BMG Bank Helping the Middle Class

Just like we have payday loans here in the United States, they are on the rise in Latin America as well. These type of loans are repaid through deductions from the workers’ payroll checks. This gives both the customer and the bank the chance to build a relationship. Therefore, possibly extending more credit to the borrower in the future. This is a great way for Latin America to help their region’s middle class gain access to funds. BMG Bank in Brazil helps consumers do just that. Payroll loans in Brazil have increased by 16.5% in the past year. They have also launched new products such as the BMG credit card which will expand the opportunities for paycheck-deductible loans. Currently the BMG credit card has over 570,000 active accounts and is issued in association with MasterCard.

BMG Bank provides commercial and credit financing as well as investment services. They even provide commercial loans to small businesses and companies. BMG Bank joined forces with Brazil’s biggest bank Itau Unibanco Holding SA. The team’s goal is to lend around $14 million in payroll loans over the next four years. The Vice President and Director of BMG Bank is Marcio Alaor since 2008. He graduated with a degree in business administration and started his career at Grupo BMG in 1977. Within 20 years he climbed his way up in the company to become their Control Executive Director.

So how easy is it to get a loan with BMG? You simply can apply directly through their web site. They will verify your employment and grant you a loan of up to $5,000. It only takes a few business days to process your information. Once approved they will deduct for up to two years from your bi-weekly paychecks until the loan is paid in full.

Marcio Alaor Gives A Rundown Of Tag Heuer’s Performance

Marcio Alaor has given a considerable amount of space on his blog to analyses of companies around the world. Tag Heuer is the most popular watchmaker in the world, and Marcio believes that Tag Heuer is worth some attention. This article explains how Marcio has probed the growth of Tag Heuer as the Brazilian economy explodes. Marcio’s BMG Bank is growing by leaps and bounds, and he has customers who are looking for new investment avenues.

#1: How Is Tag Heuer Growing?

Marcio points out that the CEO of Tag Heuer is enthusiastic about his products. An enthusiastic manager gets better results at all companies, and Tag Heuer has grown within the LVMH group because of Jean-Clude Biver’s love for the product. Tag Heuer is known around the world, but it takes a special person to love a brand that much.

#2: New Spokespeople

New spokespeople at large companies are helpful for the brand, and Marcio has pointed out that Tom Brady is the new face of Tag Heuer. A company that is represented by someone who is so famous will see their value skyrocket, and investors who take advice from Marcio Alaor should take note of how popular Tag Heuer is as a brand. All the money that is invested in this brand will see great returns on the strength of the company’s marketing campaigns.

#3: New Products

New products from large companies are helpful for investors, and investors are wise to put their money on companies like Tag Heuer that are consistently releasing new products. There are many different investors who spend their money with Marcio at BMG, and Marcio is pointing out the ways in which Tag Heuer is a wise choice for his own investors. Marcio talks on his blog about companies that are worthy of an investor’s money, and there are many people who are latching on to Tag Heuer for the first time.

#4: Tag Heuer Comes Back To Brazil

Tag Heuer is coming back to Brazil slowly, and the middle class in the country will have a chance to purchase Tag Heuer watches again. Marcio believes that a Tag Heuer watch on its own is a wise investment, and he wants his readers to turn to companies that are truly strong. Marcio believes in Tag Heuer as it returns to Brazil, and investors should, as well.

Marcio Alaor has done his research into many companies in Brazil, and Marcio wants his investors to choose the best companies to work with. This new look at Tag Heuer watches is an opportunity for all investors to make money on a brand that is reinserting itself into the Brazilian market for the upper and middle classes.

Marcio Alaor Explains The Strength Of The Australian Economy

Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world, and their economy is often seen as a mystery to investors. Marcio Alaor handles much of the investments at BMG Bank, and he prefers to explain each investment to the masses. BMG spends much of its money in Australia because of the strong Australian economy, and Marcio hopes that his customers will understand why he invests in Australia. A recent article in Exame shares Marcio’s thoughts, and this article briefly breaks down those thoughts.

#1: Marcio Explains Stability In Australia

Australia is unique in that it has not been through a recession in over 20 years. The country is heavily tied to exports, and they continue to make money because the country has many unpopulated areas. Australia is not spending all its money on infrastructure that is needed in other countries. Marcio invests quite a bit in Australia because he knows how strong the economy is there versus other countries.

#2: Australia Is A Safe Bet For Everyone

Australia is seen as a safe bet for any investor. Someone who wants to make money consistently on the stock market will find that stocks in Australia are strong, and commodities in Australia are even stronger. The two are a great place to begin when coming to BMG Bank for investment advice the first time, and investors who wish to park their money in a safe place will do well to use Australia as a landing spot.

#3: How Does Marcio Invest Australia?

