Sanjay Shah’s Efforts to Create Autism Awareness.

Dubai’s Autism Awareness month was held as from 2nd of April. Autism Rocks held a fun-filled event on 1st April, and the entrance fee was set to be Dh 50per person. The event was attended by Florida and Tyga, who are both famous American rappers. Autism Rocks was created by Sanjay and Usha Shah with a primary aim of changing the way the society perceives people who are affected by the disorder. The organizations hold annual events to create awareness of autism and raise funds to facilitate research on the neurodevelopmental disorder.

The first live concert took place in 2014 when the charity was formed. They have to date managed to raise a total of about 600,000 pounds. The organization has in the past invited several celebrities to its concerts, and they include Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dogg and the late Prince. They chose Tyga and Florida to perform in the 2016 concert since they have a significant influence on the young generation. The DJs of the event were Fever and BFG. This year’s event was held in collaboration with Al Ahli Holding’s subsidiary, 117 Live.

Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife were motivated to start the organization by their son who is also affected by autism, and he wanted to do something good for individuals with the same condition. The foundation has been working on helping persons with the disorder since it completely affects the life of a person. It is characterized by problems in communicating and socializing with people. The cause and cure of the condition are not known. It currently affects about 2.8 million people and one percent of the U.K population is impacted by then disorder
Sanjay is a British business mogul, and he owns several businesses in different parts of the world. His most famous company is Solo Capital Limited, which is a stock brokerage company. He started the company in 2008 after being sucked by his employer and it has currently grown into a very profitable business. The net worth and the value of assets are 15.45 million pounds and 67.45 million pounds respectively. Mr. Shah grew up and studied in the United Kingdom after moving from Kenya with his family. His career started in the medical field, but he quit to become an accountant, and he has served several investment banks in North London. He currently owns property worth millions of dollars at forty-four years old and has private offices in London and Dubai.


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