The Importance Of Consumer Reviews To White Shark Media

Clients will always pledge their loyalties to companies that satisfy their utilities. As a company grows, it is bound to receive complaints from consumers. The way a company deals with these complaints signifies the growth or decline of such an institution. It is significant to assert that White Shark Media has registered impressive growth by learning from its past mistakes.

Initially, some clients would complain that they were losing touch with their AdWords Campaigns. The reporting procedures that had been put in place by White Shark Media were not enough to allow small business owners to review their reports. In order to rectify this problem, the firm decided to explain the workings of their new campaigns. It is by understanding a campaign that a client is able to know what direction to take when checking the performance of their campaign.

Communication was another problem. Some clients felt that the communication channels adopted by the firm were inadequate. It was frustrating when a client was unable to reach their contact person and had to go through a receptionist. This problem was countered by implementing phone systems with direct extensions. It has become easier for clients to reach their respective contact persons that were assigned to them during the sign up process. By having full contact information of their contact person and supervisors of the contact person, there has been seamless communication between the clients and the contact persons. This information was originally reported on White Shark Medias website as explained.

When clients come in, they expect an upgraded campaign within a couple of months. Some old clients insist that the performance of the old campaigns were better than new optimized ones. To ensure that each client is successful, the existing campaigns remain active for those who prefer to have them. White Shark Media Complaints teamed up with professional supervisors who oversee all the campaign management. Each supervisor is responsible for about three strategists. This way, they can depend on an experienced team to offer feedback on the performance of a campaign.

The firm also implemented monthly status calls. By using the GoToMeeting tool, which is an online conference tool, it is easy to share a screen and go through the report with clients. This method has proven effective, especially with the old clients who prefer to see rather than read what is going on. Some clients do not know how to track their AdWords performance. Tracking the performance allows clients to know if they are achieving success or not. In a bid to curb this problem, White Shark Media started an in-house process where they are able to install call tracking and conversion tracking.

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