Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner Real Life Success Story

It is one thing to say that you have a product that will change the way you look; it is another to see a real case study by someone down in the trenches that rely on her looks for a living. Unlike the celebrity clients who show up at the Chaz Dean Salon and already look spectacular, this story focuses on a young lady whose fine hair was lifeless and greasy.

To understand the man that is behind the product, we look at the developer of the WEN, Chaz Dean. He opened his salon in Los Angeles, and after not seeing immediate success because the hair care products commercially used were leaving his client’s hair flat, he created his own Wen By Chaz line of hair care products. See, http://chazdean.com/.

The difference between Dean’s products was they were all-natural, utilizing ingredients that helped improve the condition of the hair. Regular shampoo and conditioners contain a harsh cleaning agent that strips away natural oils and leaves hair vulnerable to the heat from the hair dryer or straight iron. His line of hair care products locked in those oils and repaired years of damage.

So looking at this story first reported by Bustle, a young salon worker with flat and oily hair decided to put on of Dean’s products to the test. Looking at her Facebook pictures from day one, you can clearly see that her hair was less than spectacular. When you style hair for a living, your appearance can make or break your career.

She continued to chronicle her journey with the Wen By Chaz hair conditioner for a week, and we see along the way that she skipped treatments and rushed the process, but somehow in the end, her hair literally is transformed from when we see her on day one. Her 7-day journey speaks volumes to the success using these hair products.

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