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Magnises is changing the way you think of a credit card. In fact, it can almost be viewed as a Millennial Guide instead. Magnises is a community made of a melting pot of individuals who all strive for the same thing; an enriched life full of experiences. And Magnises delivers just that. You are in for a VIP experience that is tied to the interests you have and the like members who would like to share that experience with you. Members receive perks and benefits ranging from members-only pricing to sporting events to exclusive tastings with distinguished chefs. The perks and benefits of their community range with the level of member interests. Their social media conveys the best illustration of what these perks really are. The Magnises Twitter feed is flooded with young thrill seekers enjoying their service. You will see these experience seekers sing the praises of Magnises for their private jet accommodations and hard to get tickets to prominent theatre performances. Founder Billy McFarland clearly has the resume for creating a successful start up. With his past experiences in startup companies, Magnises is boasting a great following and is proving that Found Billy McFarland has created a company for Millennials by Millennials.

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With all these amazing perks and benefits, many are curious to know how it works. Well, Magnises isn’t actually a credit card but more of a payment tool. The Magnises card that gets issued is actually tied in to whichever card you have on file with them. Those interested would only need to apply for the card, preform an interview via telephone and pay an annual fee. The interview helps Magnises understand how you would be a part of their community. Because they aim to build their community on young thrill seekers from different industries and income levels. Currently, the average age of cardholders are the millennial crowd. The reason for this is because of the type of perks that Magnises offers. The perks and benefits for members are designed to enrich the social lives of this community. Can you imagine being in a members-only event with people you can’t find very much in common with? Which is why they avoid that conflict. Currently there is a clubhouse in NY for members to come and watch TV or play games or bring in a client for a meeting.

Their concierge app is what ties it all together – Magnises NOW is the on-demand experience planner you always wanted. The app will suggest experiences for nightlife, dining and much more. Reservations can also be made from the app as well. Along with the great features of the app, Magnises has also launched some other great features of their card. With their three new “passes”, members can pay a small fee and unlock new ways to advance in both professional and social aspects of their lives. The first pass is the WorkPass, which grants access to co-working facilities for those young professionals who don’t work in a tradition office space and would benefit from a discounted working space. The ClubPass is both self-explanatory and the “pass” that young individuals have dreamed of. For a small fee, members can enjoy access to exclusive nightlife venues. HotelPass; the third new feature, offers members an exclusive rate to the premier Dream Hotel in New York City.

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