Samuel Strauch Believes In Creative Innovation At Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch did his education at Hofstra University in New York, and at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam besides the Harvard University.

He started his career by working in the banking sector. Later on, he moved into his family Real Estate business. He started his own company in 2002. The company is doing very well and continues to grow. It is managing and earning brokerage from real estate deals being doing in South Florida as well as Latin America.

He has also invested in several other businesses too. Hence Samuel Strauch is a successful entrepreneur as well as a businessman.

He started his business after getting inspired with the makeover of Miami. He saw the recent new real estate developments taking place here. All this transformed this vacation town in a big way. Hence he decided to get international investors as well as investors together. This way Samuel Strauch started his business.

Samuel Strauch takes each day one at a time. He has no fixed schedule as each day is different. He meets new people. He is always working towards strengthening the relationships with his investors, clients, partners, and brokers and his colleagues in the industry. This way Samuel Strauch is able to find new properties, and make new business relationships. He is able to spark new ideas. Even his client base gets expanded this way. Samuel Strauch finds all this fun as he is able to strike nice friendships with the people with whom he is doing business.

For Samuel Strauch, being forward thinking and innovative is the key to being a leader in this industry. He likes to analyze each ides to know its viability. It is important to have an open mind in such cases. Once he feels that any idea has potential, he will put time and resources in it. This is critical as implementation is the key here. The best idea in the world is useless till it is executed.

Samuel Strauch is impressed with the way in which the new generations think. The way in which people live, work, and travel and socialize depicts that the society is going through a phenomenal transformation. This is very exciting as it will be having an impact across industries.

He talks about his meditation as he believes that it has helped him a lot in his personal as well as professional life. Samuel Strauch talks about his job when he was working in the operational department at the back end work. He was organizing documents and other reports and found it very boring. He realized that he wanted to be on the creative side.

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