José Henrique Borghi: Why Choose Professional Advertising Service

José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe has a great reputation in the advertising industry. José Henrique Borghi works closely with his clients to make sure they reach their prospects cost effectively and sell their products and services. He is regarded as one of the top advertising consultants in Brazil.

Advertising on the Internet is crucial nowadays, especially for businesses and entrepreneurs that conduct business outside of their local area. People around the world use the Internet for a wide variety of activities, including entertainment, research, shopping and communication and more information click here.

Consumers do not rely on just newspapers, radio, television and magazines for information and shopping. Numerous people use the Internet to help them in almost every aspect of life, making it a great medium to convey your marketing and advertising messages to a massive audience and learn more about Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi can help you place relevant, targeted advertising and promotional messages. José Henrique Borghi has been helping organizations and businesses build a strong Internet presence and has great expertise in this area as well.

Before you meet with José Henrique Borghi, you should determine your business objectives and goals. Determine your current marketing and promotional challenges, and be ready to present your concerns to José Henrique Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi works with both online and offline businesses and has the resources to render outstanding services to clients. He will want to know what you have been doing to promote or market your business, before he goes about explaining his services. As an established and experienced advertising professional, José Henrique Borghi has solutions ready that meet his clients’ business challenges and goals. Contact José Henrique Borghi and his knowledgeable team of advertising and marketing professionals to find out what they can do to help you get more customers.

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Stephen Rotella: Living in the Worlds of Business and Philanthropy

Business is about making profits which means more taking and less giving. Therefore, the worlds of business and philanthropy hardly ever meet. Only a few people succeed in bringing them together and gaining great and almost equal recognition in both. One is Stephen Rotella, StoneCastle Cash Management Chief Executive Officer.

The Will to Lead

Rotella was born to lead. Since he graduated from State University of New York with an MBA after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University, he has held top leadership positions in various companies, guiding them through growth to higher glory. He was formerly the Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation President, the Chase Home Finance CEO, and the JP Morgan Chase Executive Vice President. In addition, he has served as WMI Holdings Corp. COO and President.

As its CEO, StoneCastle Cash Management benefits from his great experience in leading various sectors in the financial industry for more than 30 years. They include asset management, large scale operations management, marketing, organizational development as well as retail and internet banking. One of the most recent successes the company has gained from Rotella’s leadership is the acquisition of Intermedium Financial’s insured deposit sweep business which included InterLINK FinTech by its subsidiary, StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep and more information click here.

A Passionate Helper

Stephen Rotella is involved in various causes aimed at uplifting the downtrodden in the human race. Among the biggest efforts is LIFT, a non-profit organization with branches in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC. Rotella previously worked as a volunteer in the development committee of the poverty-eradication organization before he was chosen to lead it as the chairman and resume him.

His philanthropic efforts, however, do not end with LIFT. Rotella has worked and continues to work with many other organizations, including the Seattle Foundation, YouthCare Seattle, the PaperMill, and BalletMet Columbus. Additionally, he could not hide his passion for arts and culture, choosing to express his love by supporting the ArtsFund.

Bottom Line

Stephen Rotella is one of the most sought-after leaders in the business industry. His stay at StoneCastle Cash Management has resulted into the company’s growth and expansion. Thanks to him, the company has become one of the largest providers of insured cash solutions to the world’s biggest business establishments. His passion for philanthropy serves to bring him closer to the people, giving him the best of both worlds.

Mr. Brenneman Announces Death of Former CCMP Capital Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital has finally confirmed that Stephen Murray the former President and CEO of the company has died. At the age of 52. According to the company’s chairperson, who has now taken over his duties, Murray resigned a month earlier before his death last month citing health reasons.

After his death, Mr. Brenneman, the new President, Chairman, and CEO expressed the sadness on behalf of the company after learning the death of the former partner and friend of the firm. He later sent his condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the family of Stephen Murray’s Wife and sons.

Brennam Described Ex-CCMP Capital as a man who was dedicated to his work, pioneer of the firm, a terrific investor and dealmaker in the private equity industry.

He also said on behalf of the company that Stephen Murray’s positive contribution will always be appreciated for making CCMP Capital become a success. During Mr. Murray’s reign, the company went through various transformations that have led to the current status.

