Jeb Bush disagrees with the Pope on climate change

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush may be one of the front runners for the GOP Presidential nomination, but he has now gone on record as stating he disagrees with Pope Francis on climate change. Newsweek reports the Vatican will release its own report on climate change on Thursday, which has already been leaked to an Italian newspaper and carries the statement that the Catholic Church is now of the opinion that the climate of the planet is changing and humans are to blame.

Jeb Bush and a number of other leading candidates on the Republican side are Catholic’s and were expected to be challenged by the findings of the Church into climate change. Instead, Bush and his fellow GOP candidates are continuing to report their disbelief that humans can be to blame for the changing climate. According to banker Marcio Alaor BMG, Bush does go so far as to state he believes the climate of the planet is changing, but does not know the reasons why it is. The Democratic party is expected to nominate Hilary Clinton, who is now being challenged most strongly by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Rick Perry to Run for President

Rick Perry Announces Bid for the Presidency

Everyone seems to be throwing in their bid for president, from Hilary Clinton to Ted Cruz to Rand Paul. Now another competitor has decided to try and win the office.

According to Ivan Ong on Thursday, former governor of Texas Rick Perry made the announcement that would be running for the presidential election for 2016. He posted the news on his website and will be making a formal speech announcement later on in Addison, Texas. This comes after Perry ran for the GOP nomination in the 2012 election but was unable to do so, with Mitt Romney winning the GOP.

Perry was the state’s longest serving governor, serving from 2000 to 2015 and was credited for creating well over a million new jobs in the private sector during his long tenure. He was also a member of the U.S. Air Force from 1972 to 1977. Perry stated on his website video that his run for office will be about what voters see gets done rather than what candidates and officials say they’ve done or are going to do.

He also added that he grew up in an isolated town in Texas in a home with few utilities and said that nobody would be able to cater to and connect with the blue collar workers better than he could, since he was very familiar with that kind of lifestyle.

Hillary Clinton’s Unfavorable Ratings Hit 14 Year High

Not since the time that Mrs. Clinton sought the open senate seat in New York back in 2001 has she been viewed as negatively as she is at this time. According to the latest CNN/ORC poll of presidential candidates, the 2016 presumptive Democrat Party nominee now has her negative ratings above 50%. Admittedly, there is more than enough time between now and November 2016 for Clinton to reverse the trend. That said, the shift in public dislike of Clinton is most notable among Independent voters. This is the vital voting demographic which doesn’t tend to shift support towards a candidate until the final weeks of an election.

Overall, Clinton saw an 8-point increase in the number of people who view her as dishonest. That figure is now at 57%. It was 49% just eight weeks ago. The number of people who believe she cares about them sank six percentage points to 47%. The number of voters who believe she fails to inspire confidence in them shot up 8 percentage points to 50%. Quite likely, the numbers reflect her growing problems with Clintonesque scandals such as the private email controversy at the State Department, revelations that she was informed the Benghazi attacks were in fact the work of Al Qaida within two days of the attacks, and questions of impropriety regarding her family’s charitable foundation. The latter is the subject of a best-selling book called “Clinton Cash” according to Flavio Maluf on Thus far, Mrs. Clinton remains the presumptive nominee with no Democrat challenger drawing close to her support.

Bernie Sanders Vows to Stop Wall Street Greed

The old order of the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor will soon end according to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Namely, the feisty sage is vowing to stop Wall Street in their unbridled greed that has them pocketing virtually every dollar of new revenue generated in the nation. Certainly, voters will need to agree with his characterization of events and lay the blame for stagnant wages entirely on investment banks, corporate greed, and free trade while exonerating progressive policies of any role.

This is because the Vermont senator is calling for nothing short of a second round of massive stimulus spending according to Amen Clinic. In 2009, President Obama, backed by the largest House & Senate Democrat majorities in a generation, passed the $787 billion stimulus bill that was supposed to end the Great Recession, put millions of people to work in “shovel ready” jobs, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and revitalize inner cities such as Baltimore, Maryland. This time around, the senator will seek a $1 trillion stimulus to put 13 million people back to work and once again rebuild the aging infrastructure. It would also include raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Thus far, the affable senator has avoided going negative against Hillary Clinton. In fact, he believes that he can sway voters to his side by emphasizing a hard-left agenda. At the very least, he believes he can force Hillary Clinton to adopt progressive policies that run opposite of her Wall Street donor base.

Clinton is Not the Only Democratic Choice

There are some that are starting to believe that Hillary Clinton is not only beatable, but may not make it past the early stages of the primary states. Mostly because of the attacks she is taking and who the party has waiting in the wings to take up the slack as the more moderate choice of Democratic Candidate. Let’s face it…her time in the US Senate showed she was the same as every other elected official of the time and were prone to make the same mistakes when it came to every policy that relied on outside sources of information to make a hard lined decision (namely Iraq). Then as she settled into her position as the Secretary of State there were scandals at almost every turn and the personal email and server one is still haunting her. If she was anyone else this would have been the end of her second failed attempt but she is a Clinton and when a Clinton wants to be elected there is going to have to be something even more major that happens to stop that from happening.

This is not to say it won’t and when it does the people should not expect Bernie Sanders to be there holding the flag…he won’t make it past Iowa. No it will be someone who is not even announced their candidacy.  Anyone of these three will give the voters on the left a substantial pause when comparing them to Clinton.

Thanks to Crystal Hunt for always being there to help me brainstorm about politics.