Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Take Over As Chairman Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the president of one of the largest banks in Brazil and is known as an incredible leader in the company. He is known for being one of the top leaders of the company and is looked upon as one of the most influential people in all of Brazil.

In 2015, he received one of the highest honors that a company leader can get when he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Isto É Dinheiro magazine. Trabuco has also been awarded on international platforms for the exemplary work that he has done through the course of his career. In 2016, he was listed among some of the best CEOs in the entire world for his work by Forbes Magazine.

Trabuco began his journey with Bradesco when he was only seventeen years old. His first job was working as a bank clerk for the company. Since his first day working at the company, he has put in a lot of work to be able to climb the corporate ladder and reach the position he is in today. After fifteen years of working at the customer banks of Bradesco, he was given the position of Marketing Director to the company. He led an incredible tenure as the marketing director of Bradesco, and improved their overall workings and communications with its customers and also with the media. Trabuco worked at this position for a period of eight years, after which he was given the position of CEO at Bradesco Bank’s pension and life insurance segment. He worked for this post for a number of years before he was given the position of managing director of this subsection of the company.

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After working as the managing director, he was offered the position of executive vice president. After doing so much for this subsidiary of Bradesco, the people working at the central office thought that it was time to being Trabuco on board to help them with their official matters at the head office. This was when he was given the position of President At Bradesco Seguros, which includes over eight different Bradesco companies. As the president of the company, Trabuco contributed immensely to their overall growth and development. He was able to guide the people working at the company aptly, and take the company up to a prominent position within the industry.

Recently, Trabuco came forward to announce the retirement of the company’s long-standing chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, who was one of the oldest banking chairmen in the entire country. In light of this retirement, Trabuco was asked to take over his position and all its operations. According to, Trabuco will currently serve as the President of the company, along with the chairman.

The company plans to instate Trabuco to the position of chairman of the company and bring another person to the position of President. Bradesco follows a long tradition of only promoting people to higher up positions who are from within the company, which means that one of the current executives at the company stands a chance to become a notable name at Bradesco and lead them as the President. Until then, the current standing of the company rests on Trabuco’s shoulders, since it is only him who will currently be leading the company and all its operations.

There is no doubt that Trabuco will be able to perform both roles well and without any hurdles. Having as much experience as he does working with Bradesco has definitely helped him become a brilliant leader to the company, and is one of the reasons why all the executives of Bradesco have so much faith in him and the work that he is currently doing.

Boraie Development LLC: Investing In New Jersey’s Future

The Beach at South Inlet is an $81 million complex scheduled to be completed next summer in Atlantic City by Boraie Development LLC. It’s Atlantic City’s first market-rate development since the early 1990s. The project combines retail shops and 250 new apartments. It is a sign of Atlantic City’s rebirth and has people excited and optimistic. Over the past 10 years, Atlantic City has seen its economy slide. A number of casinos there have closed, while new casinos have popped up in neighboring states. But the Gateway Project and complexes like the Beach at South Inlet offer hope.


With 60% of the housing stock in Atlantic City over 40 years old, this new Boraie Development complex offers the modern housing stock the city desperately needs. With residents’ lounge, a gym, a pool and countless other modern amenities, this new project is helping Atlantic City prepare to meet the next generation of renters needs. Plus, many of the city’s 50,000 workers will use the need facilities. Some may even live there. It’s just one investment that is being made towards building a prosperous new future for the iconic vacation destination that is Atlantic City. Visit press of atlantic city to see more.



When Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development in 1972, many cities in New Jersey were looking like war zones. But then Omar Boraie, who had come to the U.S. from Egypt to study chemistry, got bitten by the real estate bug. He began to envision rebuilding New Brunswick and other neglected New Jersey cities the way he had seen Europe rebuilt after World War II. When Omar Boraie began telling people his rebuilding plans, they thought he was a misguided dreamer and laughed at him. But Omar Boraie began rebuilding one burnt out block after another and today, Boraie Development has transformed the downtown areas of New Brunswick and other cities in New Jersey. For more details visit Crunchbase.


These days, in addition to their Atlantic City complex, Boraie Development is working in Newark on a $61 million project with basketball great Shaquille O’Neal. In New Brunswick, Boraie Development recently completed the incredible, 238-unit, luxury rental tower The Aspire. The 18-story modern, full-service building has a 24/7 doorman, roof-top sky deck, stunning views of the Raritan River and tree-filled Johnson Park and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The apartments have hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens, quartz countertops, stainless-steel appliances, 9- to 10-foot ceilings and more. Boraie Development is investing in New Jersey’s bright future.