CCMP Capital roots started in the 1980s. It started with Chemical Venture Partners which was a division of Chemical Bank. Manufacturers Hanover Corp. then merged with Chemical Bank and brought together MH Capital Partners and Chemical Venture Partners. Later Chase Manhattan Bank merged with Chemical Bank making Chase become part of J.P. Morgan & Co., and the resulting business was referred to as J.P. Morgan Partners. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

CCMP was formerly referred to as JP Morgan Partners before the name was changed after the company separated with J.P. Morgan Chase. Murray was one of the pioneers of JP Morgan’s Merchant Bank in 1989 contributing immensely to the growth of the private-equity business. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

The firm’s strategy was to invest in bigger and better known private equity firms in acquiring minority stakes in companies such as concession operator Aramark. For instance, the firm won a bid for Warner Chilcott, over a contested bid by competitors like TPG Capital, Blackstone, and KKR. Later, TPG responded their anger through a threat to pull all their businesses from JP Morgan. It was through this experience that CCMP Capital was split off from JP Morgan.

Murray has had a successful run in his leadership after he was named CEO in 2007. The major contribution in the firm was the establishment of a new identity with investors. He participated in the raise of a total of $3.6 billion of funds in 2015.

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The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

West Village Townhouse for $17 Million


Madison Street Capital Takes An In-depth Look At The Year Ahead

In a recent press release on the website,, Madison Street Capital shared its hedge fund industry M&A overview. The overall market environment in 2015 was extremely strong and looks to be even stronger going in to 2016. There have been several deal mechanisms that managers have utilized in the effort to house both the seller and buyers within the market. The traditional approach to mergers and acquisitions is still being used however many transactions have been structured either with incubator or seed deals as well as revenue-share stakes, PE bolt-ons and PE stakes. The hedge fund industry has recently seen splintering but will continue to strengthen due to beneficial partnerships that will bridge distribution to product offers this is according to Karl D’Cunha who is the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC.

Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund assets are at an all time high although the strategies employed over the 2015 period did not bring the performance they promised. Institutional investors are looking to invest their money elsewhere looking to improve on their returns while trying to match rising liabilities. The smaller hedge fund managers out there are therefore struggling to secure capital and are operating below optimal capacity of the hedge fund portfolio’s. This is causing higher operational costs while at the same time heading into downward pressure on fees.

Madison Street Capital provide their clients with both financial and strategic advisory. Their clients are from all walks of life and span across the globe. They have offices in all the major markets around the world. These include Africa, Asia and North America. Their team of professionals provide their clients with solutions necessary to make the correct decisions relating to asset management across the board. Their knowledge and experience allows them to position themselves at the top of the industry as they have helped clients since 2005. The culture and relationship Madison Street Capital has with its clients is unsurpassed and is the very reason that they have had such success in the industry over the years. The firm prides themselves as boutique investment banking firm. The list of services that they provide to their clients is very long and includes private placement advisory, buy out, bankruptcy, reorganization, capital restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions. On top of this long list they also provide intangible assets evaluation services,fairness and solvency opinion as well as goodwill services. The past has set them up for a very positive future and judging by the recent reports there is a strong indication that they will be successful yet again in 2016 with a lot more.

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Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

An investment firm that is taking Dubai and London by surprise is called Solo Capital. With the increase in their business clients and overall business model, they are continuing to provide a reputable business with trustworthy and accessible advisors that are willing to help on the spot. They offer convenient hours so that they can ensure that all clients are taken care of properly. The man behind the business flow of Solo Capital is called Sanjay Shah. He is the president, CEO and founder of the company, and has worked hard to get the company to where it is today. It is a million dollar company that has taken the charts with concentrating on proprietary trading and consulting, as well as sports consulting.

Sanjay Shah was born in Kenya, but migrated to Central London with his family. He attended King’s College to become a doctor. He studied medicine for awhile, but then decided it wasn’t something that he wanted to do anymore. So he started to study accounting and finance. He graduated with his degree and went to work for an accounting firm, where he continued to work for a number of years. He began to grow restless as the years rolled by. He realized that he was tired of the every day grind of the working world and the tired of the commute back and forth from work to home. That’s when he decided to start his own brokerage firm which he called Solo Capital. He hired a few college graduates and trading partners to help him aid in the process of getting the company up and running, and then got to work on the details. He told himself that he would give a solid year of hard work and dedication, and see where the company takes him. Solo Capital took off and hit the million dollar charts. It has an estimated net worth of $280 million dollars and continues to skyrocket through out the investment industry. He has been able to in a sense semi-retire, which has left him to pursue some other areas that he has been passionate about.

Autism, a neurological condition that affects many people in different ways, is a growing diagnosis in the world today. Shah’s son was two years old when he was diagnosed with autism, and at the time Shah didn’t know what to do to help him. That was in 2011. He sat down and visited with his good friend Snoop Dogg who urged him to get back into the music industry and pursue his love for music and work it into a donation type charity for autism. Shah did just that, and started Autism Rocks in 2014 and hopes to continue to help those in need.

