Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator Makes an Appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner

This past weekend, the White House held their annual correspondents dinner. As it always does, this year’s festivities included a few special surprises, including a visit from Obama’s anger translator, Luther. Luther is best known as a part of a recurring Key and Peele sketch where Jordan Peele plays President Obama, exaggerating his calm demeanor and character, and Keegan-Micheal Key is Luther, an anger translator, who expresses the inner turmoil and anger that President Obama feels.

The White House Correspondents Dinner, which was originally created to honor and give awards to members of the White House Correspondents’ Association, has become a bit of a roast of the president and his administration. Since 1983, the featured speaker has been a comedian, and addition to roasting the president and his administration, there has been a skit that featured the president. This year’s host was Cecily Strong, who is known for being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Not in attendance this year was best-selling author and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen.

The dinner has been criticized by certain members of the media, who say that it is an example of how close the media can get to the administration and that it symbolizes a lack of integrity by certain members of the news organizations.

Republican Leadership Needs to Get the Memo to Survive

Many conservatives are still concerned with Obamacare, and desire to have it repealed.In response, some Republican lawmakers are trying to pass a reconciliation bill that essentially removes the current law and replaces it with a new one. This new bill, conservative lawmakers hope, will fly through Congress and land on the president’s desk. Once there, conservatives hope that he will be forced to repeal it. Zeca Oliveira suggested both the Republican’s conservative base and the lawmakers have it all wrong: they should begin to embrace Obamacare; if they attempt to repeal it millions of Americans could be without health insurance. Republicans need to either accept the law, or attempt to advance an alternative.

As it stands, the Supreme Court could decide soon enough in King v. Burwell that many subsidies are unconstitutional, and many Americans could lose them even without the Republicans attempting to destroy the law.  Certainly, if they did so they would lose the 2016 presidential election thanks to their misguided efforts. Instead, the Republicans should propose a law that does not tax those who do not have insurance, and also include a provision that allows choice with doctors.

Marco Rubio’s Campaign Logo Gets Twitter Buzzing with Comments

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has started some buzz on Twitter with his campaign logo. While it is too early to tell how it will rank against everyone else who will toss their names into the presidential race, it is generating a fair bit of traffic on Twitter. Ever since the 2008 presidential election when Barrack Obama successfully used Twitter to galvanize his minions in real-time, candidates from both parties actively use social networking.

The new Rubio logo has a lucid white background with the name “marco rubio” in lower case. The name “marco” is in a burgundy color and “rubio” is in a darker shake of purple. The dot over the letter “i” is an icon of the lower 48 states. Below his name is the tag line “A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY”. Thus far, it appears people are finding the logo to be somewhat artistic. The use of the lower 48 states as the dot over the letter “i” has appealed to some Twitter users. Others appear to view the icon much like the ink blot in a Rorschach test. Sam Tabar has learned that one Twitter user thought it was a whale. Still, another user likened it to a name brand bottle of flavored water. In the end, it appears that Rubio is drawing some attention among younger voters.