Kyle Bass Makes Money At The Expense Of Others

It’s easy to make money at the expense of others. Politicians and lawyers do this all the time, as do crooks and the kind of personalities that view stealing candy from a baby as an achievable goal. Unfortunately it seems, based on his actions, that Kyle Bass is of this gutter-morality infant-thieving type when it comes to big money. He’s not above pushing socialist aims on the sly, as his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner indicates, and he’s definitely not above manipulating the infirm in order to fleece them down the line. Following are some examples of Bass’ poor choices in the last several years.

For those who don’t know, Kyle Bass exploded on the financial scene with much fanfare through a successful prediction regarding America’s sub-prime lending market. Bass saw that a collapse was imminent, as so many did that were ignored in 2008. The difference with Bass was that he had a public platform to predict from. While his predictions ended up gaining him a substantial following, in other quarters of life he continued to under-perform abysmally. For example his hedge fund, which is based out of Texas, under-performs even mediocre hedge funds, and there seems to be a relationship between Bass’ media appearances, and decline in his hedge fund. The more Bass makes predictions, the less likely his fund is to succeed. That’s an almost excusable failing; however, the way Bass bridges the financial gap on the back end is downright deplorable.

CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. With an outer-glossing of humanitarianism, this organization uses the sympathies of individuals beholden to expensive medication as a means of manipulating big-ticket pharmaceutical companies. CAD has successfully reduced the cost on a number of big-ticket items. This reduction has in some cases literally decimated profits. Where before a drug cost eighty dollars, now it costs eight. Sounds good for the sick and infirm, right? Until one considers that the revenue lost by the pharmaceuticals is so substantial they’ve got to do things like cut research and development, keeping attainable cures and treatments from the market for unnecessary years; years that could see someone die who would have been cured, or at least stabilized, otherwise.

Kyle Bass doesn’t care, though. He’s a lackey of the Argentinian socialist president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who, despite having bankrupted the country twice in the span of 13 years, is still routinely praised by him.

What You Need To Know About The Manse on Marsh

Aging is a phase of life. Assisted living is a form of supervised independent living that ensures that aging senior citizens continue to thrive as they get older. The best option for aging citizens to move to a facility with social and support options in site when they feel they cannot take care of themselves anymore. The Manse on Marsh is such a facility that is Located in San Luis Obispo County, California.

While aging is said to come with wisdom, knowledge and experience it also comes with a myriad of complications. One starts to realize they cannot do all those things they used to do when they were younger. At Manse on Marsh there are a variety of housing options available as outlined on A person has the choice of independence, accessibility, dignity and personal choices.

A recent commercial made it clear that the Manse on Marsh offers in-house medical care as well as limited physical supervision. As people grow older they may need some assistance in carrying out some daily routines such as shopping and cleaning. While embracing these changes most senior citizens find themselves losing some form of independence. Independence is a key factor in life and without it a person may experience mixed feelings of confusion and loss of identity. Ensuring as little change as possible in lifestyle goes a long way in making one live a comfortable life. The Manse on Marsh aspires to provide an environment that is almost similar to what one was used to when living alone. When an individual is not ready to move from home, the Manse on Marsh can be a good transitional facility, which’s review definitely notes as beneficial about the facility.

Maintaining a home can be quite a burden especially for those who live alone. Many aspects in a house demand a do-it-yourself approach. A home may become difficult to maintain alone as one grows older. If left unchecked the home may fall apart. Some parts of the house may need customization so as to allow ease of access. The Manse on Marsh offers apartments that mimic living on your own usual conditions. Those who live there get to stay in a place that resembles their house back home.

The Manse on Marsh just won a Caring Star award for offering temporal stay. For those looking for a respite or waiting for admission for specialized medical care they can be housed by the facility. All residents are allowed the best of care regardless of their admission status.

Networking is an essential component in one’s life. As people grow older friends may change and relatives may become very busy with their lives. The Manse on Marsh is a community. It provides residents with an opportunity to socialize.

At The Manse on Marsh health-care assistance is available round the clock. More personal care that is not possible to get at home is offered. The staff is professional, well trained and friendly.

In The Eyes of a Leader

For my business essay this week I chose to write about the rising of Solo Capital. The reason I chose this as my project was because of a man named Sanjay Shah. Sanjay is the CEO of Solo Capital and has helped the business raise to the standards of a successful, top of the charts trading firm. Normally, firms take years and years to get set up and have a large and steady client base. Solo Capital just so happened to blow past all of the other trading firms due to Sanjay’s hard effort and motivation to succeed. Although many can thrive within the business world, it takes a strong-willed individual like Sanjay to bring a business to the top.

