your credit score. They also have resources to help you get assistance in your development of a business plan or any additional training that you may need to run a business.

Current Vice President and CFO

The current president and chief financial officer of the corporation is Kevin Seawright. Kevin has an extensive resume and career history that makes him perfect for this position. Kevin has served as a vice President of Operations and human capital at Tito general contractors and was the executive director of operations in Maryland prior to joining Newark CEDC. Kevin has a Masters Degree in Accounting as well as a recently obtained certification in executive leadership. His studies were out Almeda University and the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. During his career, he handled an excess of 400 million dollars in state, federal, capital, city, private, and bond funds. He has also been related to over 600 million dollars in construction projects for educational facilities. Throughout his career he has held many different positions including budget manager, payroll director, finance director, and chief of financial and construction projects