Kyle Bass Makes Money At The Expense Of Others

It’s easy to make money at the expense of others. Politicians and lawyers do this all the time, as do crooks and the kind of personalities that view stealing candy from a baby as an achievable goal. Unfortunately it seems, based on his actions, that Kyle Bass is of this gutter-morality infant-thieving type when it comes to big money. He’s not above pushing socialist aims on the sly, as his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner indicates, and he’s definitely not above manipulating the infirm in order to fleece them down the line. Following are some examples of Bass’ poor choices in the last several years.

For those who don’t know, Kyle Bass exploded on the financial scene with much fanfare through a successful prediction regarding America’s sub-prime lending market. Bass saw that a collapse was imminent, as so many did that were ignored in 2008. The difference with Bass was that he had a public platform to predict from. While his predictions ended up gaining him a substantial following, in other quarters of life he continued to under-perform abysmally. For example his hedge fund, which is based out of Texas, under-performs even mediocre hedge funds, and there seems to be a relationship between Bass’ media appearances, and decline in his hedge fund. The more Bass makes predictions, the less likely his fund is to succeed. That’s an almost excusable failing; however, the way Bass bridges the financial gap on the back end is downright deplorable.

CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. With an outer-glossing of humanitarianism, this organization uses the sympathies of individuals beholden to expensive medication as a means of manipulating big-ticket pharmaceutical companies. CAD has successfully reduced the cost on a number of big-ticket items. This reduction has in some cases literally decimated profits. Where before a drug cost eighty dollars, now it costs eight. Sounds good for the sick and infirm, right? Until one considers that the revenue lost by the pharmaceuticals is so substantial they’ve got to do things like cut research and development, keeping attainable cures and treatments from the market for unnecessary years; years that could see someone die who would have been cured, or at least stabilized, otherwise.

Kyle Bass doesn’t care, though. He’s a lackey of the Argentinian socialist president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who, despite having bankrupted the country twice in the span of 13 years, is still routinely praised by him.

One Man’s Continuing Success

Sam Tabar is not only an attorney, but is also a New York City-based capitalist who is excellent at creating strategies to fit each individual. Sam Tabar’s education is what has turned him into an expert in business law. In 2000, Sam Tabar had received his Bachelor’s of Arts with the prestigious award of honors from Oxford University. After graduating from Oxford University, shows that Mr. Tabar joined several endeavors such as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. At these particular companies, Mr. Tabar acted as an associate to the company. By 2004, Mr. Tabar had gained the prestigious role of being the Managing Director as well as the Co-Head of Business Development. This particular role was held at SPARX Group Co.

By 2010, after working hard in his position, Mr. Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch. During his time with this company, he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the region of the company within the Asia-Pacific. After 2010, Mr. Tabar climbed the ladder fast to become Director of Adanac LLC BVI in 2012. One year later, MR. Tabar joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. When joining this company, he took the role as the Senior Associate.

What has kick started Mr. Tabar’s career to become so successful is the fact that he is an expert in hedge funds as well as giving advice on the best ways to invest. One of the biggest investments that he has made is with a company called THINK which is a startup company that supports women’s rights in the United States as well as in all parts of Africa.  He also started a GoFundMe campaign for children in Africa.

2013 was the bench-mark to which Mr. Tabar reentered the world of law. At Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, Mr. Tabar provided council to the clients on fund information, structure, investment management agreements, private placement memoranda, side letters, employment issues, and many more legal issues. Sam Tabar’s role as the Senior Associate enables him to utilize his many language skills. He is able to utilize his native tongue in English, French as well as his fluency in Japanese.

Over the years, Mr. Tabar has provided advice to multiple different firms and companies. His advice has demonstrated his expertise in investment as well as the world of the hedge funds. Mr. Tabar will continue to climb the ladder of success especially due to the fact that he left his job as Senior Associate in 2014.

Stop Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Too many songs have been written about those down on their luck, or those who just can’t seem to find that one to love. I am that person or was I should say. I had tried every tactic known to man to find the right person to spend my life with. I thought I was destined to be alone and grow old all by myself. It’s a scary thought when you think of it, especially as I was approaching my 30’s and sleeping single in a double bed. Anyway, I saw the many ads for online dating, but I was the biggest skeptic.

