Stephen Murray Showed Our Family Business A Better Path

The family business was founded by my great grandfather ages ago, and back then they did not do any kind of investing. They just did the best job they could do every year, and then it came to us to run the family business. Being so many generations down the line meant that I had to be the one that was going to make all the changes to the family business.

I figured that the only way to do this right was to make an investment, and that is why I called Stephen Murray on my own. I was really sad to find out that he was already sick, but he had a team of people that he trained who could help me.

I got to talking to them about what they thought we could do for the family business, and it made me feel really good to know that they had a plan that I thought we could follow.

We moved all our savings over to investments at CCMP Capital, and we were able to get into the investments in a lot of different areas. There was even a brand new hedge fund that had been put together by Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He made it before he got sick, and I was sad to know that he did not get to see how helpful it was to us.

Our family business has been more prosperous than ever, and we can owe it all to what Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital have done.

They are really a nice company that has helped us to make sure that we could have a good time investing while also knowing that we were going to be able to pull cash out at all times. The whole thing works great, and we are thankful for CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray.

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