Diplomat Daniel Taub is a TV Series Writer too

Daniel Taub, the renowned Israeli diplomat, is known for his accurate judgment on various international affairs and an expert in foreign policies. However, many people are unaware that he is TV series writer as well. In 2003, he came up with the idea of an Israeli soap opera “Rebbe’s Court” and wrote its plotline as well as the entire scripts.

While he was collaborating with a think-tank, he got the idea of coming up with fresh concepts for Jewish TV channels.

But, Taub said that he was never planned to write it, but when he proposed the plan for a soap opera that was set on a court of the Hasidic rebbe, the members of think-tank encouraged him to come up with a sample episode.

Interestingly, Daniel Taub wrote the series without having any prior connection to soap operas at all; he did not even watch a full episode of any soap opera until that day. But, he referenced the internet and bought books that teach script writing and started with the TV series of 26 episodes.

The toughest challenge during those days was managing his time between home and busy work. With the soap opera, Taub wanted to break the stereotype characters and made it more secular and apt to the traditional Jewish audience. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

The secular characters of the series were at the positive light of the program to make them connected with the viewers. However, Daniel Taub accepted that he faced greater dilemmas in splitting the plot between secular and religious Jews.

Initially, he kept his involvement in the program secret at the ministry. Once people started hooked to the plot, it garnered appreciation for him from the ministry as well as from the legal community. Interestingly, the biggest fans of the series were the fans of Taub’s discussions and standings on international affairs. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/ and http://www.daniel-taub.com/

Daniel Taub is known for his excellent oratory skills that he nurtured from his school days by participating debates. He is considered as the face of Israel policies and stands in many international forums and has a long association with the foreign ministry of the country.

Taub served as the country’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom during the period 2011-2015, which was considered as the golden years of Israeli-U.K relationship. Taub is also an international lawyer and served as a combat medic at the Israel Army during the initial days of his career. In the early 90s, he helped the-then President of the country, Chaim Herzog, to prepare the speeches.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Take Over As Chairman Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the president of one of the largest banks in Brazil and is known as an incredible leader in the company. He is known for being one of the top leaders of the company and is looked upon as one of the most influential people in all of Brazil.

In 2015, he received one of the highest honors that a company leader can get when he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Isto É Dinheiro magazine. Trabuco has also been awarded on international platforms for the exemplary work that he has done through the course of his career. In 2016, he was listed among some of the best CEOs in the entire world for his work by Forbes Magazine.

Trabuco began his journey with Bradesco when he was only seventeen years old. His first job was working as a bank clerk for the company. Since his first day working at the company, he has put in a lot of work to be able to climb the corporate ladder and reach the position he is in today. After fifteen years of working at the customer banks of Bradesco, he was given the position of Marketing Director to the company. He led an incredible tenure as the marketing director of Bradesco, and improved their overall workings and communications with its customers and also with the media. Trabuco worked at this position for a period of eight years, after which he was given the position of CEO at Bradesco Bank’s pension and life insurance segment. He worked for this post for a number of years before he was given the position of managing director of this subsection of the company.

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After working as the managing director, he was offered the position of executive vice president. After doing so much for this subsidiary of Bradesco, the people working at the central office thought that it was time to being Trabuco on board to help them with their official matters at the head office. This was when he was given the position of President At Bradesco Seguros, which includes over eight different Bradesco companies. As the president of the company, Trabuco contributed immensely to their overall growth and development. He was able to guide the people working at the company aptly, and take the company up to a prominent position within the industry.

Recently, Trabuco came forward to announce the retirement of the company’s long-standing chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, who was one of the oldest banking chairmen in the entire country. In light of this retirement, Trabuco was asked to take over his position and all its operations. According to estadao.com.br, Trabuco will currently serve as the President of the company, along with the chairman.

