Lime Crime’s Formula For Chinese Success

China is one of the largest nations on earth, and China is well-tuned when it comes to fashion. The cosmetic industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis and Lime Crime makes up a percentage of this exclusive field. The company has only been around for about nine years, but it has helped to revolutionize the industry thanks to its eclectic style. Of course, with any successful company, expansion is a viable solution for continued growth. When it comes to cosmetics, China has strict shipping policies. If Lime Crime is thinking of shipping its products to China, then it will have to contend with:

  • Transportation Logistics
  • Taxes
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Manage Duties
  • Handling International Returns

One of the best solutions for avoiding this business-related chaos is by launching the company on Chinese soil. With the help of Los Angeles-based Revolve, Lime Crime can get its products to the masses. Revolve is an e-commerce platform that specializes in fashion, but it also has similar goals as LimeCrime. This duo works hand-to-hand because of their special relations. Creating a (seed audience) was a great marketing tool because it encourages the customers to visit Revolve’s e-commerce platform. It’s a win-win situation for both companies as each company will receive exposure. Since China is heavily-influenced by counterfeits, consumers will be ensured for the purchase of legitimate products.

Lime Crime’s marketing focused on people who are truly passionate about the brand, and its products instead of first-tier consumers. Global general manager Kim Walls stated that “this is very critical to have someone who can speak on behalf of the company.” All in all, Lime Crime’s implementation of Revolve looks to be a winning solution, but only time will tell.

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