The Life and Success of Ricardo Guimarães and His Contribution to BMG

It takes hard work and dedication for one to accomplish his or her dreams. Some people are born in a business family while some find their way into business. But whatever the case maybe, one has to be focused and disciplined to handle the business whether a start-up or an already one. For example one is required to have the relevant qualification either in business or in management to take any role in an existing business. Businesses are in most cases established by a family and the same tries to own it through various successions with the same family.
Ricardo Guimarães was born in Pentagna Guimarães family that owned BMG which a company owned and managed privately. Although he first engaged in his management career, he later joined the company as its president and has in the last few years led to its success as being among the leading financial provider in Brazil. The company was founded as a financial firm in 1930 where it offered financial services to both companies and individuals.
As the years progressed, there was need to specialise in one financial service so as to beat competitors and to offer that service efficiently. It is for this reason that the company shifted its focus to financing motor vehicle buyers in 1980s and then to client and wholesale financing in 1990s. The financial lenders further specialised in offering payroll loans which it did too well that it became the best in this sector. The bank has closed several deals with other companies in the offering of payroll loans. Their loans have become popular in Brazil especially to the civil servants who only need to have their payslips for them to be provided with one.
Ricardo Guimarães who is the president of the company commenced his career with a company known as Grupo BMG way back in 1980 and has ever since been rising through various positions such as the financial manager in 1989 and later became the vice-president in 1996. His experience in financial industry started when he enrolled in Una-Faculdade Ciencias Gerenciais for a degree in business administration. This helped her in managing the bank that is now bench marked by banks within Brazil and outside.
He is a mentor to the young people in his field and also puts a challenge to his peers due to his diligence on how he manages the company. Apart from managing the bank, he also sits in various boards where he gives his expertise opinion on how to run the financial side of the business. He is also known for his philanthropic behaviour where he contributes to various community based activities through his generous donations.