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China Loosens Fiscal Policy In An Attempt To Meet Growth Rate Goals

The Chinese government is taking a radical new approach as it attempts to keep its projected growth rate on target. These new looser fiscal measures are an effort to help the government continue its five year plan track to help double individual income and lift millions of people out of poverty in the countryside.

There are several key elements of China’s new fiscal policy. The first major element of the new monetary policy involves the easing of bias in the financial economy. China’s has already slashed the percentage of currency that its federal reserve banks must stash away. This is an attempt by the government to encourage spending and investment which is supposed to grow the economy. China’s government has also adopted a more realistic growth rate goal. Instead of targeting and foreseeing high growth rates above 7% each year, the government now has set its goal to 6.5%, the minimum needed to reach its five year plan. The forecast for economic growth for this year and the future is also set at 6.5% to 7%.

Another key element of China’s new monetary policy is its attempt to eliminate what are known as zombie enterprises. These are state owned businesses that are ineffective and unprofitable and they actually result in a loss of money for the Chinese government. China plans to eliminate its zombie enterprises by merging them together and restructuring them. It is willing to spend up to $15 billion US dollars on the effort, with most of the sum going to employees that will be laid off as a result of the restructuring and merging of the zombie enterprises.

The money supply is another crucial element of China’s new fiscal policy. China’s debt is expected to rise to 3% of gross domestic product, up from 2.3% this year. Its money supply is also expected to rise by 13%, exceeding its goal of 12% set in 2015. Such figures have led Moody’s investment services to downgrade China’s credit rating from a stable rating to a negative one. Moody’s cites a growing debt, disappearing currency reserves and the question of whether the Chinese government can actually enact reforms and policy to turn the Chinese economy around.

The Chinese response to the downward pressure being felt in its economy is surprisingly coherent experts believe. It is trying to pump money into the economy by using up currency reserves, restructure state owned enterprises and at the same time raise its deficit, without having to further devalue the yuan. Despite this China’s situation remains precarious and will have to be carefully monitored.

Investment banking house Madison Street Capital is a an investment firm that has a close eye on the Chinese economy and the government’s policy there. It has Asian experts who provide key insight into developments in China and other Asian tiger nations such as Korea and Japan. The global perspective of Madison Street Capital has made it a leading investment banking house that provides numerous services to clients around the world. Some of the things that Madison Street Capital does is valuation, restructuring, advisory, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisition.

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In The Eyes of a Leader

For my business essay this week I chose to write about the rising of Solo Capital. The reason I chose this as my project was because of a man named Sanjay Shah. Sanjay is the CEO of Solo Capital and has helped the business raise to the standards of a successful, top of the charts trading firm. Normally, firms take years and years to get set up and have a large and steady client base. Solo Capital just so happened to blow past all of the other trading firms due to Sanjay’s hard effort and motivation to succeed. Although many can thrive within the business world, it takes a strong-willed individual like Sanjay to bring a business to the top.

Although I had only planned on my essay being around 1500 words or so, it ended up being 4352 words total. I got so caught up in the process of trading firms and how well Sanjay worked the system to make Solo Capital so successful. To some, the process may not be interesting, but to businessmen such as myself, it is beyond amazing to research. Although I am unsure of what path I will be taking with my business management degree, I do know that I have gained a great deal of knowledge just by reading up on Sanjay Shah and his company. People do not realize that if you research just a little everyday, you can build up your own personal resources to help you create your very own business without the helping hands of others.

When I received my grade for the essay I wrote called “In The Eyes of a Leader”, I was stunned at the fact that I had received my first A+ in English Composition 2. Writing has never been my strong spot, but I guess when anyone finds something to write about that they are passionate for, something good will come out of it. My first thought after receiving my grade was that I wanted to send it to Sanjay himself and see what his mind entails on what I had wrote. I honestly believe the paper had turned out rather beautiful and I owe it all to Sanjay as he is such a powerful businessman that has the type of charisma that could run the world.

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Maintaining a Fast Paced Life

Sanjay Shah has a net worth of $280 million US dollars as of the year 2016 and has worked at over 39 companies including Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. The countries where Shah worked were located in a variety of places like London, Dubai and even the Cayman Islands. A man that is able to work these types of jobs while still holding his professional presence deserves to have a net worth of $280 million dollars. Anyone in the accounting business can surely learn all they need to know about their career by listening to Sanjay’s advice.

