Thor Halvorssen Going After the World’s Tyrants

In the movies, Thor carries a magic hammer and battles evil. In real life, Thor Halvorssen has no hammer, just words, activism, and his small group called Human Rights Watch. With all that, he’s calling out the world’s dictators.

A recent example of this is an article Halvorssen penned for The New York Post about the chaos gripping his native Venezuela. He pointed out how the government of President Nicolas Maduro has looted the nation’s treasury, resulting in empty stores and a lack of even the most basic health care at hospitals. Halvorssen backed up those words with action, suing a group of Venezuelans for allegedly overbilling Maduro’s government for building nearly a dozen non-functioning power plants, then laundering the money or bribing government officials. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn .

But Venezuela is not the only target for Halvrossen and Human Rights Watch. A good amount of his focus is on North Korea, which has been ruled by the iron-fisted Kim family since the late 1940s. One of the most oppressive regimes in the world, Thor has sought to let the population know about the outside world by sending balloons over the DMZ that divides North and South Korea carrying DVDs and flash drives containing TV shows, movies, and news articles. He also helped found the Oslo Freedom Forum, which puts on events every year advocating freedom.

Along with advocating for freedom, Thor Halvorssen has a passion for film making. He has been a producer for the movies Freedom’s Fury, about the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, and The Sugar Babies, about human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. He is also working on a film adaptation of the Robert Heinlein novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. for more.

Dr. Seigall’s Efforts To Cure Cancer


Dr. Clay Seigall is the Co-Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He also enjoys finding interesting articles online and sharing them on his official blog. A recent one he shared was about the learning myths that people have and a quiz to see if you hold them. In the article, experts talk about how most people are ignorant of research on learning. One of the key points of the article is that 90% of people think students should learn information in their own “learning” style. Research into learning actually says, even though that sounds intuitive, it’s completely wrong according to research.

Another article that Dr. Siegall posted is a new, better way to clean up oil spills. The article describes an invention, called the Flame Refluxer, is actually quite simple and incorporates copper wool, in between layers of thin copper, with copper coils attached to the top. The device is put over an oil spill and it’s set on fire; the coils collect the heat and the device dissipate it which leads to a complete burn of the spill.

Dr. Seigall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 after several years of research and development into drugs that treat cancer. The first drug that he developed at Seattle Genetics that was approved by the FDA is Adcetris which treats several forms of Lymphoma. His company also has several anti-cancer drugs in the pipeline at various stages of development. He also announced in 2016 that he has ambitious plans as he seeks to develop 12 more drugs and hire more than a hundred people.

Under Dr. Seigall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has grown into a company that already has more than 800 employees. Besides the headquarters of the company in Bothell, Washington, it also has an office in Switzerland that opened in 2016. Their drug Adcetris achieved sales of $226 million in 2015 and was on pace for sales of $255 to $275 million for 2016.

In addition to his work at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Seigall plays a larger role in the cancer research community. He sits on the board of several pharmaceutical companies including Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Fashion Line is Gaining Traction in a Competitive market

The modern fashion industry is no cake walk, not with the preponderance of the well-established digital marketing giant Amazon making a claim to over over 20% of all e-commerce fashion sales. Nevertheless, with a big name like Kate Hudson at the helm, Fabletics is going against all odds. In the last three years, this company has created a net worth of over $250 million.


How is Fabletics Making such a Splash?


The twists and turns of a modern economy must be met with versatility and innovation. This is why Fabletics is taking the attention off the conventional high-prices and top-quality, to create a presentation that will appeal to the modern consumer. High-prices are no good if the same designs can be found cheaper elsewhere and who will by top-quality if the design is awful?


Today it is all about stylish design, brand recognition and exquisite customer service. These are the qualities a modern buyer really has in mind when making their fashion selections. Fabletics is seeing success by taking these important factors into consideration in completely new ways. Following are some of the innovative marketing strategies seen by the Fabletics corporation.


The “Reverse Showrooming” Methods


Showrooming has gotten bad results by bigger fashion companies as their clients will browse the showroom, find what they like and then proceed to find the product cheaper somewhere else.


