Jose Manuel Gonzalez and the Struggle in Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan politician who is speaking out against the current political and economic situation in his homeland of Venezuela. The entire country has been dependent on petroleum produced in Venezuela to fuel its economy, but with the price of oil at a 31 year low, the strain has been placed directly on the citizens of this coastal nation. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a member of the party that is not in the position of power and is opposed to the socialist government in control. It is an age-old battle between the powers that be and the powers that wanna-be, the situation is made much worse by the near economic collapse of the country.
There is an election scheduled for December this year in Venezuela, but even a regime change will not solve the problems of an economy so dependent on petroleum. Governments around the globe are being controlled by a two party system vying for control of the government. It is seen everywhere and particularly venomous in the United States of America where Republicans seem to want to bring the country to a halt in order to stop the political agenda being proposed by the party in office, the Democrats. In this political condition there is no consensus on what is needed, there is only antagonism, distrust, and eventually hatred between the opposing factions.
Venezuela needs the price of oil to climb in world markets or face the continuing inflation and economic scarcity that has severely impacted this country for the past year.

History Will Mark Helane Morrison As a Pioneer

Helane Morrison has accomplished some law enforcement in an arena that seems to have too many crooks, too often getting away with unethical business practices: white collar investment scams.
She was instrumental in the investigation and prosecution of Bernie Madoff and other thieving investors on Wall Street in 2007. They were the unscrupulous operators that brought the whole nation’s economy down in that year.

At the time, Morrison was an agent of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), working out of her San Francisco office. She was responsible for SEC enforcement investigations in Northern California and some Northwestern states Region. She has long been an active promoter of firm ethics in the conduct of business. Some have pointed out that few women have accomplished as much as Morrison has in gaining equality for women in both the business world and in the area of government enforcement. She has genuinely shattered the so-called “glass ceiling.”

Helane Morrison left the SEC in 2007, after she realized how much more effective she could be in the private sector. She is the Chief Compliance Officer and also Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners (HCP). She has also become the company’s General Counsel. HCP is an all-woman managed business, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Morrison spent eight years at the SEC. She was appointed to represent the SEC during their investigations of Wall Street. She answered questions from the press at briefings. She understands the journalists role, as her first career was in journalism. Then the Federal US government recruited her into the SEC. Helane is well known as a strong stand against any kind of thief.

Many businesses have benefited from Morrison’s counsel and work in cases of litigation for their companies. She worked hard at the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin to perfect her science and craft. She had also clerked for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posen. You can read more about her in this XRepublic article.

Medicare Advantage Plans And InnovaCare Health

Medicare Advantage Plans are private Medicare health plans. There are several types including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). They provide Medicare-related services to members. These are private companies but are paid by the federal government.

All Medicare Advantage Plans include a limit on their out-of-pocket expenses for Part A and Part B. The maximum out-of-pocket amount for a HMO is $6,850. Cost-sharing that is higher than Medicare isn’t allowed; this includes co-pays or coinsurance for certain types of services including chemotherapy and dialysis. Medicare Advantage Plans cover vision or dental care, but Medicare doesn’t.

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. After emergency and urgently needed care, most Medicare Advantage Plans won’t continue covering expenses for hospice care. In fact, services that are medically unnecessary won’t be covered. To ensure that the services you need are covered, check with your provider.

There are prescription benefits available as part of the Medicare prescription drug coverage, also known as Part D and costs $104.90 a month.

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There are several places to get Medicare Advantage Plans. InnovaCare is one. It is run by Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer. The company has a few Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico. The first is called MMM Healthcare and the second is called PMC Medicare Choice. In total, InnovaCare Health has 200,000 members and 7,500 providers. Members report a satisfaction rate of 99 percent. The disenrollment rate has dropped by 40 percent since last year. More people are undergoing preventative screenings as well. MMM and PMC are the only health plan providers that earned the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare also runs a Physician Practice Service called MSO of Puerto Rico, Inc. InnovaCare offer several services including contracting, claims processing, provider relations and coordinated care. Providers can conveniently access a web portal with 24-7 access. InnovaMD provides a direct link between the provider and related departments. It is the first information exchange hub in Puerto Rico that can connect all electronically certified health records. Here’s some of the information available to providers:

Patient eligibility for members

Payment history

Provider directory

CPT4, ICD-9 and HCPCS Codes

Creation of electronic referrals

Online MSV

Downloadable formularies

Downloadable clinical guidelines

Downloadable news content

Electronic authorizations

Submission of claims with attachments

InnovaCare is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. For more information on Medicare call 1-800-MEDICARE.

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Sanjay Shah’s Efforts to Create Autism Awareness.

Dubai’s Autism Awareness month was held as from 2nd of April. Autism Rocks held a fun-filled event on 1st April, and the entrance fee was set to be Dh 50per person. The event was attended by Florida and Tyga, who are both famous American rappers. Autism Rocks was created by Sanjay and Usha Shah with a primary aim of changing the way the society perceives people who are affected by the disorder. The organizations hold annual events to create awareness of autism and raise funds to facilitate research on the neurodevelopmental disorder.

The first live concert took place in 2014 when the charity was formed. They have to date managed to raise a total of about 600,000 pounds. The organization has in the past invited several celebrities to its concerts, and they include Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dogg and the late Prince. They chose Tyga and Florida to perform in the 2016 concert since they have a significant influence on the young generation. The DJs of the event were Fever and BFG. This year’s event was held in collaboration with Al Ahli Holding’s subsidiary, 117 Live.

Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife were motivated to start the organization by their son who is also affected by autism, and he wanted to do something good for individuals with the same condition. The foundation has been working on helping persons with the disorder since it completely affects the life of a person. It is characterized by problems in communicating and socializing with people. The cause and cure of the condition are not known. It currently affects about 2.8 million people and one percent of the U.K population is impacted by then disorder
Sanjay is a British business mogul, and he owns several businesses in different parts of the world. His most famous company is Solo Capital Limited, which is a stock brokerage company. He started the company in 2008 after being sucked by his employer and it has currently grown into a very profitable business. The net worth and the value of assets are 15.45 million pounds and 67.45 million pounds respectively. Mr. Shah grew up and studied in the United Kingdom after moving from Kenya with his family. His career started in the medical field, but he quit to become an accountant, and he has served several investment banks in North London. He currently owns property worth millions of dollars at forty-four years old and has private offices in London and Dubai.


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Stephen Murray Showed Our Family Business A Better Path

The family business was founded by my great grandfather ages ago, and back then they did not do any kind of investing. They just did the best job they could do every year, and then it came to us to run the family business. Being so many generations down the line meant that I had to be the one that was going to make all the changes to the family business.

I figured that the only way to do this right was to make an investment, and that is why I called Stephen Murray on my own. I was really sad to find out that he was already sick, but he had a team of people that he trained who could help me.

I got to talking to them about what they thought we could do for the family business, and it made me feel really good to know that they had a plan that I thought we could follow.

We moved all our savings over to investments at CCMP Capital, and we were able to get into the investments in a lot of different areas. There was even a brand new hedge fund that had been put together by Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He made it before he got sick, and I was sad to know that he did not get to see how helpful it was to us.

Our family business has been more prosperous than ever, and we can owe it all to what Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital have done.

They are really a nice company that has helped us to make sure that we could have a good time investing while also knowing that we were going to be able to pull cash out at all times. The whole thing works great, and we are thankful for CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray.

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