Marcio has developed many relationships in Australia that help him make the right investments. He knows many people who give him sound advice, and he uses that advice to help his customers. The bank’s own money is invested in Australia in the same way, and BMG Bank grows stronger because Marcio is investing in Australia properly.

#4: How Does Australia Help Brazil Grow?

Australia is helping Brazil grow with raw materials for building and development. There is quite a lot to do when building up a nation, and Brazil is getting ready to welcome the world for the Olympics. This is a very special time for the country, and it is a time when the Brazilians are building modern structures everywhere. BMG is offering credit for these projects, and BMG is invested in companies in Australia that provide the raw materials for each project that is underway.

Brazil is growing by leaps and bounds, and Marcio Alaor is in touch with much of the money that pays for that growth. Marcio is in charge of investments at BMG Bank, and he has made wise decisions that make helped make his bank a leader in development in the nation of Brazil.

Making Marcio Alaor’s Life Better

Marcio Alaor was a shoe shiner who has seen a great deal of success in the banking world at the BMG bank in Brazil. He has been able to see this large amount of success because of the hard work and the dedication that he has. It has paid off because he has been able to become someone who people actually look up to.

As a shoe shiner, he did not have the greatest position in the world. It was a humble position and one that many people did not take very seriously. He did not like the position, but he made sure to do the best job possible for the work that he was doing. He remained dedicated and always did a very good job. He took pride in the work that he did and had a strong work ethic concerning the shoes that he was shining and the people who they belonged to.

This paid off for Marcio Alaor. One day, he shined the shoes of a BMG executive. The man liked the way that Marcio Alaor worked and made sure that he always tipped him fairly. He soon became a regular of Marcio Alaor’s. They became acquaintances and began talking on a regular basis. The executive found out a lot about Marcio and learned that he was a very dedicated individual. He knew that is exactly what the BMG bank needed, but he didn’t know how he would make the decision to hire Marcio Alaor.

The answer came in an entry-level banking position. He saw that the young man had drive but couldn’t give him an advanced position because he had no training or education. He wanted him to work for the bank and, for that reason, offered him the entry level position. He made sure that he remained supportive of Marcio Alaor no matter what he did. That gave Alaor the confidence to continue working for the bank and remaining driven throughout the time that he was with the bank. The man was a great mentor for Marcio Alaor and taught him everything that he now knows about the banking industry.

There were many times when Marcio Alaor wanted to give up, but he did not. He knew that it would be easier to just quit, but he also knew that big things were coming for his life. He made sure that the people of the bank were always properly serviced and that they were able to be the best bank for the customers. These times gave him the opportunity to make things better at the bank. He became the vice president of the BMG bank rather quickly and has not stopped pushing to be better since he took the position.

The Life and Success of Ricardo Guimarães and His Contribution to BMG

It takes hard work and dedication for one to accomplish his or her dreams. Some people are born in a business family while some find their way into business. But whatever the case maybe, one has to be focused and disciplined to handle the business whether a start-up or an already one. For example one is required to have the relevant qualification either in business or in management to take any role in an existing business. Businesses are in most cases established by a family and the same tries to own it through various successions with the same family.
Ricardo Guimarães was born in Pentagna Guimarães family that owned BMG which a company owned and managed privately. Although he first engaged in his management career, he later joined the company as its president and has in the last few years led to its success as being among the leading financial provider in Brazil. The company was founded as a financial firm in 1930 where it offered financial services to both companies and individuals.
As the years progressed, there was need to specialise in one financial service so as to beat competitors and to offer that service efficiently. It is for this reason that the company shifted its focus to financing motor vehicle buyers in 1980s and then to client and wholesale financing in 1990s. The financial lenders further specialised in offering payroll loans which it did too well that it became the best in this sector. The bank has closed several deals with other companies in the offering of payroll loans. Their loans have become popular in Brazil especially to the civil servants who only need to have their payslips for them to be provided with one.
Ricardo Guimarães who is the president of the company commenced his career with a company known as Grupo BMG way back in 1980 and has ever since been rising through various positions such as the financial manager in 1989 and later became the vice-president in 1996. His experience in financial industry started when he enrolled in Una-Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais for a degree in business administration. This helped her in managing the bank that is now bench marked by banks within Brazil and outside.
He is a mentor to the young people in his field and also puts a challenge to his peers due to his diligence on how he manages the company. Apart from managing the bank, he also sits in various boards where he gives his expertise opinion on how to run the financial side of the business. He is also known for his philanthropic behaviour where he contributes to various community based activities through his generous donations.

Marcio Alaor, BMG, clarifies why Australia’s economy is a special case to the worldwide emergency

Indeed, even in a time of incredible financial insecurity, in which a great part of the created nations are as yet attempting to recuperate after the 2008 emergency, Marcio Alaor, official of Banco BMG reports that Australia is a segregated case and that has been picking up consideration among specialists in financial aspects.