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Jason Hope Drives The Future Of Connected Technologies

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur with a strong focus on technology based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is particularly passionate about the business opportunity that the internet of things technology presents. He graduated with an MBA from Arizona State University. He was initially attracted to mobile telecommunications companies. Jason Hope then moved on to premium SMS services.

He has extensive investments in the technology space including interests in online marketing, digital media, and interactive business systems among numerous others. He believes there is a lot of business opportunity in the technology space. This opportunity is expanding as technology advances and enables us to interact with each other in new ways as well as connected devices and places.

Jason Hope has an in-depth understanding of the technology industry. He publishes numerous articles covering trends in the industry and how developments, such as the internet of things, will influence the future. Jason Hope reckons businesses are betting big on connected technology especially the internet of things to drive growth. Companies are repositioning their assets and strategies to exploit the technology stand to outshine their competition in the future, and what Jason Hope knows.

Big firms are making direct investments in innovative startups with transformative strategies. For example, Cisco, the technology conglomerate, recently injected $1.4 billion into Jasper Technologies, a connected technologies software developer based in California. This demonstrates the commitment and optimism that companies have about the future of connected technologies. Jason Hope is right on the money guiding contemporary firms on strategies to capitalize on this futuristic technology, and—d2KObnZ36N51A/.

He encourages entrepreneurs and business leaders to put in adequate preparations. This includes repositioning of capital assets and related changes to the infrastructure. There are several areas of the industry making unprecedented headway. These are carmakers, the health and wellness sector, drones and connected homes among numerous other categories. For instance, cars are coming with advanced onboard infotainment and navigation systems. In like manner, we are already in the era of self-driving cars.

He is excited about groundbreaking discoveries in the healthcare sector. These include discoveries that enable physicians to leverage anti-aging processes to prevent and manage diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and Parkinson’s. He believes the technology is well on its way to provide effective prevention leading to a better quality of life for millions of seniors, and Jason Hope on Facebook.

Jason Hope has put in concerted efforts to accelerate anti-aging research. With this intention, he donates to the SENS Foundation, a research non-profit with a focus on regenerative medicine. He pledged $500,000 to the foundation in 2010 to drive groundbreaking discoveries that will reshape the future of healthcare.

Avaaz Showcases How Practical Idealism Can Bring Prosperity

The vast majority of people would agree that there’s a lot of good which needs to be done in the world. To be sure, altruistic intent has been able to go a long way to solving some big problems. But it’s equally apparent that many of the world’s issues will need some creative solutions. Positive intent is obviously a necessity as well. But that intent needs to be driven by a strong underlying philosophy and more information click here.

A group called Avaaz is thought by many to be the answer to this long held question. People want to know how the world can come together to effect positive change. Avaaz holds out an answer under a philosophy of practical idealism. But to understand that philosophy one must first look a bit closer at the group as a whole.

Avaaz came together in 2009 as a melding of several powerful personalities. The founders all brought together unique skills and powerful drives that promised some amazing things. Avaaz delivered on that promise by taking a unique approach to some important issues and resume their.

The most important might also come as a bit of a surprise to people. The most notable innovation from Avaaz has come from funding. Most non-profit funding comes with strings attached. It might not seem to be an issue at first. But people with money and special interests tend to want those interests protected eventually. And more often than not big money tends to get associated with less than noble ideals. But Avaaz has found a way to prevent that from happening and what Avaaz knows.

Under the idea of practical idealism they recognize that considerable amounts of money are needed to push positive change in the world. But they’ve decided to show that it can be done in an ethical way. As such they don’t accept donations from corporations or foundations. They’re funded by the people and can work in the interests of those people. And this gives them the ability to really push for the positive change that the world needs and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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Robert Ivy Architect CEO, Author, Editor And Mentor

Robert Ivy the Executive Vice President and Chief Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a network of more than 250 chapters and more than 90,000 members. He is bringing the AIA into the 21st century by making it into a proactive and influential organization.

Mr. Ivy has also been the editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record since 1996. He received the G.D. Crain Award for his lifetime contributions to editorial excellence in business in 2009. Before this Mr. Ivy was a principal at Dean & Dale from 1981 through 1996. He has also been involved in the publication of Green Source: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, along with SNAP. His other accomplishments in editing include Architectural Record China, Constructor, Sweets, and ENR.

Mr. Ivy serves as an honorary mentor for students and alumni of the Alpha Rho Chi a national architecture fraternity. The fraternity named him a “Master Architect” in 2010 for his contributions for his value of design to the public and within the fraternity. This vote to award Mr. Ivy Master Architect was voted on unanimously by the members. He is one of seven people to receive the honor in the 100-year history of the fraternity and the only person to receive it in the 21st century. Mr. Ivy is also a member of the Circle of Architecture Critics and has overseen the printing of 16 publications. He served as vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction along with his work for the Architectural Record involving the print publications and then an additional 17 digital publications. These publications under Mr. Ivy’s direction and editing have won 26 Jesse H. Neal awards that are rarely given for magazine journalism in a trade journal, 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards and in 2008 the MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year: Enthusiast.