Although I had only planned on my essay being around 1500 words or so, it ended up being 4352 words total. I got so caught up in the process of trading firms and how well Sanjay worked the system to make Solo Capital so successful. To some, the process may not be interesting, but to businessmen such as myself, it is beyond amazing to research. Although I am unsure of what path I will be taking with my business management degree, I do know that I have gained a great deal of knowledge just by reading up on Sanjay Shah and his company. People do not realize that if you research just a little everyday, you can build up your own personal resources to help you create your very own business without the helping hands of others.

When I received my grade for the essay I wrote called “In The Eyes of a Leader”, I was stunned at the fact that I had received my first A+ in English Composition 2. Writing has never been my strong spot, but I guess when anyone finds something to write about that they are passionate for, something good will come out of it. My first thought after receiving my grade was that I wanted to send it to Sanjay himself and see what his mind entails on what I had wrote. I honestly believe the paper had turned out rather beautiful and I owe it all to Sanjay as he is such a powerful businessman that has the type of charisma that could run the world.

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Maintaining a Fast Paced Life

Sanjay Shah has a net worth of $280 million US dollars as of the year 2016 and has worked at over 39 companies including Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. The countries where Shah worked were located in a variety of places like London, Dubai and even the Cayman Islands. A man that is able to work these types of jobs while still holding his professional presence deserves to have a net worth of $280 million dollars. Anyone in the accounting business can surely learn all they need to know about their career by listening to Sanjay’s advice.

Throughout Sanjay’s years of extensive work experience, he became the CEO of a company called Solo Capital which is located at 10 Exchange Square on Primrose Street in London. At Solo Capital, Sanjay experienced more success than he could have ever imagined. Not only did he work on his company projects, but he also started up an organization called Autism Rocks where he paid $100,000 US dollars for the domain name Autism.Rocks. All of the benefits from this organization all go directly to the research of Autism. The reasoning behind creating this organization is because his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism at an early age.

Being a great father figure for his son, he started creating the project in which he would raise money towards research. Autism Rocks hosts benefit concerts where famous musicians such as Snoop Dog and Lenny Kravitz all get together for a large, fun-filled concert. Because of the large names attending the benefit concerts, the outcome of proceeds is absolutely incredible. Even though his career and media life takes a lot of his time, Sanjay alwYs seemingly finds enough time to get some of the world’s most creative artists together for the ultimate performance where he will help doctors learn more about his sons diagnosis.

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Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Makes Her Mark

I have discovered Helane Morrison and the role that she has as a compliance officer. I think that this is a very commendable job even though these officers get a very hard time for the type of roles they have within organizations. I am sure that Helane has had to meet and confront her fair share of rule breakers, but she doesn’t back down. She has a degree in journalism and a career law degree. She is perfectly capable of investigating any organization and making sure that the organization follows the rules.

As a part of the executive team for Hall Capital, Helane has a huge responsibility. She is the one that is responsible for the checks and balances in this investment company. Billions of dollars are being managed for clients by Hall Capital so there is a large level of accountability with this organization. 

Helane Morrison has managed to do a great job with managing operations in terms of the compliance to the rules, but she inspires many females like myself for another reason. She has become this corporate executive that knows how to navigate between the barriers that have held others women back. She has continued to build her resume in a way that has allowed her gain roles that others may have been unaware of. She actively sought out positions that most women may have never considered.

I think that her biggest challenge was during her time as a regional director for the SEC. This was not a role that a lot of women would have given much thought to. It involved a lot of stress of investigating of corrupt practices. This could easily become something that would turn a lot of women off, but Morrison embraced this. I believe that her background in law has prepared her for that role. It was during this time that she would build her experience and become someone that could investigate companies fairly and accurately. That would prepare her for the executive role with Hall Capital.

In many instances it would seem like there are so many closed doors for women in the corporate industry, but Helane Morrison managed to find a window when all the doors were closed. She squeezed through as someone that would not take no for an answer. She saw a void in a male-dominated industry and she filled it after years of persistence.

Source: Project Eve

Madison Street Capital Forecasts Banner Year for M&A Transactions

The fourth quarter of 2015 may be only one indication of what Madison Street Capital M&A analysts are forecasting to be a record year in 2016 for hedge fund M&A transactions. The release of its fourth edition of an overview of hedge fund industry merger and acquisition transactions looked at many key drivers that have created momentum and found despite mediocre performances in hedge fund strategies, hedge fund assets are at an all time high. The Madison Capital overview noted that in 2015, these transactions had a twenty-seven percent higher volume over the previous year.

Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, states that the strong deal environment in 2015 will continue, yet with a greater variety of deal strategies being employed, such as seed or incubator deals which supply the capital for early-stage companies and reap profits upon the companies success and through private equity bolt-ons, which have the potential to create much more value by partnering with a larger company that can expand into a market. These alternative asset management deals may work to achieve higher returns as liability rises.

Madison Street Capital (MSC), located in Chicago, IL, was established in 2011. Recognized as a world premier middle market investment banking as well as corporate finance and merger and acquisition advisors. With offices also located in Asia and Africa, they have also assisted a wide range of clients with restructuring services, buy side and sell side services for private equity and business valuation services for financial reporting. Currently, MSC carries an exclusive in-house deal count of over one hundred deals. MSC’s expertise in carefully analyzing each clients unique needs to arrange optimal matches between buyer and seller is the result of a combined team of professionals with extensive relationships, experience and knowledge in middle market investments.

MSC sets a leading example for its employees in charitable giving by financially supporting the United Way disaster relief efforts. Recent natural disaster in the Midwest and Gulf Coast has been an opportunity for the company to establish an ongoing fundraising effort within its organization to help rebuild the lives of families affected by these disasters. MSC is committed to working diligently within local and global communities by working with United Way.

Marcio Alaor Gives A Rundown Of Tag Heuer’s Performance

Marcio Alaor has given a considerable amount of space on his blog to analyses of companies around the world. Tag Heuer is the most popular watchmaker in the world, and Marcio believes that Tag Heuer is worth some attention. This article explains how Marcio has probed the growth of Tag Heuer as the Brazilian economy explodes. Marcio’s BMG Bank is growing by leaps and bounds, and he has customers who are looking for new investment avenues.

#1: How Is Tag Heuer Growing?

Marcio points out that the CEO of Tag Heuer is enthusiastic about his products. An enthusiastic manager gets better results at all companies, and Tag Heuer has grown within the LVMH group because of Jean-Clude Biver’s love for the product. Tag Heuer is known around the world, but it takes a special person to love a brand that much.

#2: New Spokespeople

New spokespeople at large companies are helpful for the brand, and Marcio has pointed out that Tom Brady is the new face of Tag Heuer. A company that is represented by someone who is so famous will see their value skyrocket, and investors who take advice from Marcio Alaor should take note of how popular Tag Heuer is as a brand. All the money that is invested in this brand will see great returns on the strength of the company’s marketing campaigns.

#3: New Products

New products from large companies are helpful for investors, and investors are wise to put their money on companies like Tag Heuer that are consistently releasing new products. There are many different investors who spend their money with Marcio at BMG, and Marcio is pointing out the ways in which Tag Heuer is a wise choice for his own investors. Marcio talks on his blog about companies that are worthy of an investor’s money, and there are many people who are latching on to Tag Heuer for the first time.

#4: Tag Heuer Comes Back To Brazil

Tag Heuer is coming back to Brazil slowly, and the middle class in the country will have a chance to purchase Tag Heuer watches again. Marcio believes that a Tag Heuer watch on its own is a wise investment, and he wants his readers to turn to companies that are truly strong. Marcio believes in Tag Heuer as it returns to Brazil, and investors should, as well.

Marcio Alaor has done his research into many companies in Brazil, and Marcio wants his investors to choose the best companies to work with. This new look at Tag Heuer watches is an opportunity for all investors to make money on a brand that is reinserting itself into the Brazilian market for the upper and middle classes.

Yeonmi Park Reflects On Early Life in North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a 22-year-old human-rights advocate living in South Korea. One could say Yeonmi is successful. She is smart and beautiful. She received a college education and worked at a think-tank. When she was a small child, this was a life Yeonmi could only dream of having. Yeonmi was born in North Korea, a country known for its oppression.

Yeonmi lived with her older sister and parents in Hyesan until she was 13-years-old. Mr. and Mrs. Park worked hard to provide for their two daughters, but they were at the mercy of a merciless government. Famine and frequent power outages swept the country. The Parks did not have indoor plumbing and would wash their laundry in a nearby river. Yeonmi was just nine years old when she witnessed the execution of someone she knew.

The smuggling of illegal goods was rampant in the 90s. USB drives, DVDS, and precious metals were contraband items that many people traded and sold to avoid starvation. Yeonmi’s father was arrested for smuggling silver and gold. He was arrested, tried, and convicted. Mr. Park was eventually sent to a labor prison, an action that forced his wife and daughters into further starvation. Yeonmi Park’s parents decided that it would be best for the family to flee to China. Eunmi’s sister left first, without warning her mother and sister that she was leaving or where she was going.

