The Lung Institute offers hope to those with chronic Lung disease

Those who have chronic lung disease know how not being able to breathe can affect your quality of life. Simple tasks such as walking the dog or playing with your grandchild can be unbearable for those with chronic lung disease. Everyday life can be a struggle when you cannot get the proper amount of oxygen. There is hope for a bright and happy future.

In the past physicians, have been able to treat the symptoms, but not the underlying condition of lung disease. The treatments often came with adverse side effects. The Lung Institute acknowledged the struggles for those suffering with lung disease and worked towards offering a promising treatment plan using Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cells are cells that are often called the building blocks of the universe. What makes the cells so special? According to, they can divide and change into other cell types. This unique and amazing quality is known as plasticity. This quality allows them to be natural healers of the body. They are taken from your own body.

The Lung Institute specializes in the revolutionary treatment of regenerative medicine for pulmonary diseases. They have published several papers documenting the procedures. The Lung Institute treats restrictive and obstructive lung diseases such as COPD, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Pneumoconiosis. Each patient is evaluated.

The Lung Institute extracts stem cells from the patients’ blood or bone marrow. The stem cells are then inserted inside the lungs where they will start naturally healing the lung. This treatment is minimally evasive and is treated over the course of three days. It is very safe and is an outpatient procedure.

Since the Lung Institute opened in 2013, it has treated over 3,000 patients. 70% of patients that were treated at The Lung Institute reported an overall improvement of their quality of life. The Lung Institute offers several locations for your convenience. The current locations are Tampa, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Dallas, Texas. If you have a lung disease, there still is hope. With stem cell therapy, you can get back to doing the things you love. For more info, visit


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