How Roberto Santiago Has Influenced the Business Industry

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world at the moment. The nation has a great history of having football players and athletes who have won so many awards in the international community. The country has numerous natural resources, attracting investors from all parts of the world. Brazil has very dedicated businessmen who play a leading role in the growing economy. These businessmen understand that their input plays a crucial role in the growing economy, and they have been working extremely hard to make it a leader in the competitive market. Roberto Santiago is currently one of the leading business moguls in Brazil. His contributions to the business world have been appreciated by several generations.


Santiago was born several decades in Joao Pessoa several decades ago. His parents never had an idea that their young son was going to be a leader in the business community. After completing his education in some of the local schools in the area, the businessman enrolled to college where he was focusing to make his life better. However, after completing his college studies, the businessman realized that he was only interested in doing business. This made him to go back to school and acquire a degree in business administration. Although he was very young, the businessman knew what he wanted in life, and he could only achieve it after acquiring the right education. After his graduation, Santiago was fully equipped with the skills needed in the business world.


Unlike most young people who look for employment in companies so that they could get a six figures salary, the businessman was only interested in creating his emperor, and this is why he started a packaging company that was focusing on the manufacture of packaging materials. With his little knowledge in the business field, the businessman did well, and he acquired enough funds to purchase a piece of land in a great location. The property was purchased in the year 1987, and it proved to be very helpful in the career life of the successful investor.


Using the proceeds he was getting from his packaging company, Roberto Santiago built a large shopping mall on the piece of land he had acquired. In just two years, the mall opened for consumers to invest and enjoy great services. The mall was named as the Manaira Shopping Mall, and it was equipped with all the features the modern consumer is looking for. The Manaira Shopping Mall is ideal for families who are looking for facilities that will offer what the entire family is looking for. The mall has a modern gym that has all the technologies and equipment people need to keep fit. The businessman has also made sure that there is a movie theater that has the screens the modern generation is looking for. The food served in this facility is out of this world too.


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