What You Need To Know About The Manse on Marsh

Aging is a phase of life. Assisted living is a form of supervised independent living that ensures that aging senior citizens continue to thrive as they get older. The best option for aging citizens to move to a facility with social and support options in site when they feel they cannot take care of themselves anymore. The Manse on Marsh is such a facility that is Located in San Luis Obispo County, California.

While aging is said to come with wisdom, knowledge and experience it also comes with a myriad of complications. One starts to realize they cannot do all those things they used to do when they were younger. At Manse on Marsh there are a variety of housing options available as outlined on TheManseBlog.com. A person has the choice of independence, accessibility, dignity and personal choices.

A recent commercial made it clear that the Manse on Marsh offers in-house medical care as well as limited physical supervision. As people grow older they may need some assistance in carrying out some daily routines such as shopping and cleaning. While embracing these changes most senior citizens find themselves losing some form of independence. Independence is a key factor in life and without it a person may experience mixed feelings of confusion and loss of identity. Ensuring as little change as possible in lifestyle goes a long way in making one live a comfortable life. The Manse on Marsh aspires to provide an environment that is almost similar to what one was used to when living alone. When an individual is not ready to move from home, the Manse on Marsh can be a good transitional facility, which Caring.com’s review definitely notes as beneficial about the facility.

Maintaining a home can be quite a burden especially for those who live alone. Many aspects in a house demand a do-it-yourself approach. A home may become difficult to maintain alone as one grows older. If left unchecked the home may fall apart. Some parts of the house may need customization so as to allow ease of access. The Manse on Marsh offers apartments that mimic living on your own usual conditions. Those who live there get to stay in a place that resembles their house back home.

The Manse on Marsh just won a Caring Star award for offering temporal stay. For those looking for a respite or waiting for admission for specialized medical care they can be housed by the facility. All residents are allowed the best of care regardless of their admission status.

Networking is an essential component in one’s life. As people grow older friends may change and relatives may become very busy with their lives. The Manse on Marsh is a community. It provides residents with an opportunity to socialize.

At The Manse on Marsh health-care assistance is available round the clock. More personal care that is not possible to get at home is offered. The staff is professional, well trained and friendly.