The company plans to instate Trabuco to the position of chairman of the company and bring another person to the position of President. Bradesco follows a long tradition of only promoting people to higher up positions who are from within the company, which means that one of the current executives at the company stands a chance to become a notable name at Bradesco and lead them as the President. Until then, the current standing of the company rests on Trabuco’s shoulders, since it is only him who will currently be leading the company and all its operations.

There is no doubt that Trabuco will be able to perform both roles well and without any hurdles. Having as much experience as he does working with Bradesco has definitely helped him become a brilliant leader to the company, and is one of the reasons why all the executives of Bradesco have so much faith in him and the work that he is currently doing.

How Roberto Santiago Has Influenced the Business Industry

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world at the moment. The nation has a great history of having football players and athletes who have won so many awards in the international community. The country has numerous natural resources, attracting investors from all parts of the world. Brazil has very dedicated businessmen who play a leading role in the growing economy. These businessmen understand that their input plays a crucial role in the growing economy, and they have been working extremely hard to make it a leader in the competitive market. Roberto Santiago is currently one of the leading business moguls in Brazil. His contributions to the business world have been appreciated by several generations.


Santiago was born several decades in Joao Pessoa several decades ago. His parents never had an idea that their young son was going to be a leader in the business community. After completing his education in some of the local schools in the area, the businessman enrolled to college where he was focusing to make his life better. However, after completing his college studies, the businessman realized that he was only interested in doing business. This made him to go back to school and acquire a degree in business administration. Although he was very young, the businessman knew what he wanted in life, and he could only achieve it after acquiring the right education. After his graduation, Santiago was fully equipped with the skills needed in the business world.


Unlike most young people who look for employment in companies so that they could get a six figures salary, the businessman was only interested in creating his emperor, and this is why he started a packaging company that was focusing on the manufacture of packaging materials. With his little knowledge in the business field, the businessman did well, and he acquired enough funds to purchase a piece of land in a great location. The property was purchased in the year 1987, and it proved to be very helpful in the career life of the successful investor.


Using the proceeds he was getting from his packaging company, Roberto Santiago built a large shopping mall on the piece of land he had acquired. In just two years, the mall opened for consumers to invest and enjoy great services. The mall was named as the Manaira Shopping Mall, and it was equipped with all the features the modern consumer is looking for. The Manaira Shopping Mall is ideal for families who are looking for facilities that will offer what the entire family is looking for. The mall has a modern gym that has all the technologies and equipment people need to keep fit. The businessman has also made sure that there is a movie theater that has the screens the modern generation is looking for. The food served in this facility is out of this world too.


Vijay Eswaran Business Acumen

Vijay Eswaran is the top-notch world successful businessperson. Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia in 1960. He is happily married to Umayal Eswaran the chair of non-profitable organization Vijayaratnam Foundation. He has excellent education background with bachelor`s degree in Socio-economic from London School of Economics. Vijay Eswaran also holds MBA from Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran career traces its roots to odd jobs where he used to work in construction sites, plucking and sorting grapes as well as driving cab. He was resilience and determined to know that the future lies in his hard work and commitment to work. He was later introduced and ventured into the binary marketing system.

In Europe, he was forced to acquire the professional knowledge in dealing with multi-level marketing although on a part-time basis. When he traveled back to Malaysia, Vijay was employed by Cosway Group that made him see the investment opportunity in multilevel marketing.

Presently, Eswaran serves as the chairman and CEO of QI Group in Asia. The company has its other facilities located in over 20 countries across the globe.

QI Group is an e-commerce venture that focusses on telecommunications, travel, media, corporate investment, luxury products, and training. Vijay Eswaran leadership skills have put the company in the world competitive level making it a leading multilevel marketing company.

Vijay started a corporate social responsibility program in QI Group. It is notable in contributing to charities and donations. Through his foundation, Vijay has enabled mentorship, special education, youth development and women empowerment programs. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://www.wceforum.org/speakers/dato-sri-dr-vijay-eswaran/

The QI Group chairman said the students and youths should be inspired to be entrepreneurs and create employment. He discouraged conservative thinking which set one to work for another person. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

To curb the rate of unemployment and the dynamic changes in technology where robotics and automation are taking over the human workforce we need to encourage young people to take the risk and start businesses.

