Madison Street Capital Takes An In-depth Look At The Year Ahead

In a recent press release on the website,, Madison Street Capital shared its hedge fund industry M&A overview. The overall market environment in 2015 was extremely strong and looks to be even stronger going in to 2016. There have been several deal mechanisms that managers have utilized in the effort to house both the seller and buyers within the market. The traditional approach to mergers and acquisitions is still being used however many transactions have been structured either with incubator or seed deals as well as revenue-share stakes, PE bolt-ons and PE stakes. The hedge fund industry has recently seen splintering but will continue to strengthen due to beneficial partnerships that will bridge distribution to product offers this is according to Karl D’Cunha who is the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC.

Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund assets are at an all time high although the strategies employed over the 2015 period did not bring the performance they promised. Institutional investors are looking to invest their money elsewhere looking to improve on their returns while trying to match rising liabilities. The smaller hedge fund managers out there are therefore struggling to secure capital and are operating below optimal capacity of the hedge fund portfolio’s. This is causing higher operational costs while at the same time heading into downward pressure on fees.

Madison Street Capital provide their clients with both financial and strategic advisory. Their clients are from all walks of life and span across the globe. They have offices in all the major markets around the world. These include Africa, Asia and North America. Their team of professionals provide their clients with solutions necessary to make the correct decisions relating to asset management across the board. Their knowledge and experience allows them to position themselves at the top of the industry as they have helped clients since 2005. The culture and relationship Madison Street Capital has with its clients is unsurpassed and is the very reason that they have had such success in the industry over the years. The firm prides themselves as boutique investment banking firm. The list of services that they provide to their clients is very long and includes private placement advisory, buy out, bankruptcy, reorganization, capital restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions. On top of this long list they also provide intangible assets evaluation services,fairness and solvency opinion as well as goodwill services. The past has set them up for a very positive future and judging by the recent reports there is a strong indication that they will be successful yet again in 2016 with a lot more.

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