As of late, information was discharged of the financial exercises of the nation reporting that the economy developed by 2.5% in the second from last quarter of 2015, which demonstrates that Australia will close the year as the 25th back to back no retreat. The last time Gross domestic product (Total national output) in Australia shrank in the mid 90s, the world was experiencing another time of serious unpredictability, activated by the breakdown of certain universal trades a couple of years prior. Still, recollect Marcio Alaor, the nation could control swelling, manage loan costs and make from that point a financial framework that just becomes even with emergency and precariousness in the business sector.

One explanation behind this, reports Marcio Alaor BMG, is on account of Australia is a noteworthy exporter of things, which are extensive scale merchandise created and broadly exchanged the universal business sector, for example, horticultural items, for example, soybeans and wheat, and minerals wares, for example, iron and aluminum.Thus, from the 2000s, with the quick development of the Chinese economy, Australia has ended up one of the primary exporters of wares, which additionally served as an essential boost for the Australian economy, says BMG Alaor.

In any case, even with the economy log jam China and the universal emergency that hit the business sector in 2008, Australia emerged from the created nations and even those that are being developed, for example, Brazil, it could actualize measures to keep animating development from the nation. For some financial analysts, the Australian Mystery was to have wagered on monetary boost, in which little organizations are absolved from expense amid the most disturbed periods, furthermore interests in the development part, a critical portion for employment creation and, thus, for monetary improvement.

Marcio Alaor, Banco BMG, refers to for instance the way that the Australian Pastor of Account, Wayne Swan, have won wide universal acknowledgment byEuromoney magazine in 2011, by having actualized these measures and modification at the perfect time. The official of Banco BMG additionally refers to measurements from the nation amid the emergency period: in 2009, when a hefty portion of the nations felt the most tragic impacts of the subsidence, Australia developed by 1.4%. Additionally in the next years, the nation has kept up a yearly development at 2%, which demonstrates the amazing Australian monetary dependability. As an aftereffect of good financial execution of Australia, the official of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor, reports the way that the nation has one of the world’s future, and also a fantastic Human Improvement File (HDI), two elements that add to build up Australia among the first world nations.

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Banco BMG Bank Introduces Consigned Credit As An Alternative Form Of Personal Credit In Brazil

Ricardo Guimaraes is a recognized investor who takes opportunities in the capital market and develops the opportunity to useful ideas. Guimaraes was born in the family of Pentagna Guimaraes family. This family owned Banco BMG bank. By then it was recognized as Banco BMG Group.

Ricardo Guimaraes has been the President and the Chief Executive Officer of this bank for more than ten years consecutively. The bank has been offering financial services across the entire Brazil country. Ricardo Guimaraes together with his Vice President, Marcio Alaor have been working very hard for the success of this bank. Guimaraes commitment and dedication in his work has attracted a lot of investors in the bank.
Guimaraes have been working to ensure that credibility and transparency of the banks transactions are well maintained. Banco BMG bank has experienced and professional experts who offer advisory services to the banks clients. The bank has a lot of experience in the banking sector as compared to its competitors.
Ricardo Guimaraes took the lead of Banco BMG in 2004. The population of Brazil citizens was rapidly growing. Inflation resulted and unfavorable life conditions for the Brazilian citizens.
The scenario was favorable to Banco BMG bank. In 2004, 20% percent of credit exposure was experienced as per Growth Domestic Product. Percentage of Growth Domestic Product has recently increased up to 47%.
Banco BMG bank focuses mostly on consigned credit market. By December 2010, the total amount of consigned credit market has increased from 6 billion U.S Dollars to 85 billion U.S Dollars. This number accounted for 20% of all personal accounts credit in the banking system.
An impressive increase of money circulation has been noted in the banking system. In 2004, BMG equity was 325 million Dollars. The increase shifted up to 1.4 billion U.S Dollars in 2010.
In the recent years, the consigned credit has been increasing as compared to other personal loans. The massive increase has resulted due to the flexibility and efficacy of consigned credit market. Being the cheapest credit alternative in the market, clients embraced its introduction.
Banco BMG bank is one of the pioneers of consigned credit. Mr. Ricardo views consigned credit as an alternative to personal credit in the capital market.
Potential growth of Banco BMG bank is still to come since the consigned credit has not yet got exploited. Exploited consigned credit is less than 50%.
In conclusion, Banco BMG bank also engages in co-curricular activities such as football. Banco BMG bank also sponsors first and second leagues in Brazil. BMG bank is also in partnership with a local Television Channel.