He mentored those who are seeking the job for the first time to consider employment that matches their qualifications. He went on and discussed the cons and pros of being employed in a well-established firm and the start up one.

Vijay besides being an entrepreneur he is a writer of six books. He has won various excellence awards in his lifetime.

Get the Financial Help That You need From VIncent Parascandola and AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola, a Senior Vice President at AXA Advisors, can help the individual as well as a business with their financial strategies.


Vincent Parascandola and AXA can explain to an individual financial investments and strategies in a language that they will understand. They will get them to understand fixed-income investments like mutual funds, unit investment trusts and money markets. They should understand equity investments like large cap growth funds, international equity funds and asset allocation funds. AXA should be able to help them prepare for retirement with traditional and Roth IRA accounts and 529 Plans. The company will give an individual many life insurance choices that should help their loved ones after they are gone. AXA and Perascandola have the strategies that will help an individual go through all the stages of life.


According to RocketReach, Parascandola and AXA will help business people to be able to take control of their business finance futures. They have many financial products and strategies that will enable them to be successful financially. They have group insurance products such health insurance, long-term care insurance and life insurance.y- They have business planning and estate planning strategies such as buy-sell plan funding, non-qualified retirement plans and 401 (K) plans. They have the retirement plans that businesses want for their employees such IRAs, Simplified Employee Plans and SIMPLE Plans. If a business needs or wants a new way to do their financial planning, Perascandola and AXA should be there to help them.


Parascandola has the necessary experience to help an individual or a business with their financial strategies. He has been in the financial industry for more than 25 years. He started out at Prudential as an agent in 1987 and had immediate success as he was named Rookie of the Year. He left Prudential to join MONY Life Insurance Ciompany in 1990. At MONY, he had a variety of local and regional field management positions. He then joined AXA in 2004 and has much success at this company.


With Parascandola’s experience and AXA’s products, an individual as well as w business should get the financial planning and success that they want.



See more: http://pocomuseum.org/how-vincent-parascandola-and-axa-advisors-are-changing-the-world/

José AuriemoNeto Bringing Success to JHSF

Mr. José AuriemoNeto has been on top of JHSF Participacoes for a handful of years. He has taken the company to new heights, and he also has introduced philanthropy to the activities of the large corporation of JHSF and more information click here.

Mr. José AuriemoNeto has been working at the position of chief executive officer (CEO) as well as Chairman of the Board of JHSF Participacoes. At the beginning of January this year, Mr. José AuriemoNeto made an announcement that the company of JHSF Participacoes has stepped into a new partnership. Mr. José AuriemoNeto announced that the corporation would be making a few donations over the course of 2017 to a variety of charities.

The corporation of JHSF Paricipacoes is based in Sao Paulo which is one the largest cities in Brazil. The company is working in the industry of real estate, and its leader Mr. José AuriemoNeto has been showing a lot of skill and a knack for innovative thinking from the start. Mr. José AuriemoNeto had the idea to build a large complex with a mall and luxury apartments on an empty area near the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. That is a highway section in the heart of Sao Paulo. In fact, that is how Mr. José AuriemoNeto was appointed to his position – he demonstrated a talent for the business of real estate, and he convinced his father that his idea is worth it.

The complex was a wild success. It was constructed across 8 000 square meters. The complex has a few apartment buildings with luxury living spaces, and there are also playgrounds, a park, and a mall. The complex is scheduled for enlargement as it has been experiencing success among the people. Mr. José AuriemoNeto was responsible for the entire project which was fitting as it was his idea that the compound was built in the first place. Mr. José AuriemoNeto demonstrated his skills as a leader and coordinator of large teams. After the luxury complex had taken off, his father who was on top of the JHSF Participacoes was pleasantly surprised and promoted him to CEO and what  Jose knows.