Robert Ivy attended Tulane University where he earned a Master of Architecture and graduated cum laude with a Bachelors of Arts in English. Mr. Ivy has delivered numerous speeches in both the U.S. and internationally. He has authored a book Fay Jones: Architect and was cited by the Art Library Society as highest standards of scholarship, design, and production. The first publication occurred in 2001 and is now in this third reprint that displays the American architect that apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright. At the Venice Architecture Biennale, he has served three times as U.S. Commissioner and a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council.

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Life Line Screening Provides Services that Could Help People Lead Fuller Lives

Life Line Screening is a nationwide agency that provides preventative care through health screening. This agency provides health screening tests for private individuals as well as for corporations. They offer corporate wellness programs that include seminars designed to educate employees on the benefits of preventative care. Corporations who partner with Life Line help provide services to their employees that could help them lead fuller lives both inside and outside of the workplace. The results obtained from a screening are always kept confidential and delivered only to the individual’s place of residence and not to their place of employment.

 The Benefits of Early Screening

 Life Line Screening provides testing services designed to locate indicators that could show an at-risk health condition. The benefit of finding these indicators is related to the type of preventative care a person could follow to avoid having the condition manifest. This agency offers an assortment of tests designed to uncover any heart related conditions including atrial fibrillation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and carotid artery disease. The results obtained from any of these tests could be used to help an individual make changes in their lifestyle to reduce or eliminate the risk for heart disease and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

Health Testing Made Easy

 The professionals who work at Life Line are all skilled at what they do. Their physicians are board certified and licensed to practice in the states where they work. The technicians who assist with the screening process are also registered or qualified to register with the agencies that govern their fields. Because these highly trained individuals are skilled at what they do, they make the process of preventative health screening easy. Life Line also offers special packaged tests designed to help uncover any indications of an illness a person might be predisposed to having due to their family genetics and more information click here.

 Life Line’s testing processes are also designed to be less stressful on patients. Most of the blood work testing is done by obtaining a blood sample through a simple finger stick method. Life Line also performs ultrasound and electrocardiograph testing for conditions such as bone mineral density or atrial fibrillation and contact its.

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Patty Rocklage; Psychotherapist and Family Woman

Patty Rocklage is a psychotherapist and counselor. She is based in Massachusetts. Patty attended the University of Southern California where she earned her degree in Psychology. Patty has practiced therapy for more than two decades. Patty Rocklage has helped many patients during that time. Dr. Scott Rocklage and Patty Rocklage were guests at the MIT’s chemistry department last July. This was a celebration of their gift towards covering the costs of the renovation of a lab space in Building 2.

The nanotechnology lab space is managed by Professor Moungi Bauwendi who is the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Scott Rocklage said that the university had given him a firm foundation for his career and he felt compelled to give back in any way. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University and studied under Richard Schrock who is a Nobel Prize winner.

The guests were given a tour of the space by the professor and two of his graduate students. All of them converged in one of the labs for a few speeches and messages of appreciation after that. Sylvia Ceyer is the former head of the department. Sylvia said that Dr. Rocklage said yes when she approached him with the idea of making a contribution and learn more about Patty.

Patty and Scott Rocklage had their house redesigned by the Sudbury Companies’ Design Center. They were planning to perform several renovations in their home and wanted to do this through several contractors. The couple was amazed to find that Sudbury was able to do all the renovation work for them. They did not have to get another contractor.

The designers at the design center were able to come up with sketches and 3D renderings to show them how the house would look like when finished. The couple decided to restructure the front part of the house because it was hard to locate the front door. Sudbury landscaped the area by transplanting the trees and then using recycled pieces to build the new model. Sudbury gave the house a new porch, a flipped front foyer, and a revamped front door in the end. Patty and Scott Rocklage were very impressed with the work that the company did for them in six months and read full article.

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David McDonald’s Contribution to the OSI Group

David McDonald has made a great contribution to the success of the OSI Group. He joined the company in the late 1980s soon after he graduated from Iowa State University with an animal science degree. He worked his way up the corporate ladder, occupying positions such as project manager among others, and finally ended up as president of the group. He did a great job in all the positions he held, and this commitment to excellence is what led to his appointment as president. David also serves as COO of the OSI Group and director of one of its operations in Australia.

