In The Eyes of a Leader

For my business essay this week I chose to write about the rising of Solo Capital. The reason I chose this as my project was because of a man named Sanjay Shah. Sanjay is the CEO of Solo Capital and has helped the business raise to the standards of a successful, top of the charts trading firm. Normally, firms take years and years to get set up and have a large and steady client base. Solo Capital just so happened to blow past all of the other trading firms due to Sanjay’s hard effort and motivation to succeed. Although many can thrive within the business world, it takes a strong-willed individual like Sanjay to bring a business to the top.

Although I had only planned on my essay being around 1500 words or so, it ended up being 4352 words total. I got so caught up in the process of trading firms and how well Sanjay worked the system to make Solo Capital so successful. To some, the process may not be interesting, but to businessmen such as myself, it is beyond amazing to research. Although I am unsure of what path I will be taking with my business management degree, I do know that I have gained a great deal of knowledge just by reading up on Sanjay Shah and his company. People do not realize that if you research just a little everyday, you can build up your own personal resources to help you create your very own business without the helping hands of others.

When I received my grade for the essay I wrote called “In The Eyes of a Leader”, I was stunned at the fact that I had received my first A+ in English Composition 2. Writing has never been my strong spot, but I guess when anyone finds something to write about that they are passionate for, something good will come out of it. My first thought after receiving my grade was that I wanted to send it to Sanjay himself and see what his mind entails on what I had wrote. I honestly believe the paper had turned out rather beautiful and I owe it all to Sanjay as he is such a powerful businessman that has the type of charisma that could run the world.

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