Adam Goldenberg’s Successful Businesses

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most unique businessmen in the world of online businesses. He started out working with companies and their startups, but eventually he moved forward and built new brands and created new successful opportunities for himself. The best part about Adam Goldenberg is that he started off working for Intermix Media and that is where he made his best business partners for the future. From his experiences, he eventually created his own businesses and used his knowledge to creating such amazing ideas at http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/.

One of their businesses is the JustFab business that provided women with top quality fashion. Everything from shoes to nice new clothing, they had it all. For one small monthly price, they offered discounted items at such low prices to their members on cnbc.com. Today, the company has changed its overall style and name brand now calling it, TechStyle. With 4 million active users, it’s safe to say that the name change is definitely helping the brand with the way it is seen. It has such an edgy approach. It provides leading fashion and innovative designs that can give you the perfect look for any day you are going to head out.

The successor of the TechStyle product is the new Fabletics brand that they are building. They brought Kate Hudson to help build and complete the overall team on fundacity.com. Adam is proud of the fact that somebody like Hudson was willing to join and provide a professional atmosphere for her. She knows how incredible the company is and the creators, and she definitely works hard to help create a place for the brand despite how Adam has other businesses that are similar to what Fabletics is offering their fans. What is most interesting is the fact that Fabletics is a very focused and driven company with a heavy placement on activewear for women, so it definitely isn’t about fashion but more so on fitness and being active.

Adam Goldenberg is definitely the businessman to learn from. He has quite the knowledge and skill, and it’s amazing to see what you can see as he improves his work. Adam is one of the best people to learn from. He knows and understands everything about business. His skills have allowed him to move forward in new ways. He continues to inspire other businessmen, and his ideas are always getting better and he knows all about the world of creating a successful startup.

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The Sky Is Not The Limit For One Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is among the most reputable and successful business men in the vast land of America. He was lucky enough to graduate from one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, Harvard University earning a J.D Degree. To him, education was the key to success and he didn’t stop after graduating from Harvard. He joined Yale University where he managed to graduate with a Masters in Mathematics. Currently, he is the president, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries is a multi-billion oil and gas exploration company founded in 1968. He has been working in this company for more than twenty years taking one step at a time in every position he was assigned. In 1991, Nabors was the chief operating officer of Nabors Industries, a position he executed perfectly for a year. Later, he was promoted to the president of Nabors Industries and nearly two decades later, he was appointed the deputy chairman after his achievements while working with the firm. As we all know, before an individual can be said to be successful he/she must come first from somewhere.

Career Journey
Anthony Petrello, also known as Tony, career journey begun when he started working with Becky & Mackenzie’s law firm where he was a managing partner. While working with the law firm, Tony was able to build a network of affiliate organizations something he does till now as the CEO of Nabors Industries. He has also worked in Insenberg as a chief operating officer after leaving the law firm. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries after resigning from Eugene Iseberg a firm he has worked half his life. His well-established work experience and education background have been responsible for shaping a leader who now leads Nabors Industries. In the geothermal industries, Tony is one of the best-paid individuals and the most respected individual. Apart from being a CEO of Nabors Industries, he has a life outside his work.

Anthony’s contributions to the Society
Ever since he was in college, Petrello has always been hard working and ambitious believing that being lucky is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. He also had a sense of humor as he used to make fun of his background and his fellow people. Apart from being among the successful individuals in the world, Anthony is a dedicated philanthropist as he engages in helping the less fortunate. He makes generous donations to various institutions that help the less fortunate such as Texas Children Hospital and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. He gives donations with the aim of helping those who require special treatment but lack the funds.

Through his skills and experience, Antony has been able to manage a lot of success in his career journey and is determined to make Nabors Industries better than he found. His compassion for the less fortunate is a virtue that makes him human.

