Goettl Tells Secrets to an Energy Efficient Summer

Goettl Air is known for their reinvestment in the community. Through scholarships and donations, they work to make sure those residents around them stay cool or find a job in a high demand field. They shared their industry leader experience on how to stay cool on a budget in the article Goettl’s Tell All Secrets.

The first trick for keeping the energy bill low is to make sure the AC Unit is properly maintenanced. For the unit to remain effective, it needs to be kept up through proper routine maintenance. Keep the unit free from debris, a distance of two feet between the unit and vegetation, and replace the filter every 90 days. Simple steps will help to keep it running smooth and efficient.

Tips that can be done inside the home will help to keep the energy bill down. The use of a ceiling fan will help to spread the cool air more evenly. An upgrade to the thermostat will help to keep the house cool when needed and conserve the energy when not needed. Also, many homeowners do not realize that keeping the unit in the shade will help to keep it from being overworked. With these tips and regular maintenance, anyone can stay cool on a budget.

Goettl was founded in 1939 by the Goettl brothers. In 2013, Ken Goodrich bought the business and brought it back to the Las Vegas area. He wanted to bring Goettl back to its home area. Goodrich re-established Goettl as an industry leader and provider of high quality HVAC service.