They take the time to build a lasting relationship with their shoppers before they even invite them to their physical locations. This is done with various events and online activities, the effects is that 30% of all customers who walk into their doors are already members of their community and 25% will be as soon as they leave.


Improved Use of Online Data


The business data that a company can gain on it’s products and the customers to which they market is crucially important. Of course collecting data is not going to do a thing. Fabletics does a fine job of analyzing, planning and stocking their physical locations with hot items their clients will love. How do they know? By keeping tabs on the sentiments gathered from social media platforms, real time sales and store heat mapping. This way they always have what their customers want on hand and avoid the inefficiency of being over or under stocked.


Insightful Focus on Accessibility, Culture, and People


In addition to cultivating high-quality relations with their local clientele and keeping track of important data, Fabletics takes their customer service to the next level with balancing demanding lifestyle and fitness goals with the joys of the experience and helpful client education. By ensuring the experience of the shopper in the store they greatly improve their customer experience and the possibility of return shoppers and new shoppers arriving on recommendation.



In the end, it is all about approaching the modern market in a new way and engaging clients as friends and allies whose success will benefit your business.

The Lung Institute offers hope to those with chronic Lung disease

Those who have chronic lung disease know how not being able to breathe can affect your quality of life. Simple tasks such as walking the dog or playing with your grandchild can be unbearable for those with chronic lung disease. Everyday life can be a struggle when you cannot get the proper amount of oxygen. There is hope for a bright and happy future.

In the past physicians, have been able to treat the symptoms, but not the underlying condition of lung disease. The treatments often came with adverse side effects. The Lung Institute acknowledged the struggles for those suffering with lung disease and worked towards offering a promising treatment plan using Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cells are cells that are often called the building blocks of the universe. What makes the cells so special? According to, they can divide and change into other cell types. This unique and amazing quality is known as plasticity. This quality allows them to be natural healers of the body. They are taken from your own body.

The Lung Institute specializes in the revolutionary treatment of regenerative medicine for pulmonary diseases. They have published several papers documenting the procedures. The Lung Institute treats restrictive and obstructive lung diseases such as COPD, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Pneumoconiosis. Each patient is evaluated.

The Lung Institute extracts stem cells from the patients’ blood or bone marrow. The stem cells are then inserted inside the lungs where they will start naturally healing the lung. This treatment is minimally evasive and is treated over the course of three days. It is very safe and is an outpatient procedure.

Since the Lung Institute opened in 2013, it has treated over 3,000 patients. 70% of patients that were treated at The Lung Institute reported an overall improvement of their quality of life. The Lung Institute offers several locations for your convenience. The current locations are Tampa, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Dallas, Texas. If you have a lung disease, there still is hope. With stem cell therapy, you can get back to doing the things you love. For more info, visit


Thor Halvorssen’s Authority on Human Rights

When people talk about human rights, it means much more coming from those who actually suffered human rights abuses. Thor Halvorssen has seen this issue from the perspective of activist, philanthropist and most poignantly, victim. That’s why, when he speaks on the issue, it’s a good idea to listen.

Thor Halvorssen has made himself heard. He is an active film producer specializing in films advocating for his chosen causes. He is also the president of the well-known Human Rights Foundation and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum which is quickly becoming one the world’s most active and respected summits on human rights issues. He is also seen often on major news stations as one of the leading voices on worldwide human rights issues.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a family that has deep roots in the History of Venezuela. His grandfather built a financial empire as consul to the King of Norway. His father was an ambassador for the previous regime of Venezuela. When the regime changed through peaceful vote, the Halverson family suffered at the hands of the Hugo Chavez government. His father was imprisoned in 1993 for 74 days at which time he was tortured and beaten. Thor, with the help of Amnesty International, secured his release. Contact him, Then, in 2004, his mother was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful demonstration. Others were also injured, and one protester was killed by gunmen determined to be government security personnel click here.

Thor has shown that in addition to having the personal experience, be also has the talent to bring human injustices to light. His films have won Best Documentary at one film festival and got a fifteen minute standing ovation at another. He’s also received awards and commendation from world leaders for all his efforts. Thor Halvorssen will be one to watch for many years as a champion of human rights.