Nathaniel Ru’s Budding Entrepreneurial career

When talking of successful entrepreneurs, it is hard not to mention Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel is an alumnus of the University of McDonough who is a local university located in Georgetown.

Back in 2007, Nathaniel graduated from the learning institution. At the University, Nathaniel and his friends had an inspiration to set up a startup within the local community.

The primary objective of the startup was to be able to provide the local community with a seasonal and sustainable kitchen. Upon graduation, Nathaniel Ru and his friends set up Sweetgreen at the center of Georgetown.

Sweetgreen was able to fulfill the objectives of the budding entrepreneurs. Not only was the cuisine offered by the startup delicious, but Sweetgreen was able to use locally available kitchen produce to prepare the dishes which were sold at affordable prices.

Sweetgreen was one of the first successful food companies in Georgetown that was able to provide eco-friendly prepared foods using locally sourced ingredients making them healthy, tasty and delicious.

The ability of Sweetgreen to meet the needs of the local community while focusing on environmental conservation is the reason the startup became successful.

Sweetgreen takes pride in its mantra “food that fits” because unlike other companies that come up with catch phrases to market and sell their products, the company’s mantra is a reflection of what they focus on. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Sweetgreen currently has more than 27 outlets in the different states across the United States, and are already putting in place plans for future expansion

Other than Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru is the brainchild behind Sweetlife, a company that hosts simultaneous food and music festivals. Nathaniel set up Sweetlife back in 2010. Sweetlife has been growing significantly, and currently, the firm’s events are attended by more than 20,000 individuals.

The events hosted by Sweetlife are both entertaining and engaging plus are filled with glam. Most of the attendees of the events range from young party lovers, families, business people, chefs, and even farmers. Sweetlife’s events are highlighted with performances from upcoming and A-list musical artists.

Nathaniel Ru is not only an entrepreneur but also supporter of environmental conservation something that can be seen in the zero to minimum carbon footprint his startups leaves behind.

Nathaniel Ru’s Journey to becoming successful is characterized by innovation and having a diversified investment portfolio. Other than having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Nathaniel has proved to a deep understanding of the markets he invests.

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