After Left Faces Defeat George Soros Refuses To Back Down

Why A Billionaire Supports The Left
George Soros is arguably the most successful hedge fund manager in America. Thanks to his business acumen and sound investments Soros has managed to produce a fortune worth more than $25 billion dollars. Although many in his income bracket are typically conservatives, Soros is a strong supporter of progressive causes. He believes liberal causes are the best way to create open societies, which is his most significant cause.

The Hope For 2016
As a longtime friend of Hillary Clinton George Soros was excited to see her run again in 2016. Soros has stated he finds Obama’s presidency on unsatisfactory and regretted not giving Hillary Clinto enough support. As soon as she won the Democrat nomination, Soros donated $8 million to super PACs promoting Hillary Clinton. Others joined in and eventually Hillary Clinton’s campaign had so much money and so many endorsements it seemed almost impossible for her to lose to Donald Trump. Nonetheless, Donald Trump managed to eek out a victory in the electoral college despite losing the popular vote.

A Shocking Political Upset
Donald Trump’s victory certainly surprised the vast majority of expectations. He was behind in polls and received some of the worst favorability ratings of any presidential candidate. Despite this he managed to receive votes in just the right states to receive the acceptable number of electoral votes on After seeing his shocking victory George Soros is furious. He intends to find a way to prevent Trump from carrying out the agenda he has planned. Specifically, Trump has said he will use his first 100 days in office to repeal Obama’s healthcare laws, build a wall, and reverse the progress of the Left.

The Left’s Plan For Action
George Soros is currently seeking to form an alliance between top Democrats and progressive donors to stand up to Trump. Specifically, he sought out the help of the Democracy Alliance to determine what course of plans are possible for 2017. At this moment there simply isn’t much Democrats can do. Republicans will have control over all 3 branches of the federal government and control over the majority of state governments on The hope for Democrats lies in preparing for up and coming elections where Democrats may have a chance to win back some seats in Congress. George Soros understands that Trump is one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in American history and plans on finding a way to use that to the Left’s advantage.

Two Billionaire’s Butt Heads
Over the course of the campaign Soros made no secret of his contempt for the GOP nominee at He has compared him to fascists and believes he will take America in a dark direction. At one point Soros even claimed that Trump was, essentially, doing the dirty work of ISIS with his divisive rhetoric. Trump and his supporters have also fired back with accusations against Soros including many claims the Soros intends on undermining the American political process for his personal gain.

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