Conor Lamb Gets Support From The People, Endorsement From End Citizens United

The 18th Congressional District is abuzz with news about the special election in May, and the spotlight is on the Republican candidate, Rick Saccone. Dominating the airwaves with paid ads by outside groups, Saccone is a talking point for the entire district. One of Saccone’s major sponsors, and the group that launched the ads, the 45Committee is a political action committee focused on backing Republican candidates and the agenda of President Trump. With a reported half-million dollars put into an ad campaign featuring a negative spot on Conor Lamb. The spot cites Lamb’s “liberal” agenda and their opposition to the recent Republican tax-cut bill.

Conor Lamb; Democratic Candidate

Conor Lamb, the Democratic candidate in the upcoming special election, hopes to use Saccone’s media crusade to his own advantage, with a focus on the issues of unions and working Americans. End Citizens United has provided their backing to Lamb, with a focus on opposing the influence of corporate money in the elections. Lamb’s target is the currently empty House seat up for grabs in the upcoming special election. The seat having been occupied by the Republican Tim Murphy until his October resignation.

As part of his campaign, Lamb has made a pledge to never accept corporate money, only taking small donations from individuals or unions. This means that, with the amount of corporate support that the Republican candidate has garnered, this will be an uphill battle for Lamb. End Citizens United has made it their focus to help Lamb win the election, giving him their full backing. With grassroots policies and a focus on the people rather than on parties or the president, Lamb has become an enticing opportunity, not only for Pennsylvania Democrats but also for Republicans worried about Saccone’s anti-union stances.

End Citizens United Steps In To Aid Lamb

A political action committee focused on curtailing corporate influence in elections, End Citizens United was named after a controversial decision by the supreme court to lift the political spending limits of corporations and other groups. Firm opposers to the idea of corporate spending on elections, the committee strives to vote for grassroots Democratic candidates with a focus on giving political power back to the people. Lamb is one such candidate.

The primary goal of End Citizens United is to pass a constitutional amendment to roll back the supreme court decision to lift political contribution limits for corporations. The decision originally being made in 2010 caused a massive influx of corporate money in politics, and shifted the balance of power from the people to the wealthy elite, as well as allowing for the creation of super PACs. End Citizens United attempts to curtail political spending by funneling small single-person contributions to candidates supporting their stance and more

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