Larkin & Lacey

This is a sad, sad world. Fortunately, we have civil rights organizations around to help people out of the dust. There is a tremendous number of civil rights organization in the world. These organizations range from being very localized to dealing with issues all over the world.

Some of these organizations are are for conflicting causes—resulting in situations where one organization ends up calling out another organization for being “wrong.

Black Lives Matter

Throughout the entire Black liberation movement of the 20th century, there was a huge ethincal gap ready to be filled. The way to fill this gap would be to address the issues of people who are socially underprivileged in the black community–that is, people who are not healthy, straight, cis-gendered men. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Out of this need, as well as the tragic violence against black that was happening, Black Lives Matter developed in 2012. The founders, being black lesbians, knew where exactly to fill in the holes of the previous movements.

This is a website that serves as a safe zone for people of European descent, or “White people,” to discuss their concerns having to do with the well-being of their cultures and communities. Generally, in the eyes of Western society, there is a prevailing view that whites don’t have problems and that they are privileged above all other races because the prevailing Euro-centrist culture of the West naturally favors them. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:

In this mindset, Whites are always evil, racist and wrong while everyone else is right and not racist. There is a prevailing idea that for white people to organize, put priority on their white culture or discuss discrimination that is happening against them, it is racist. However, many people, especially many white people, do not hold this mindset; and truly believe that their cultures are important and that, yes, they are being discriminated against.

Unfortunately, there are so few public places to talk about this subject because it is so taboo. However, as stated above, provides one of the few public safe spaces to talk about the issues and struggles of people of European descent.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Instead of advocating for the rights of Blacks or Whites, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund advocates for the needs of Hispanic people. In Arizona, there are very large Hispanic populations, due to the fact that it is literally right on the border of Mexico. The Hispanic community includes many different types of people—documented and undocumented citizens.

Both Hispanic and non-Hispanic people make up the organizations that Lacey and Larkin Frotera Fund gives money to. These organizations strive to provide crucial supplies for individuals who are crossing the borders or have just crossed the border.

Much of this work is lifesaving due to the fact that it involves providing rations of food and water to border-crossers. The desert is absolutely brutal, and all too often corpses are found in random parts of the desert. The people who these corpses belonged to had died of hunger and/or thirst. Jim Larking and Michael Lacey really had the best interest of other human beings when they founded this Fund.

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