Texas Cities Can’t Ban Fracking And That’s The Law

Last year the people of Denton, Texas told their lawmakers that they didn’t want any fracking done in or around their city. The measure passed through the Republican-controlled Legislature without a hitch or hiccup. But the Denton people were outwitted by the big oil companies that dangled money in front of state lawmakers. The governor of Texas recently signed a bill that will override the Denton measure.

The state of Texas wants fracking, and they want it everywhere because it creates more revenue for the state according to Alexei Beltyukov. The lawmakers don’t care about the impact that fracking has on the Texas environment. They just want the money. Texas has a lot of land to frack, and those Texas rednecks don’t care if the entire state looks like it has been hit by a bomb.

Fracking in Texas may be the darling of the Texas legislature now, but that romance won’t last long. The impact that fracking has on the planet is becoming more and more obvious. Fracking cause earthquakes in the small fault lines throughout the state. These fault lines are expanding because of fracking. But legislatures around the country are ignoring the signs. But when the first major quake hits Texas, those good ole boys will certainly wake-up shaking.