President of the OSI Group

In his position as president of the group, David is one of the people in charge of strategy setting. One of the things he has helped implement is the close coordination between local operations and the global logistics team. This enables the group to keep up with global trends while meeting the needs of local markets. David believes that the OSI Group’s market expansion strategy will work greatly in their favor. The strategy includes the launching of new operations and acquisition of food processing companies in various places and learn more about David.

David McDonald said that the OSI Group acquired Baho Food in August 2016 as part of its strategy to grow in Europe and increase its market reach. The acquisition was a great investment since Baho’s products would complement OSI’s products, and this would increase the demand for their products in the market. This is just one of the many investment opportunities that they have taken advantage of over the years and David’s lacrosse camp.


It is the foresight of David McDonald and the rest of the executive team at OSI that makes the OSI group perform so well year after year. With the great leadership the group has, it is bound to perform even better in the coming years. David also serves on the boards of a number of food processing companies in such as North American Meat Institute and Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He is affiliated with the Iowa State University Foundation, and makes donations to it as well as actively participating in its activities.

Steven Murray an Incredible Investor and Philanthropist

Born in 1962, Stephen Murray was raised in the North Tarrytown, New York area and he went to high school at Sleepy Hollow (click the following link to Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: Murray went on to attend and graduated from Boston College. In 1984, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and then graduated from Columbia Business School in 1989 earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration.


Murray is known for being an industry leader by assisting JP Morgan and establishing a private equity business. He joined MH Equity Corporation, which merged Manufacturers Hanover’s private group with its leveraged finance unit. In 1991, Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanover’s the Chemical Venture Partners joined with MH Equity. In 1996, Chase Manhattan Corporation merged with Chemical Bank and then Venture Partners became Chase Capital Partners.

Stephen Murray eventually became the leader of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. He became the co-founder of CCMP Capital, which was a spinout of JP Morgan Chase that included the growth equity and buyout team of its private equity group. Murray became CEO in 2007.

Throughout Murray’s career, he served on the board for several companies such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Cabela’s, Generic Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners, Octagon Credit Investors, and Ollie’s Bargain among several others.


Murray was not only a successful business person, but he also was actively involved in philanthropy. Murray served as Boston College’s Vice Chairman of the board of trustees and served as a member of Make a Wish Foundation in Metro New York. Also, Murray supported Lower Fairfield County’s food bank, Columbia Business School, and Stanford Museum. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Murray Dies….

At the age of 52, Murray died on March 12, 2015. Just a month prior Murray left CCMP due to health related issues as reported by the firm. Many people remembered Murray as being a hardworking and genuinely compassionate man. He was known to be everything to everybody, a loving husband, an adoring father, and a dear friend.

Greg Brenneman CCMP Chairman, who was the successor of Murray stated, “Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with his wife and sons. We know they were his pride and joy.” Brenneman explained that Murray was an excellent investor and that his predecessors were more than grateful for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP.

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Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away


Kate Hudson Extols the New Line of Fabletics Swimwear

Fabletics founder and primary style contributor, Kate Hudson, recently extolled the wonders of a new line of Fabletics swimwear and summer dresses. Ms. Hudson is quick to exclaim that Summer is her favorite season, and a wonderful opportunity for her design company to reach a wider cross section of women.

This new line of swimwear is inspired by classic feminine frames like Ms. Hudson herself, but offers styles from sizes XXS to XXL. This line proves that no matter what body type a woman possesses, she can look ravishing, and feel confident throughout the swimming season. Along with the innovative swim line, an exclusive summer dress line is also being debuted.

Elite Daily is the proud portal through which Fabletics reaches millions and millions of women who likes the Fabletic brand. It’s championing of certain universal subjects like female fashion, political points, and news is quickly becoming a loud voice in the mainstream.

Elite Daily is the perfect place for women to discover the latest fashion trends and ideas, because it keeps a keen eye on what it takes to balance fashion world evolution, with the demands of modern women. This is precisely why Elite Daily’s announcement and promotion of the Fabletics 2016 swimwear and dress line is so valuable. It’s a trusted voice helping women of all shapes, sizes, economic classes, and locations to find the ideal hot month wardrobe.

The new Fabletics swimwear line features one piece and bikini-style fashion for Summer that every woman can look her best wearing. The designs are simple, yet alluring. They are inspired by a superstar, but have appeal for every sensibility. They are also eco-consious in their manufacturing. Every select piece of swimwear is made from reclaimed and recycled cloth materials, and is highly affordable.

A subscription to the Fabletics online ordering system provides a woman with any body type and size the opportunity to look and feel sexy this summer. Forget the department stores and the excruciating effort to squeeze into a favorite style. Fabletics is the only source for swimwear and casual dress this year that guarantees comfort, style, sexiness, and the opportunity to have fun while sticking to a budget