Growing Site Flipora Helps Users Find New Content

Do you remember the days of clicking and scrolling through internet search engine results to find the perfect article. It was a painful process with limited results. In fact, you were lucky to find something that was a paid website. Marketing companies work very hard to drive traffic to certain websites. Users find these sites through their keyword searches, so finding information through a search engine is hard work in today’s internet. That is why we are a lucky generation to see the growing popularity of iPhone apps and social media websites that are designed to connect users with the information they want to see. For years these sites have been at it. Some have done better than others to help users find relevant information. Not every website that matches a keyword is worth looking at. With Flipora, it is easy to switch to the next website by flipping the page.

Flipora is an enjoyable experience that helps its users find relevant, new content that is based on their interests. Not only is it based upon their interests, but the content from Flipora is compiled using user search information. Let’s say you look at a lot of websites about gardening. You will likely see more suggestions from Flipora about gardening, plants, starting nurseries and greenhouse construction. The platform is great at connecting users with their interests, and sharing things has never been easier.

Flipora is a great social media app because it gets users connected and talking about what they’re looking at online. Now, when you see your friends at the market place you will have something interesting to discuss with them. You can ask the if they saw the article you sent them, and you will have a great time discussing the new websites you have come in contact with thanks to Flipora.

There’s no end to the possibilities. The internet is a huge place, and it’s growing rapidly. There are new websites popping up constantly. Not only that, but users can create their own content. The websites generated through Flipora are shown to the users based upon the content they view, not the people who pay to have their sites viewed. Unlike other social media websites and apps, Flipora brings users in touch with the things they are already interested in. Stay in touch with your personal interests with Flipora.

The Most Friendliest College Towns Accoding to Skout may Surprise You

Does it matter where a college is located? Yes. This according to a new survey conducted by Skout, a leading global app. The company has built its reputation on helping users meet new people via its app. This time they conducted a study in August 2015 to look at what college town its users considered the friendliest. Heads up future college students, you may have to bring snow boots if you want to attend the survey’s friendliest college town.
Skout looked at data over a 12-month period. The survey participants were college-aged students 18 to 24 years old. Approximately, 2,500 users were studied for the survey. Skout’s survey revealed users’ opinion on:
The ability to meet new people
Which gender was friendliest in which college cities
Which college students in what cities gave more virtual gifts
Where students met their friends
If the students arrived on the college campus already knowing someone such as an acquaintance or friend
Christian Wiklund, CEO and co-founder of Skout said it was fun looking at the data from its community of users. He also mentioned hats off to Skouters, Skout users, attending college in Madison, Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin made the list of the friendliest college towns. To learn how high it was listed, view the blog post.
Other cities considered the friendliest include big cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. It included smaller towns too like Boulder, Colorado and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Where was Boston listed? Well, it would be assumed Boston would be at the top of the list. After all, it has the most colleges and universities in the country. Current college listings has Boston with more than 100 college campuses.
Skout users weren’t impressed with the friendliness of Boston area colleges. The city didn’t rank vary high. In fact, it didn’t make the top 10. The highest rating was 12. We’re sure that some college students are unhappy with the Boston ranking.
A lot of cities not known for their generosity scored high on the list of friendliest cities. For example, Los Angeles, California rated as the number one college town for having the most generous students. It would take Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Dallas college students combined to equal the generosity of college-aged adults in Los Angeles. LA students shared more virtual gifts than any other college-aged adults on college campuses.
Most of the users surveyed said that they met friends within one week of attending college on campus. Majority, 75 percent of users, met their new friends in the classroom. Other students met new friends during orientation, cafeteria, library and online. It also revealed that many students living in dorms considered their roommates friends.
Skout, a leading global app, began in 2007. It’s headquartered in San Francisco. The app can be downloaded on all devices include Windows and Android. It has users in more than 180 countries.
Skout’s survey about users’ opinions on friendliest college towns originally appeared in PRNewswire.