New Bill Could Require Gun Owners to Carry Liability Insurance or Face Penalty

It seems that everything requires insurance. You need car insurance when you drive, you need house insurance to carry a mortgage and many people partake in life insurance to help take care of costs associated with dying. So why not require gun owners to carry liability insurance?

A new bill would do just that. The Firearm Risk Protection Act introduced by Carolyn Maloney of New York would require owners of firearms to carry liability insurance of face a fine of up to $10,000. The bill has an exemption for service members of members of law enforcement who would not be required to carry liability insurance to own a firearm.

Representatives say that requiring insurance would help to ensure that people are dead serious about gun safety. The requirement for automobile insurance has seen a sharp decline in automobile related deaths yet deaths from firearms are still on the rise.

The insurance requirement would also make sure that those who suffer from an attack or accident involving a firearm would be adequately compensated according to Beneful.

I think that it’s just another Obamacare for gun owners. Forcing people to take out insurance policies only benefits the insurance companies.