Scott Walker Takes Early Lead in GOP Iowa Primary

In the first official poll of the GOP nomination for President, the queue that is being set is surprising to many political tacticians. Scott Walker Takes Early Lead In Iowa Primary

The Iowa Republican caucus is the first primary contest for the GOP and early polling shows that Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker is the early leader. While Walker’s early lead is a surprise to Paul Mathieson, the real surprise is the rest of the queue of candidates. The same poll finds that United States Senator Marco Rubio, (Florida), in a virtual tie for second with fellow United States Senator Ted Cruz (Texas). Walker leads with 21 percent of Iowa caucus members while Rubio and Cruz collect 13 percent and 12 percent respectively.
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is nestled in the middle of the pack at 11 percent and is followed by noted neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 7 percent and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was at a meager 5 percent. No other candidate was above 3 percent.

Jeb Bush seems to be losing the most political capital. Even though he has yet to formally announce his candidacy Jeb Bush seems to be losing more points as each new candidate enters the GOP race. Bush has lost five points in the same poll released in February and his negatives are increasing as well. Bush leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the person that Iowa caucus goers will absolutely not vote for 25 percent to 20 percent.

Marco Rubio’s Campaign Logo Gets Twitter Buzzing with Comments

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has started some buzz on Twitter with his campaign logo. While it is too early to tell how it will rank against everyone else who will toss their names into the presidential race, it is generating a fair bit of traffic on Twitter. Ever since the 2008 presidential election when Barrack Obama successfully used Twitter to galvanize his minions in real-time, candidates from both parties actively use social networking.

The new Rubio logo has a lucid white background with the name “marco rubio” in lower case. The name “marco” is in a burgundy color and “rubio” is in a darker shake of purple. The dot over the letter “i” is an icon of the lower 48 states. Below his name is the tag line “A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY”. Thus far, it appears people are finding the logo to be somewhat artistic. The use of the lower 48 states as the dot over the letter “i” has appealed to some Twitter users. Others appear to view the icon much like the ink blot in a Rorschach test. Sam Tabar has learned that one Twitter user thought it was a whale. Still, another user likened it to a name brand bottle of flavored water. In the end, it appears that Rubio is drawing some attention among younger voters.

Not so Fast Ann, the Pollsters are Calling it Early Again

The 2016 polls are starting early. According a small sliver of new polling, Hillary Clinton is being closely chased by republican contenders. However, no polling this early in a cycle has delivered any insight into the actual race. Republican pollsters had Mitt Romney winning so early that Ann was measuring drapes and deciding where to locate the stables on the White House grounds. These polls have certain republican figures actually leading in certain states.

Tribunal de Contas do Municipio de Sao Paulo suggests that biased pollsters attribute this to the fake controversy being leveled about Clinton’s emails. This is only fodder for republicans to keep going with the Benghazi hype. Republicans cannot see that not only have the demographics changed, but the attitude of America in general.