Learn more about Tony Petrello at http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/05/27/why-nabors-ceo-wont-top-best-paid-bosses-list-again-in-2014/

Adam Goldenberg Shows You Don’t Have To Be An Expert In A Field To Make It Work

Adam Goldenberg is becoming a new popular name in the fashion retail industry, but some still wonder how a man like him with almost no background in this industry could build such a successful company. A lot of it is because Goldenberg has values that have carried his company to success very fast over the last five years on Huffington Post. First, Goldenberg isn’t likely to fix what isn’t broken. If his customers like something, he’s sure to keep it. Second, Goldenberg doesn’t just follow the latest business trend, but instead works to make his company unique and true to its core philosophies. And last but not least, Goldenberg and his Co-CEO Don Ressler have fun at work.

How Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler came to start JustFab is really quite remarkable, as they both left the MySpace company right when most thought it was becoming the next big thing. Adam Goldenberg had previously started his own marketing company, Gamer’s Alliance back in 1996, and MySpace’s parent company, Intermix Media saw Goldenberg’s potential and hired him before he even went to college. Goldenberg contributed a lot to Intermix Media, and at only age 20, he became the youngest Chief Operating Officer ever to work for a publicly traded company at http://vator.tv/person/adam-goldenberg. While serving as COO, he met Don Ressler who had founded FitnessHeaven.com, and the two began starting up small businesses under Intermix Media’s roof.

For a while, Goldenberg and Ressler enjoyed their time at the company, but then when NewsCorp bought Intermix Media out, a profitable company that Adam Goldenberg and Ressler had worked so hard to build became shoved aside. Goldenberg and Ressler then did the unthinkable and left Intermix Media, deciding instead to start their own business brands. The first company they started was Intelligent Beauty, a distributor of health and beauty products, and later they started Brentwood Cosmetics.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to go to the next level and startup a fashion line. What they wanted was a company that sold highly affordable but stylish apparel, and one that would spend hardly anything on marketing. That company became JustFab, a business that became highly attractive to both fashion models and venture capital providers. The company sold everything from denim jeans to fancy dresses and handbags, and soon JustFab branched out into athletic wear at Fabletics and FL2, and also men’s attire as well as children. The company has been valued at over $1 billion after reaching $300 million in funding.

Fabletics Is Launching A Swimwear Line For Every Shape And Size

You are probably familiar with the actress Kate Hudson, but were you aware of her co-founding a new clothing line called Fabletics? You have probably seen the commercials by now. You know the ones with Hudson getting her ‘work out on’ in her new line of apparel? The clothing line is made to be comfortable, yet flexible for anybody who wants to check out the fitness line. According to JustFab, and thanks to the rapidly growing popularity, Fabletics will be releasing a swim collection on April 12th. The company was founded in 2013 and is meant to be stiff competition to companies like Nike.

There will also be a line of dresses to compliment the swimwear that will soon be available. For fans of the brand, this is great news. For newcomers, it will be a treat. Hudson herself was quoted as saying “Summer is my favorite season, so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections.” For the original article on Elite Daily, click the link.

Fabletics is a relatively new brand which is a partner company to JustFab. What are you looking for? A fantastic top and bottom set? Some killer comfortable yoga pants? Whatever you are looking to get fit and stay fit in, they’ve got it at Fabletics. That is the whole concept behind the brand itself. The goal is to provide an affordable, quality brand of fitness gear for every body type. They even have gear for the kids. From sports bras to Hooded Rompers, the selection will keep you browsing for a while. The prices will keep you coming back.

You can even take a style quiz on the site to ensure that you are finding the right apparel. The site itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate. You’ll even get selection ideas from Kate Hudson’s personal picks! This is a fitness buffs dream come true and a great option for anybody. For all the information on the site click the link here. You’ll be more than glad that you did.

Happy shopping!

You can read more at: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/