What Preston Smith Is Good For At Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has been around for a few months longer than ten years in California, currently operating branches in Wisconsin, Washington DC, and Tennessee. There have been more than twenty locations launched since the group was founded in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith.

Its name sometimes shortened just to RSED, this system of charter schools is known for being an innovator in helping students learn through technology. Rocketship Education’s students are called “Rocketeers,” of which there are more than 3,800 as of the Fall 2017 semester.

RSED uses a style of education called blended learning, bringing together activities from various schools of instruction.

Whole group instruction, or traditional classroom lectures that address all students as equal, occupies the majority of most school days. While innovation has helped Rocketship Education succeed in today’s world of staunch competition, it’s always a good idea to sticks to the basics in education.

Team learning commonly occurs throughout the ranks of Rocketship Education, as well as emotional learning they do at each one of its facilities. This helps students understand how to control themselves in social situations to further their lives by boosting their communication skills.

Online learning is arguably the most popular and important aspect of education for Rocketship Education.

This school is so good for students all because of Preston Smith. If he didn’t have the love of learning that he’s exhibited throughout the past sixteen years of educational administration

He started off by working for an elementary school in San Jose. After teaching there for two years, he organized a group that founded a charter school called L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School, for grades K-5 in low-income areas of the city.

Preston Smith ahs brought together team learning, group learning, and online methodologies to help his many students succeed in the immediate academic world and what comes for them decades following their experiences at Rocketship Education.

Smith is both the President and CEO of current operations.

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