Throughout Sanjay’s years of extensive work experience, he became the CEO of a company called Solo Capital which is located at 10 Exchange Square on Primrose Street in London. At Solo Capital, Sanjay experienced more success than he could have ever imagined. Not only did he work on his company projects, but he also started up an organization called Autism Rocks where he paid $100,000 US dollars for the domain name Autism.Rocks. All of the benefits from this organization all go directly to the research of Autism. The reasoning behind creating this organization is because his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism at an early age.

Being a great father figure for his son, he started creating the project in which he would raise money towards research. Autism Rocks hosts benefit concerts where famous musicians such as Snoop Dog and Lenny Kravitz all get together for a large, fun-filled concert. Because of the large names attending the benefit concerts, the outcome of proceeds is absolutely incredible. Even though his career and media life takes a lot of his time, Sanjay alwYs seemingly finds enough time to get some of the world’s most creative artists together for the ultimate performance where he will help doctors learn more about his sons diagnosis.

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George Soros Hits Headlines Once Again

A philanthropic economist has hit the headlines once again. George Soros of Budapest origin in Hungary has another prediction. He studied as a foreigner at London School of Economics and specifically in the field of philosophy. Soros became one of the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth of about twenty eight billion dollars. His career path started in the New York City in 1950s and later became an expert in investments. He acquired vast experience in matters economics and he became a prowess in investment decisions. He once made a remarkable bet with sterling pound when the UK economy was on recession. He held his pounds and when the pound was devalued he made a profit of more than one billion dollars. With his several predictions that ended correct, his words are not to be taken lightly by investors.

In 2008 he predicted the worst economic crisis to have ever been experienced. He analyzed the Debt-GDP ratio and warned investors over impending danger on investments. At that time the US economy was on the verge of collapsing and the effects spread to the rest of the world. The economist at that time called the scenario ‘house bubble’. The financial banks in the US lowered the lending rates to aid citizens in acquiring houses. The situation increased the money in circulation. This situation escalated and with time it became uncontrollable. The economic policy makers decided to devalue the US currency and being the largest economic hub in the world the economic downturn spread to other countries.

Later in the year 2011 George Soros predicted on The Street the European financial crisis. Europe had a lot of debt from Greece. It is with a reason that his current prediction made in economic forum in Sri-Lanka ought to be taken seriously by investors. This is depicted by the current economic situation facing China. It is similar to the one that happened in the US in 2008. The Chinese debt is very high as compared to its Gross Domestic Product. Its measure to mitigate this problem by devaluating its currency is spilling to the rest of the countries. Other markets such as stock and commodity markets are at a risk of losing value. This is brought by the shift from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services as a policy to curb China’s crisis.

Therefore investors should take caution while making investment decisions as George Soros said on Street Television. For more information on George Soros Street please visit

Why Is Valuation From Madison Street Capital Critical For Your Business?

Business valuation services are at the heart of the Madison Street Capital business, and any company that is concerned about its value must commission the Madison Street team for assistance. Madison Street Capital is an award-winning business, and the company is prepared to help any client complete a business transaction with proper valuation information. This article explains how business valuation works before readers watch the video below.

#1: Business Valuation Is A Niche Specialty

Business valuations are easy to provide when working with a company that specializes in valuations. The valuations for a business may be used for sales, mergers and acquisitions, and companies that work with Madison Street Capital will receive a complete report of their value prior to any transaction. Valuations may be requested by a company that is purchasing another company, or a business that is going on the market must have a report of their value before deciding on an asking price.

#2: How Long Do Business Valuations Take To Complete?

There are business valuations that may only take a short time, and there are other business valuations that could take weeks. The Madison Street Capital team will create a report in their own time, and the team will not stop working until the report is complete. The majority of reports take some time to complete, but the information in the report is more than complete.

#3: How Long Do Business Valuations Last?

Business valuations are only as good as the report that accompanies them. The report will show everything the business owns of value, and the report will explain any changes the company could make in the future. Anyone reading these reports may easily reference changes the business might have made, and the Madison Street Capital team will research any changes when needed. Companies that request business valuations must keep in touch with the Madison Street Capital for help with further research.

The Madison Street Capital team is an award-winning team that has been honored for its work in the valuation industry. The valuation industry is quite selective about who it honors, and Madison Street Capital has executives at the top of the company who are known for their valuation prowess. Everyone who wants to know the value of their company may make a request of Madison Street Capital, or a competing company may come to Madison Street Capital for assistance learning about the competition in a business deal.