Tony Petrello takes calculated risks that pay off big

Over the past 30 years, there have been quantum leaps in the technology of directional drilling, hydraulic fracturing and other cutting-edge techniques to extract some of the world’s hardest-to-reach oil resources. This has largely been driven by the rapidly increasing computerization of drilling technology, including the use of highly sophisticated automated drilling systems that can not only place drilling assets with unprecedented precision but can also virtually eliminate all menial tasks from the job site.

One of the companies that have been at the forefront of this technological revolution in drilling technology has been Nabors Industries. Led by its superstar CEO, Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has developed a number of proprietary technologies that have paved the way for incredible progress, especially in the North American oil extraction market. Many of Nabors Industries’ systems, such as the Canrig AC top drive and ROCKIT performance drilling software, have allowed for the extraction of oil resources, such as those located in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, that were previously considered impossible or economically not viable to extract. This has led to a boom in the oil industry of North America, helping to gain America’s energy independence from potentially dangerous and hostile Gulf states.

If one man could be credited for this technological revolution, it would have to be Petrello. Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries has taken sizable risks in order to develop technologies that have never been attempted before. This has paid off in spades with Nabors Industries’ directional drilling equipment as well as its highly innovative hydraulic fracturing systems, which are now completely dominant in the North American market.

Under Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries’ stock has increased nearly 200 fold, making it one of the highest valued drilling services companies on Earth. So long as Petrello’s at the helm, Nabors Industries’ future is assured.

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In The Eyes of a Leader

For my business essay this week I chose to write about the rising of Solo Capital. The reason I chose this as my project was because of a man named Sanjay Shah. Sanjay is the CEO of Solo Capital and has helped the business raise to the standards of a successful, top of the charts trading firm. Normally, firms take years and years to get set up and have a large and steady client base. Solo Capital just so happened to blow past all of the other trading firms due to Sanjay’s hard effort and motivation to succeed. Although many can thrive within the business world, it takes a strong-willed individual like Sanjay to bring a business to the top.

Although I had only planned on my essay being around 1500 words or so, it ended up being 4352 words total. I got so caught up in the process of trading firms and how well Sanjay worked the system to make Solo Capital so successful. To some, the process may not be interesting, but to businessmen such as myself, it is beyond amazing to research. Although I am unsure of what path I will be taking with my business management degree, I do know that I have gained a great deal of knowledge just by reading up on Sanjay Shah and his company. People do not realize that if you research just a little everyday, you can build up your own personal resources to help you create your very own business without the helping hands of others.

When I received my grade for the essay I wrote called “In The Eyes of a Leader”, I was stunned at the fact that I had received my first A+ in English Composition 2. Writing has never been my strong spot, but I guess when anyone finds something to write about that they are passionate for, something good will come out of it. My first thought after receiving my grade was that I wanted to send it to Sanjay himself and see what his mind entails on what I had wrote. I honestly believe the paper had turned out rather beautiful and I owe it all to Sanjay as he is such a powerful businessman that has the type of charisma that could run the world.

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Doctor Sergio Cortes Advice On People With Back Pain Challenge

Doctor Cortes is one of the most experienced doctors in Brazil. Cortes has been in the health industry for more than 25 years. He is also a professional in surgery operations. Doctor Sergio holds a degree in Hip Surgeon. Sergio has encountered a lot of achievements in his field.
Cortes serves as the Secretary health of Brazil country. Doctor Cortes has also established more health centers and dispensaries across Rio de Janeiro and other towns. Doctor Cortes heads the management of health industry that generates revenues in the Brazilian economy. Cortes invests created money in the caring system to ensure that the high percentage of Brazilian citizens has an insurance cover.
Doctor Cortes care on the Brazilian citizens has led him to receive recognitions and awards by the World Health Organizations. Recently, Sergio has released a report on important exercises and physical activities to undertake so as to relieve back pain.
The doctor advocated for activities such as swimming, Pilates, yoga, and cycling.He stated that these practices help the body to attain a good body posture. As per his report, staying in one body position for a long time can cause back pain and a bad body posture.
Cortes advised that Pilates acts as one of the best-used exercises to attain a proper body position. As per the doctor, Pilates tend to be flexible, and modification can be done to relieve a person from back pain. Dr. Sergio takes Pilates as the best exercise to help in body alignment.
The doctor also advised that Pilates help to strengthen muscles and the spine. He advised that this exercise should be done weekly to make it more appealing.
Cortes also urged people with back pains to use yoga exercises to get relieved. Yoga practice mainly comprises a series of stretching activities. It helps to relieve back pain and to deal with stress. Cortes instructs that yoga exercises can be done at home, at the gym and the yoga centers.
For those who apply yoga at home, there should be a professional instructor or a specialist to guide you through the task.
Doctor Cortes also emphasized the importance of swimming. Swimming exercises help people with chronic back ailments. Cortes implied that swimming contributes to strengthening sessions of the upper body.
Cortes added that swimming helps improve body posture and in pain relief.

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Joseph Bismark Made The QI Group Into What It Is Today

It’s a great thing for every brand to have an ambassador or two to help promote it and reach those who might not have heard of it, otherwise, and that is what the QI Group has decided to do in partnering with Martina Hingis. She is a talented tennis superstar who has done many amazing things with her life, and now she has decided to partner with a company that she feels is doing good things, as well. It was said on BusinessWire that Martina Hingis feels that it is an honor to be part of a company that is so global. She is excited to wear their clothing for her matches and to spread the word.
When a company is doing great there is always someone behind it who is making it that way, and Joseph Bismark is the man who is running the QI Group. He has made sure to always give it his best, and to always be keeping it running differently than other companies. He believed that spirituality would benefit it, so when he first started it up he made it a part of it. And the workers of the company have noticed the difference, quickly. Joseph Bismark knew that spirituality could bring about a sense of peace and respect, and that is part of the reason that he believes that it is so essential to a good workplace.
Those who hold true to their beliefs are the ones who seem to do best in life, and that is definitely true of Joseph Bismark. He learned when he was a young boy that spirituality was something that he should cling to, and so he has done that his entire life. He practices meditation and takes the time to do yoga. He keeps his mind and body in shape and treats others with respect. He makes spirituality a part of every aspect of his life, every day, and he does well in doing that. People have come to respect him and think of him as someone who they would like to be like because of the way that he is living and the success he’s had as a result of that.

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