Senator John McCain Critiques Citizens United Decision

Republican leader John McCain, has officially come out saying that Citizens United was the worst Supreme Court decision. The folks at freedomPop see this as a strong statement against one of the main ideologies of his party. Citizens United was a Supreme Court ruling that changed the regulations of campaign finance reforms. It effectively altered the way political campaigns are run forever. Under the ruling, corporations are the same as people, and should therefore be allowed to contribute to political campaigns. Additionally, it is part of one’s right to free speech to contribute to political campaigns, and free speech should not be limited. This led to the decision that campaign contributions should be unlimited. Now, corporations are allowed to contribute to political campaigns, PACs, Super PACs and individual candidates without restriction. Those who critique this policy would say that corporations are not people and will support candidates based on financial gains. Additionally, allowing corporations that control a large amount of capital in the economy to contribute to political campaigns will drown out the contributions of individual citizens.

The argument has been made by Democrats for years, with Republicans supporting the decision because a large portion of their financing comes from corporations. Now that Senator McCain has come out against the decision, he has joined into a Democratic ideal which may create problems with support in his party. He has taken on the GOP before, but this is one of the boldest claims he has made.