Mrs. Park and Yeonmi were led by smugglers who had no intention of guiding them to freedom. One of the smugglers instead raped and enslaved Yeonmi and her mother for more than two years. Yeonmi was forced into marriage and sex slavery. When Yeonmi and her mother were later freed, they knew that the had to act quickly. They were in China illegally, and deportation was a frightening possibility. They knew if they were returned to North Korea as defectors that they would be executed.

“China deports people back to North Korea all the time,” Yeonmi said on the Reason TV. “Those people are seen as traitors and are put to death. We cannot allow China to send people to their deaths.”

Yeonmi and her mother left China and made lives for themselves in South Korea. Yeonmi studied criminal justice in Seoul and began speaking on YoungVoicesAdvocates about her experience with the Kim regime and her life growing up in North Korea.


Marcio Alaor Explains The Strength Of The Australian Economy

Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world, and their economy is often seen as a mystery to investors. Marcio Alaor handles much of the investments at BMG Bank, and he prefers to explain each investment to the masses. BMG spends much of its money in Australia because of the strong Australian economy, and Marcio hopes that his customers will understand why he invests in Australia. A recent article in Exame shares Marcio’s thoughts, and this article briefly breaks down those thoughts.

#1: Marcio Explains Stability In Australia

Australia is unique in that it has not been through a recession in over 20 years. The country is heavily tied to exports, and they continue to make money because the country has many unpopulated areas. Australia is not spending all its money on infrastructure that is needed in other countries. Marcio invests quite a bit in Australia because he knows how strong the economy is there versus other countries.

#2: Australia Is A Safe Bet For Everyone

Australia is seen as a safe bet for any investor. Someone who wants to make money consistently on the stock market will find that stocks in Australia are strong, and commodities in Australia are even stronger. The two are a great place to begin when coming to BMG Bank for investment advice the first time, and investors who wish to park their money in a safe place will do well to use Australia as a landing spot.

#3: How Does Marcio Invest Australia?

Marcio has developed many relationships in Australia that help him make the right investments. He knows many people who give him sound advice, and he uses that advice to help his customers. The bank’s own money is invested in Australia in the same way, and BMG Bank grows stronger because Marcio is investing in Australia properly.

#4: How Does Australia Help Brazil Grow?

Australia is helping Brazil grow with raw materials for building and development. There is quite a lot to do when building up a nation, and Brazil is getting ready to welcome the world for the Olympics. This is a very special time for the country, and it is a time when the Brazilians are building modern structures everywhere. BMG is offering credit for these projects, and BMG is invested in companies in Australia that provide the raw materials for each project that is underway.

Brazil is growing by leaps and bounds, and Marcio Alaor is in touch with much of the money that pays for that growth. Marcio is in charge of investments at BMG Bank, and he has made wise decisions that make helped make his bank a leader in development in the nation of Brazil.

Making Marcio Alaor’s Life Better

Marcio Alaor was a shoe shiner who has seen a great deal of success in the banking world at the BMG bank in Brazil. He has been able to see this large amount of success because of the hard work and the dedication that he has. It has paid off because he has been able to become someone who people actually look up to.

As a shoe shiner, he did not have the greatest position in the world. It was a humble position and one that many people did not take very seriously. He did not like the position, but he made sure to do the best job possible for the work that he was doing. He remained dedicated and always did a very good job. He took pride in the work that he did and had a strong work ethic concerning the shoes that he was shining and the people who they belonged to.

This paid off for Marcio Alaor. One day, he shined the shoes of a BMG executive. The man liked the way that Marcio Alaor worked and made sure that he always tipped him fairly. He soon became a regular of Marcio Alaor’s. They became acquaintances and began talking on a regular basis. The executive found out a lot about Marcio and learned that he was a very dedicated individual. He knew that is exactly what the BMG bank needed, but he didn’t know how he would make the decision to hire Marcio Alaor.

The answer came in an entry-level banking position. He saw that the young man had drive but couldn’t give him an advanced position because he had no training or education. He wanted him to work for the bank and, for that reason, offered him the entry level position. He made sure that he remained supportive of Marcio Alaor no matter what he did. That gave Alaor the confidence to continue working for the bank and remaining driven throughout the time that he was with the bank. The man was a great mentor for Marcio Alaor and taught him everything that he now knows about the banking industry.

There were many times when Marcio Alaor wanted to give up, but he did not. He knew that it would be easier to just quit, but he also knew that big things were coming for his life. He made sure that the people of the bank were always properly serviced and that they were able to be the best bank for the customers. These times gave him the opportunity to make things better at the bank. He became the vice president of the BMG bank rather quickly and has not stopped pushing to be better since he took the position.