Final Baltimore Orioles vs. Chicago White Sox Game to be Closed to Public

More people take in professional baseball games than any other professional sport every single year. However, not a single spectator is going to be in attendance at the final Baltimore Orioles vs. Chicago White Sox on Wednesday as the game is closed to the public. With the current tensions throughout the city of Baltimore and rioters destroying property, burning cars and causing physical harm to police officers and other individuals throughout the region, Major League Baseball decided to avoid any potential danger to the fans both on the outside of the stadium and the inside by closing the final game off to the public. Bernardo Chua finds MLB’s decision to be strange.

However, missing an entire series would make scheduling difficult, so Major League Baseball and the two teams decided to simply play the game in a completely empty Camden Yards. This should provide a rather erie vibe to the game, with no crowd noise coming form the stands. It is yet to be known whether or not the stadium is still going to pipe in music as players approach the plate for batting or if they are simply going to go quiet, turn off the video equipment and play the game (most likely the video equipment is still going to run so the managers can determine whether they should challenge a ruling or not).