Jose Manuel Gonzalez and the Struggle in Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan politician who is speaking out against the current political and economic situation in his homeland of Venezuela. The entire country has been dependent on petroleum produced in Venezuela to fuel its economy, but with the price of oil at a 31 year low, the strain has been placed directly on the citizens of this coastal nation. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a member of the party that is not in the position of power and is opposed to the socialist government in control. It is an age-old battle between the powers that be and the powers that wanna-be, the situation is made much worse by the near economic collapse of the country.
There is an election scheduled for December this year in Venezuela, but even a regime change will not solve the problems of an economy so dependent on petroleum. Governments around the globe are being controlled by a two party system vying for control of the government. It is seen everywhere and particularly venomous in the United States of America where Republicans seem to want to bring the country to a halt in order to stop the political agenda being proposed by the party in office, the Democrats. In this political condition there is no consensus on what is needed, there is only antagonism, distrust, and eventually hatred between the opposing factions.
Venezuela needs the price of oil to climb in world markets or face the continuing inflation and economic scarcity that has severely impacted this country for the past year.