BMG headed To Top Ten Banks Globally

The BMG bank was founded by the Guimarães family over the last eight decades ago. Through the years it has an outstanding performance in regards to the financial market. The main roles played by the bank include; offering financial assistance to its clients who include company and individuals. The company uses products such as the payrolls credit cards popularly known as the BMG Empressas, they also use used vehicles for finance and home equity loans better known as the BMG Realiza. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. Plays the role of maintaining the loan segment of BMG actually, it owns 40% of voting stock as well as the capital stock.
The bank has been able to withstand the tough financial years experienced in Brazil because it has a perfect sales strength in addition to exclusive excellence in brand creation, flexibility, high technology and the capability of anticipating major movements expected in the Brazilian financial market.
The bank boasts of highly experienced management team that is also very professional in handling business. The decision by the bank to voluntarily implement good governance practices that requires them to rely on the board of directors has helped them steer high into the sky of success. 40% of the members of the board of directors are independent therefore enhancing good decision making skills.
Generally, BMG is well known for its high quality portfolios in terms of offering credit. This has been successful because of their credit policy which is conservative in nature. Subsequently, all decisions that concern credits are usually well discussed by the credit committee before being given a go ahead. the committee is well well-thought-out and is qualified to meet the tasks of the bank that needs them to be highly intelligent, responsible as well as very efficient in its operations.
During the incorporation of the BMG bank that saw BMG and Itau have a joint venture, the vice president , Márcio Alaor de Araújo not only termed the venture as a successful one having taken three days to negotiate; but saw it as a way of steering BMG to the top ten list of global banks.
Alaor views the venture as one that will ensure more and more clients flock to BMG. As the Vice President, one can only give a hat of accomplishments having lead a team of abled bankers who use the creativity to ensure that BMG stays at the top.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

The Brazilian bank known as BMG is a leading financial institution throughout Latin America. It is led by CEO Ricardo Guimaraes who has helped make this bank among the best in Brazil. Under the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes, BMG Bank has set itself apart by providing a wide range of services to individuals. These services are able to help people more easily manage their money as well as help grow it to finance their retirement. With the number of services available, BMG is able to help individuals throughout Brazil get the most out of money management.

When individuals look to bank with BMG one of the most common services they seek is making deposits. Since individuals are looking for a safe and secure place to store their money, BMG offers them the opportunity to put thief funds in a number of accounts. Individuals who are looking to deposit their money can put it into checking and savings accounts. With checking accounts they will have the ability to use funds to pay for expenses and purchases. Using the savings accounts allows individuals to save their money for other uses when the time comes.

Another common service to individuals offered by BMG Bank is credit cards. With credit cards, individuals will get short term loans in the form of a credit line. With this credit line they can purchase items and pay for unexpected emergency expenses. Using credit cards makes things very convenient for customers as they can have money available to finance any short term needs that may come up. The credit cards can also be used to help individuals build and establish credit which can help them save money in the long run.

Customers who bank with BMG will benefit by using investment services. There are a number of individuals who seek to increase their savings and finance long term financial objectives such as retirement and education. Customers at BMG can use investment services to put their funds in securities that either increase in value or provide income. They will also get advisement on how to manage their funds as well as what to invest in so that they get the most out of this particular service offered by BMG Bank. Investment services along with all of the other services previously mentioned are very beneficial and will therefore help individuals meet all of their short term and long term financial needs.

Bank With Pride

Place Of Honor
Today in the great country of Brazil the need for a bank that has pride with its service is a must.The people of this country need to know that they can go to a bank with a proud history of dependable service to their clients.With many banks not being able to stick to their word a person should question what the bank would do with their money.So for those of you who are wondering are there still any banks that work with me?The answer is more simple then you think my friends because the answer is yes.

Right Place To Go
The bank that goes with the right motto for the working man is BMG.For years since the 1930s this bank has thrown itself into the work of the people.With a team of experts of professional bankers this bank has more then proved themselves more then ever to the community of Brazil.From small deals of payroll to major contracts of modern industrial powers this bank has shown what it means to be a bank that provides for its community.With nearly a century of proper business there is noway you can go wrong when thinking about go to work with these guys.

Man Behind The Plan
One of the men who has more then proved he has shown his drive for this bank is BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor.This man has made his bones for making his life goals about the growth of this bank since the very day he started.So with that in mind you will sleep better at night knowing men like BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor are behind the wheel of this great bank.

Wrap Up
At the end of the day you will wonder is there a bank that will be there for me.With the information now available you know that the answer to your problem has been solved.So at the end of the day when you wonder is all of this information good for my benefit the answer will be yes.Because the information in this article has been proven for more the three quarters of a century.So with all said and done I can only hope that you use this article for your next step towards a bright economic future?Remember my friends for you to get good results you must have good work and this bank will.