My cousin, the beautiful blonde Barbie doll, she went through a messy divorce, and she lives in a minuscule town. Her chance of finding love among the bulrushes of West Virginia seemed to be hopeless. She found this site, Skout. She, like me, was a big skeptic. She had been burnt in love before, and she didn’t want to be on the losing end again. She signed up for the app because it was free. Anything for free she was willing to give a chance. You sign up with your Facebook account, which is how you can meet friends, share pictures and build relationships.

The first night on this new service was miraculous for her. Now, it won’t happen like this for everyone, but she met the man she would marry. Right in front of her Ben asked her if she wanted to chat. See, Skout shows you who is online right then, so you can start chatting right away with eligible people. You can leave comments directly on their profile, or even leave them a message if they are not on. Michelle and Ben began chatting, and six hours later they were still talking. They fell in love that night. To make a long story short, they have married and joined their two families together, with a total of six boys too.

I thought if Michelle could find love, perhaps I could too. I signed up for Skout. While I haven’t found love yet, I have found amazing people and made some real connections. It’s not always about the long-term love relationships, but I met people I am proud to call my friends. I love that this dating app is so well laid out and easy to use. I’m not the brightest when it comes to computers and cell phone technology, but even I could figure this app out. This is a social networking app that allows you to connect with people you will never cross in your ordinary life. Here, you can meet people who share particular interests of yours and possibly find the love of your life.

If you don’t want to pay a fortune to sign up for one of those online dating communities; I don’t blame you. However, this is an excellent way to take advantage of a free offer and meet people from across the globe.

The Enjoyment of Being an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur is hard work in some ways. As a matter of fact, it is a bit harder to make money as an entrepreneur than it is to work for someone else. For some entrepreneurs, even making mere pennies a day is much better than working for that boss who hates his guts and would do everything he can to hurt him. There are actually many reasons to enjoy being an entrepreneur as listed in this article I found on Chris Ducker’s site. I didn’t agree with all of them listed. For instance, “sticking it to the man” was not what I was thinking about when I became an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, I became an entrepreneur because the man “stuck it to me” and I had no choice.

One advantage I do like is the ability to work my own schedule. This is quite an advantage to have. However, the downside to that is that one often has to work long hours. Another advantage is that one could work from wherever he wants. Many entrepreneurs work from home, a coffee shop, or a fun hangout spot. One can also choose the type of people he can work with. Being with the wrong clients and workers can make even the entrepreneurial life a living hell. The right clients will make work like a great dream.

One major advantage to being an entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur can create his own opportunities. This can be done by networking with people who share similar interests which will in turn help him create his own destiny.

One person that has created his own destiny is Marc Sparks. He understands the struggles that come with being an entrepreneur, especially at the beginning. He is starting a program by the name of Marketing Sparks with the purpose of helping other entrepreneurs get through the tough stages of starting their own businesses. His business has been met with a lot of support from his community of entrepreneurs. With marketing sparks, he works with other entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. He knows the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur.

Many of the advantages that come with being an entrepreneur come after the trial and error phase. This phase could take a few months to years. After one starts to profit, then he will have a little more freedom to do what he wants. This freedom will accompanied by a greater since of joy. This is the reason why entrepreneurs became entrepreneurs in the first place. Also, there are different types of jobs that entrepreneurs could do which could take a different amount of time to profit from. Some opportunities bring faster profit than others.

People Should Try To Be More Like Joseph Bismark


Joseph Bismark cares about the people that he works with and the way that he treats them, and everyone who takes a look at his career can see that. He is all about treating people fairly and allowing them the chance to prove themselves in their jobs. 
He also cares about bringing spirituality into the business world and making the two of them work well together. He set out to prove a point when he started his company and combined the two, and he has been able to do well for himself in that. Overall, Joseph Bismark is just a really good guy. He has a good heart, and he honestly cares about all of the people that he works with day to day.
Reading all of this on the WordPress blog End of an Earring has led me to believe that Joseph Bismark’s unique way of doing things just might be the best way of doing things. More businessmen should take a look at the way that he conducts himself and try to be a bit more like him. He knows that treating the people he works with fairly is the right thing to do, and if more people could see that and do that, then everyone would have a better, more encouraging work environment. They would be left feeling encouraged and be more likely to love their jobs.