Drew Madden Is Keen On Changing The Medical Services Sector Through Technology

Recently, media revealed that CVS is on the verge of acquiring Aetna, a renowned health insurance company. These reports have surfaced when Amazon is considering venturing into the retail of pharmaceuticals. Amazon has obtained statutory approvals in various states to commence its operations. The licenses that Amazon acquired cover multiple segments of the pharmaceutical industry such as retail of healthcare machines.

These developments prove that Amazon will dive into the pharmaceuticals business. Now, Amazon boasts of an expansive retail portfolio after acquiring Whole Foods. The company is set to disrupt the pharmaceutical retail sector given its ability overturn markets.

As Amazon’s threatens to disrupt the pharmaceutical sector, legacy players including CVS are thinking about how to innovate. CVS’s move to acquire Aetna is partially a survival mechanism against Amazon’s retail onslaught in the sector.

Both Amazon and CVS are making a play to dominate retail in the healthcare sector. Amazon is famous for its ability to stock everything. The addition of pharmaceuticals broadens the company’s product portfolio. CVS has adopted a unique approach to this industry. The firm is working on building a diverse face in healthcare by combining healthcare protection services, pharmaceuticals, and daily care products.

Drew Madden is a healthcare businessperson with the drive to create highly efficient teams in the industry. As Drew has run his business; the entrepreneur has succeeded in creating a distinct enterprise culture and effective client networks.

Drew Madden boasts of a longstanding history in the healthcare sector. In 2010, he began working with Nordic Consulting Partners as the company’s President. Drew held this post for five years ending 2016. During his tenure, Nordic became one of the most prominent Epic consulting firms. The business also expanded the human resource department by increasing the employees from 10 to 725.

Currently, Drew Madden holds the post of managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen is a firm that focuses on providing consultancy in healthcare information technologies.

Drew Madden holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Iowa. At Evergreen, Drew Madden focuses on providing healthcare technologies that solve problems efficiently.